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is Michael Cohen the man who once said he would take a bullet for Donald Trump about to flip on the u.s. president that question swirling Monday after Trump’s former attorney gave an off-camera interview to ABC News declare his loyalty to his family and said he would fight back if Trump or his legal team try to discredit him go and telling ABC quote my wife my daughter and my son have my first loyalty and always will I put fam and Country first going also saying quote I will not be a punching bag as part of anyone’s defense strategy I am not a villain of the story and I will not allow others to try to depict me that way but the most important part says Royce legal correspondent John Wolf is the Revelation that a Joint Defense agreement between Cohen’s lawyers and Trump’s lawyers is coming to an end attorney client privilege the end of it signals that Cohen’s interest or diverging from the from the president’s interest Michael in the Forest National Security advisor made a similar moved before he agreed to cooperate with the special counsel Trump’s fixer cone is being investigated for his business dealings which include possible campaign law violations linked to the $130,000 payment he made two pornstar Stormy Daniels thousands of documents and files were seized cone after a referral by the US Special counsel Robert Mueller who is investigating possible collusion between Russia and Trump 2016 presidential campaign, told ABC News he quote respect the FBI it was Collins first interview since Federal prosecutors in April rated his office and his home adding that he even shook hands with federal agents as they left Cowan also disagreed with Trump’s labeling the investigation as a Witch Hunt and called Vladimir Putin’s denial of Russian involvement in the u.s. election quote unsustainable
President Donald Trump ‘s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen has given an explosive interview where he put distance between himself and President Trump, saying his first loyalty is to his family and the country. Cohen sat for an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. He said his ‘first loyalty’ is to his family and country and said he didn’t like the term ‘witch hunt’ – which Trump uses to describe the Mueller probe.

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