Steve Bannon on NATO: Trump says ‘no more games’

this is a kind of looks like Hulk smash ball Germany the world order by upending Democratic institutions in places after World War II poked his allies and to demand play this is good for the world today was historic yes it was the right thing to do Pitch Perfect and I don’t think anybody ever laid out those numbers National Security apparatus right and also the left of Western Civilization actually talk to that time about what a problem Russian natural gas was going to be I want allies I don’t want to protect her at the problem is as what Native turned into is a protector you can see in those numbers weather positive in there but it’s only 1.2% but if you look at where they’re spending it on it’s not on equipment it’s not on Readiness it’s not on interoperability for NATO there’s a 428 I think aircraft only 7 only 7 or prepared I could be fully operational right now what president Trump said today is at pay the key the Trump Doctrine no more managed to climb the Elites in the world manage two unacceptable outcomes to Citizens and he saying hey I’m going to have a discussion you need to pay the 2% in fact he said instead of waiting for to 2024 if you look at what the threats are today you need you should be in a rear-end all the guys and have all this highfalutin talk but they look like big business man ain’t saying if we can make this Alliance work people have to step up okay and participate fully participate as far as a 2% go and it can’t be 10 years has got to be today I think increase when we first got there just for Readiness in today after these things in the morning con to the amitri media sources thorium Russia is a hostel like Russia it justifies all common sense in logic especially knowing the depth of American resources talk about that when you’re putting really the control of your entire country because if you fully do this natural gas will be at 70% and look back what is a 2009 to put the pressure on Ukraine people have seen before Russian dude like I said he talked about it and Warsaw last year he brought up to date today and nobody has really gotten the Russians faces like this I mean don’t do this I think he’s any more games. Present from Scott and great sing No More Games and today said no more games to pay for it and by the way you can’t if your the 2018 election I make the point that the Democrat is no vision to make to look out for the Working Man or we said the Forgotten men and women of this country this is their agenda they want to impeach Trump Maxine Waters and others they want to open borders they want to keep Obamacare they don’t want Jordan Cavanaugh on the on the bench and they want their comes back they want the tax cut back I can’t think of one positive thing they’re offering but historically midterms a difficult for the in power in the white house but this is going to be a referendum on President Trump ice keep saying this is his first Real ACT and it should be there running away from president Trump is going to be in the balance before absolutely you saw that clip horrible but she really thinks of working people they detest you they detect your values that’s what you stand for and that’s what Trump speaks to the American people what president Trump represents with taxes where the economy’s going right with National Security reforming the federal Judiciary down right now historic president years the way he’s redoing the federal Judiciary in a very methodical process right to go to people have a lot of written opinions original stand for the Constitution I think I can copy Kevin not trust the process
President Trump calls on NATO members to contributor their fair share to defense spending; former White House strategist Steve Bannon weighs in on ‘Hannity.’

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