Sorry to Bother You: Boots Riley’s satiric look at race and class in America

stick to the script which magical realism inspired by the world of telemarketing it’s the story of a young man who moves up the professional ranks but Adam oral cost talk about Will Smith wife of hip-hop artists social change as the frontman of the underground group The Tubes to the big screen in 2011 he wrote the screenplay but says it was sell it first musician with a script is probably the person you want to avoid this the quality is suspect so it took me getting people a little bit at a time to they were down with it they’re going up stairs green play was published as a paperback novel 4 years ago that boost help the project attract some big names including get out star lakeith Stanfield and actors Tessa Thompson and Armie Hammer I knew that it by making this for the Fantastical world I was going to have I was going to need people that gave realistic performances race and class so unique is Riley’s radical vision of the near future I decided to bend reality at the points where I wanted to talk about these bigger ideas which made us then makes you then think about the reality of your biggest Morley emaciated Premier at the Sundance Film Festival generated a lot of Buzz earning it and award and distribution deal leaves you optimistic and I hope it leaves you wanting to engage with the world
Sorry to Bother You marks the directorial debut of Boots Riley, frontman for the Oakland political hip-hop collective The Coup. The satiric look at one man’s rise through the telemarketing ranks was a hit at the Sundance Film Festival. Riley spoke with the CBC’s Tashuana Reid about film.

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