Shooting survivor to Trump: We need more than prayers

Capital Gazette is a local newspaper you may have a paper like it in your town some of the staff members tweeted earlier tonight that it’s not a big Newsroom they’re closed their family and their devastated when staff writer Phil Davis wrote this tweet not long after the shooting said there’s nothing more terrifying and hearing people get shot while you’re under your desk and then clear the gunman reload just before air I spoke with Phil Davis and another Capital Gazette staff writer Selena song please understandably some of their descriptions or emotional and there is some strong language Dylan Selena I’m so glad you’re both safe I’m so sorry for all that’s gone on fill it if you can start just kind of walk us through what what you saw what you heard so I know you tweeted that the gunman shot through the glass door to the office yeah so the timeline is struggling exactly remember when it happened I’m sure if Lisa’s describe it but that one gunman shot through the glass door to our office we are we are in Sheridan one of the Suites and start opening fire on several of the employees inside. Once he got entry what floor you on the first floor and we’re relatively close to the Met entrance and you were sweet that’s right near the main entrance and there’s a list of the building that shows were which each office is where it would be I I did not see him do it but I did see the door shatter essentially he shot through the front door the glass shattered I turned around to see it and then once I started to realize that something was up I didn’t know what I just assumed the worst in kind of hit under my desk and didn’t see anything after that until he was apprehended I mean you know it seems pretty instantaneous if it was you know he was going down our Newsroom starting from the front yeah just just continually shooting people at one point I’m pretty sure I heard him reload while I was still under my desk where he was only a few feet away from me and I mean it wasn’t events on United States certainly felt like an eternity and I’m sure anyone else that is going through something like this would say the exact same thing but it in all honesty probably took all of 2 to 3 minutes here so I took pretty close to spell the shots and it took a couple of them for me to realize what was happening and I looked at Anthony the intern and I’m getting out of here and I grabbed my purse and I went to the back door a couple steps away from it was locked and I said it’s locked and at that point it was me Anthony and then John McNamara and Rachel pachella Anthony and I got under a desk Rachel went to the door but he tripped and I think that’s how she end up getting hurt behind the filing cabinet and I think John was still trying to get out the door I’m not sure what I’m not sure exactly in the next couple seconds what happened but then I know that John was standing up I heard the footsteps and he got shot was very close and saw him get shot but I didn’t see that got manner or anything he fell down and I mean I heard footsteps a couple times my purse was on the floor at just ask away from the desk and my sunglasses are on the floor and I’m sure I I was breathing really loud and I was trying not to but I just I couldn’t be quiet and he never came to our side but I did hear footsteps very closely and then we’re trying to call nine-one-one but story time is difficult to tell in a situation like this work was anybody saying anything was with the gunman saying anything when it was were people being quiet what would you remember the sounds I just remember I don’t remember those before after the shot John said what the end and those are the only words I can remember I don’t know I didn’t hear anybody yelling we just found what was happening but I didn’t hear anything else besides the shop Paladin tried to hide under their desk but it was unclear that he went after some people that were covered this when when did you underneath the desk it can you just describe what was going through your mind when it first started you don’t know why they’re they’re they’re going after if it’s random if it’s you know it’s not family or domestic dispute or or what-have-you so just try to get yourself out of it Alleyway or whatever you want just trying to stay quiet hoping that the glow of my computer screen didn’t point out the fact that I was high you’re my desk hoping that you know the various blessings on my phone wouldn’t put out my you know position to him and ultimately try to get him try to find out where I was and you know at some point when I was listening to him reload it it’s you know are we all going to die it’s not necessarily if he done it is he not going to leave until everyone in here and had had you feeling have you and your colleagues done any active shooter training drills or you know any even fire escape kind of drills the drills that happened at the schools but like we never had one and that I can remember of you know anyone but you know a heightened sense of Newsroom just to help protect before we we never went underwent any of that’s where it’s raining now in Phil had you or any of your colleagues seeing the the shooter before and I know at least one other person that wasn’t in the office and I’m having some others as well request there with me at the police department but when police showed me the photo of the guy I didn’t see him until after they brought me into the apartment either we would have known that we should have no threats made at all to to the office obviously newsrooms are you know sometimes receiving threats you know any and all honesty I’ve been there for about 2 years I don’t think we’d ever correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think we never discussed any sort of real every once in awhile they tell you not to antagonize them or whatever because you just never know but never any sort of real threats or anything came across our desk yeah I just we had maybe like an incident where somebody was trying to like track our boss but I mean it was basically blown off that’s like the crazy person and I have to say that what happened here was very calculated but not personal enough I think I think that this person was going after editor’s and I could be wrong right like I don’t know anything but that’s what happened here editor’s died and I mean I don’t know for sure it’s it’s just the fact editors died and that’s all I know and during the time that it was happening but the the path that he took I don’t know maybe it was just the shot but I know two of the editors that he went after were in a similar position to the other reporters where they were at their desk when do the department he was kind of a white male maybe 5 10 in height long black are those kind of unkempt not a very descriptive distinguishing features on the face that you know insulin how are you holding up I mean I watched someone die though not supergrade I was under the desk with Anthony and I think we had a lot of each other I could be definitely obviously doing worse but it’s hard for me to think passed the next 30 minutes right now in my life 30 minutes I just answer is not good right but I’m here and I’m talking to you and I know that a lot of people are listening I have heard that President Trump sent his his prayers we go right more than prayers I appreciate the prayers I was praying for the entire time I was under that desk I want your prayers but I want something else now it’s dumb. Maybe people that don’t know what it’s like and certainly I would never have anyone to go through a situation like we just went through it it makes you feel powerless it makes you feel helpless removed troll from every facet of your life with an only a few seconds once you understand what’s happening and you know this is this is a situation where these are people that were working in an office we’re doing their job who had no reason active our knowledge to think that someone like this would have a motive come in there and gone down employees who were just doing their job that day who had no seeming motive to hate this man and Lynx Point about prayers you know you’re right I was. I was praying when he started reloading that shotgun that there weren’t going to be more body and you know what if we’re going at a position in our society where then where are we where are we as a society where people die and that’s the end of that story story for how many days a week people will forget about us after week unless you know people are just honestly didn’t even expect to be talking with Anderson Cooper today I thought people would get like a notification and they would just blow it off like I reported on on pulse on pulse happens when school in Florida and I remember being so upset hearing about the victim to her texting their families 302 asked texting my parents telling them that I love them and I just I just don’t know what I want right now right but I’m going to need more then couple days of news coverage and some thoughts and prayers because it’s our whole life has been shattered and so thanks for your prayers I couldn’t give a fuk about them if there’s nothing else I’m sorry it’s under these circumstances but I appreciate the strength of you both talking thank you
Writers for the Capital Gazette say they want more than prayers following a deadly newsroom shooting in Annapolis, Maryland.

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