State’s Attorney speaks on Maryland shooting suspect – Daily Mail

mr. Ramos is alleged of executed a brutal series of attacks on innocent victims in assessing the evidence in this case we brought to the judges attention the evidence that suggested a coordinated attack the barricading of the back door and the use of top of a tactful approached and hunting down and shooting the innocent temps in this case it was a pain those fact that judge proud relied upon to hold mr. Ramos without bail there were two entrances to the offices in which this attack occurred the rear door was barricaded mr. Ramos then as I told the judge entered into the front door and worked his way through the office where he was shooting victims as he walked there was a number of victims there was one victim that had attempted to escape through the back door and love was shot at that point
Annapolis shooter Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, had been flagged up to police as ‘the next mass shooter’ by a woman he obsessively stalked to the point where she had to change her name and flee the state. The harassment had begun with a Facebook message of thanks for being ‘the only person ever to say hello or be nice to him in school’, and escalated over several months. Ramos unsuccessfully tried to sue Capital Gazette over a 2011 article about the harassment, and spent years threatening the newspaper and its staff on Twitter.

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