Shooting At Maryland Newspaper Marks 154th Mass Shooting This Year | NBC Nightly News

fish become a nauseatingly common occurrence in America another mass shooting in a year of mass shootings we are now going into schools and workplaces now conduct active shooter drills for a scenario that seems far more likely to many mass shootings unfortunately of become part of our culture part of our psyche in America the numbers every year that we have to deal with and every employee has to consider what he or she is going to do if they have to face that moment High School in Texas from a Waffle House in Tennessee to a car wash in Pennsylvania with today’s attack on Annapolis newspaper police rush to provide security at parent newspaper The Baltimore Sun while the NYPD move to secure organizations in New York City the motivation for today’s attack unclear it could be some mental issue it could be some type of Revenge it could be some sort of infamy power I hate these kind of things Revenge General Motors we see around these type of shooting by the Secret Service found nearly half of mass shooting suspects were motivated by a personal grievance off and retaliating for a perceived wrong 64% of sugar suspects have some form of mental illness with 1/4 previously hospitalized for psychiatric treatment investigators will try to unwind all of the suspects potential motivations whether it’s on social media or some sort of a person perhaps an interaction with somebody inside the building pulling all of that apart can take a lot of Thai
Mass shootings have become alarmingly common in American life, from the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas to the tragedy on Thursday at the Capital Gazette newspaper. The motivation for this most recent attack is still unclear, authorities say.
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Shooting At Maryland Newspaper Marks 154th Mass Shooting This Year | NBC Nightly News

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