Senator: Race talks with Trump ‘uncomfortable’

pictures of the really troubling people babies being pulled away from their mama’s at the borders secure borders without scarring children what do you think about the absolute rule of law which we should keep family together got a question I mean an emotional level is there something wrong in the human heart that would even allow some like this to happen the first place this this is not a new thing so this this policy of separating families and their kids predates the acceleration of an absolute provide Clarity for the American people and where I stand and where the vast majority of us have stood call the right and 11 which is that we should keep families together as a supreme court vacancy coming up I just want her to I won’t commit to preserving marriage equality do they get your vote as opposed to going to all the hypotheticals I’m going to wait until I find out who the candidates are something’s I don’t have this I don’t have a litmus test on a specific issue I’m going to look at the candidates look at the overall body of work I’m going to recommend Trey Gowdy be at one of the folks that I would have strong strong recommendation for him serve spring-ford I hope that the president will be open to that you can speak well for him he’s a co-author with you on a book about bringing the country together. I think I think Republicans were angry with him it was so clear even with this Administration Democrats were angry with them because he was so clear the previous administration a guy who will call balls and Strikes and not even when he’s elected member at this time in our nation’s history listen people ask you lots of questions do they think that you’re that you’re up there but they people also asking a lot of questions because you’re an African-American in a party that has a troubled history least recently in the in the basket in generation African Americans and you yourself have been the target of some pretty nasty Reddick I just want to play really quickly you on the senate floor are you voted for Jeff sessions yes and then you got hit with criticism. feeling like Jeff sessions lady like you as a black person voting for Jeff sessions do you are a disgrace to the black race you aren’t Uncle Tom Scott your processions how does a black man turn on his own I left out all the ones that use the n-word just felt like that would not be appropriate just talk a little bit about you as a human being son of a proud mom of being subjected to that kind of rhetoric in your present position one of the things I’ve had to learn to deal with it as an African American who wants to be clear and concise even about my conservative underpinnings is like attacks on both sides and it is painful it hurts anyone who loses his Sensations they have this thick skin where nothing penetrates problematic from my perspective if I can’t feel the sting when it’s supposed to Sting If I don’t cry sad I’m not a lady good that’s not a good thing that we have in this country sometime so desensitized we cannot relate to those who are being attacked without a microphone why stand up even one of the articles I said goddamn a black on purpose have the blessing which is a burden of sometimes being black this country is not always fair or good to Black Folk I have to endure it time things others do not have to endure it but that makes me more sensitive to people who are trapped outside carved sometimes purposely outside of opportunity and how can I bring them into the conversation you’ve had this conversation and some like this with President Trump how do you judge whether you’re making progress there’s other people think want you to copy the the racial Trump Whisperer in some way you know how did those conversations go there hard there uncomfortable to sit in the Oval Office and have a conversation about things that you strongly disagree about he didn’t change his perspective I certainly can’t change my perspective lines educated by my experience so that helps me but the way it closed I thought was gave me reason to be hopeful a close with them I don’t see what you see what can I do to make things better that was a shocking response surprise after the conversation that his response was help me see a better life and my answer is always not for him to speak about issues in the way that he doesn’t necessarily believe before him to actually do something inopportune Stones was the outcome of help me help other people to him and I said support my opportunities on legislation
Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) discussed conversations he has held with President Donald Trump on the issue of race, calling them difficult and “uncomfortable,” but also saying they gave him reason to be hopeful.

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