Shooting victim’s widow: Remember your humanity

another look at the vigil happening in Annapolis Maryland tonight remembering the five lives cut short of The Newsroom at the Capital Gazette newspaper tonight we know their names Gerald Fishman was the editorial page editor he been in the paper for more than 25 years Robert it was an assistant editor and Sunday columnist affectionately known as Big Rob John McNamara love covering Sports a former editor says he can do it all writing editing designing Pages Rebecca Smith with a sales assistant 34 years old engaged to be married Wendy Winters was an editor reporter Columbus an active volunteer in the community the editorial page of the Capital Gazette today is in a word striking at reason part today we are speechless this page intentionally left blank to commemorate victims of Thursday shooting at our office and then list their names in among those names again Robert Harrison whose wife Maria Harrison joins me right now and I am so sorry for your loss I cannot imagine how hard it must be for you right now all I can tell you is that since last night I’ve been reading about your husband and he seems like he would be the best guy in the world to be friends with tell me about it without a doubt was my best friend and he was at for handful of others can I like to say you don’t need a million friends you just need a really really good ones and he was always there for people and a confidant I needed it and someone ready with the Rye little joke at just the right time at typically a time like this when when people were together hurting over something and he list of the need that eventually you did need that break and he like to say and it’s a fine line between drama and comedy tragedy and comedy excuse me and he knew that went went to give that line and then actually sound of breaking the ice and making people feel more comfortable he he was a great best friend so I can say that you can absolutely say that Big Rob I heard his brother calling him that this morning can we see by this pictures he was Big Rob 6-5 and it’s a nickname that actually came about when our children high school they’re in their twenties now and a good friend named Zoe was over with the crew and she some Big Rob and it’s stuck and it worked in his family too because his stash was much taller than that famous brother you mentioned Carl in that respect he was always proud of his brother to address because he young and he would encounter UK to almost be wise and younger brother and it wasn’t it wasn’t real though he loved his brother and respected him I think the husband and brother that Rob was and also the mentor to so many young people who wanted to be part of Journalism tell me about that it was a natural Observer and a natural human in that he got Humanity he realize this big world is fouled up and it’s full of all kinds of Mayhem and pressure you can’t be a journalist and not see that we understood that the key to success as a human being and certainly the key to success as a journalist is to remember your Humanity to remember people’s feelings look for the human being behind the story I’m sorry I laughed and there was a time he and I both worked at the Palm Beach Post in West Palm Beach and I was in the South County bureau he was in the main Bureau and he was covering the County Commission it was not a natural Rich Gordon his editor at the time would definitely back me up on that enter the numbers on a sorry the journey to feature writing and the great love of narrative writing talk to me I understand and I need to hear from you was a big James Taylor my guy love the sweet songs of James Taylor you got a chance to interview that was working at a station that was my competitor so he was an acquaintance maybe I’d seen but within a year’s time we were engaged in and got married that was very quick so I do know the lore of this the story of how he Anna and a great friend Bob Phillips I went to cover James Taylor this was during the time when James Taylor was campaigning for Jim hunt running for the Senate see Jesse Helms held at the time and Rob that with Bonnie Raitt is fantastic so now I’m more of a punk rock band so this is interesting this marriage in that respect but as as Bob Phillips held it in Rob did as well I just didn’t know what to say I was speechless and there was a humility and again a human being I heard yes earlier talking about you know some journalists make mistakes let me be clear that all journalists do all human beings do who were adults in the world whether we are in elected office and sitting in the white house or elsewhere those of us who were adults who admit mistakes and try to correct them who are the adults in the room he was not a back in my life is is he was not this is a loss to me to my children to my family extended and to this community this is huge it’s a loss I think for all of us Murray heisen thank you for joining us thank you for helping us remember the humanity at you say your husband Rob would want us all to do thank you Murray Hyson will be right back
Maria Hiaasen, widow of Capital Gazette shooting victim Robert Hiaasen, shares her memories of her husband with CNN’s John Berman.

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