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Senator Mitch McConnell orchestrated the strategy of blocking former president Barack Obama’s Supreme Court pick to make sure that the president’s nominee is considered fairly crucial role the offering advice and consent on President Trump nominated to fill this vacancy we will vote to confirm Justice Kennedy’s successor this fall meccano out let’s watch that are Republican colleagues in the Senate should follow the rule they sit in 2016 not to consider a Supreme Court Justice in an election year Senator McConnell would tell anyone who listens that the Senate have the right to advise and consent and that was every bit as important as the president’s right to nominate millions of people are just months away from determining the Senators who should vote to confirm or reject a president’s nominee and their voices deserve to be hurt now as leader McConnell thought they should deserve to be then anything but that would be the absolute height of hiphoprisy Kamala Harris Democrat from California member the Senate Judiciary Committee this came as a surprise that came today but we knew it was coming what’s going to look like if he gets his pick the Trump gets what he wants here what’s the court going to look like the next 30 funny ideologues has been playing people who have refused to agree that brown V board of education is settled law he has been appointing people who haven’t even been found to be well qualified or even qualified by Bar Association so this is got to be one of those and we all need to understand this to be one of the most serious fights that we have yet to have had but this President and we cannot relent we are going to have to fight to the to the end to make sure that we can do anything and everything that is possible acquire this president to choose a consensus pick talk to Democrats the position is going to be filled but with the track record that he has demonstrated so far it does not look good and so we’re going to put all the pressure that we possibly can so that the person who sells Kennedy see if someone who is the consensus picking who’s going to respect the Constitution the United States and respect it supposed to be about equality for all and Justice and fairness and and not about the pile the political games that that so far I see that a lot of his nominees are prepared to play anyone because now you got Neil Gorsuch are you guys going to play hardball this time and say we’re not going to let you pass this he’s not going to rush this through ice in a few months election so that we can take this matter to the people months left in that term this is 4 months or 4 months away from an election out of state senate practically is up for election the decision that we make is going to have generational impact and the American people should be able to weigh in on who will be this in this position on the United States Supreme Court and let’s remember this is not like corset where gorse it was about one conservative replacing another conservative and we voted against him but he’s there he replaced Kaliyah this is about a Swing Vote this is a different seat this isn’t this is a different seat and everything lays in the balance in terms of how this court swing on everything from Choice Roe v Wade to what we did in terms of same-sex marriage into so many issues that are about fundamental rights and so this is not like Gorsuch generational impact and then let’s all be clear about this the decisions made by the United States Supreme Court’s make decisions about who we are as a country and who we can be and who will be wearing this country has the United States Supreme Court under the leadership of Earl Warren a California not two-sided Brown V Board of Education I would not be sitting here talking with you right now he wasn’t concerned he was in Northern California conservative get that he believed just like in Warren from the Injustice of the separate-but-equal essential did Justice the essentials stop an undue burden to make a choice about reproduction he’s found in it that is Central American Liberty that we’ve treasure you can anybody Trump picking doing that that’s what happened with Merrick Garland consulted with Republicans this President should consult with Democrats and choose a consensus pick in anything less than that would be unacceptable entirely on acceptable in this something we should fight tooth-and-nail again 50 years to show which way they’re going politically and then jamming one that Court like Clarence Clarence Thomas for 40-50 years so when you pick this next person man or woman whatever they’ll be there much of this century generational impact this will have impact on issues that we decide in terms of discrimination who will have equal opportunity who will have equal rights under the Constitution under the law this is this is most important powers that the president has this is why the Federalist Society for decades have been creating this roadmap for decades to make sure that president is built up to the United States Supreme Court making decisions that are going to be about Choice as we go forward about issues that relate to immigration issues that relate to fundamental rights and to your point about Kennedy he understood that undone same-sex marriage the fundamental right marriage there’s so many issues at this Court decides that goes to the heart of what we value is Americans and and what we decide decide should be the personal rights and Liberties of of individuals it’s this is this has potential disaster consequences how do you take a pee test judge coming in now is if number 5 on the court on the conservative side outweighing around County voting the four liberals how do you see it then dismembering it look like so what it would look like is this it would look like the various states that have already been passing legislation at a state level to restrict the woman’s access to to to healthcare to report good health to abortions affirming those rules those laws that are passed by the Facebook woman can have an abortion or not parental consent weather of a woman has two if she is 17 a young woman and it would go down to the United States Supreme Court that would have firm those restrictions on an ability that woman has to have an abortion or to have access to reproductive health care and I can do it again especially undo the protections that women currently have in the Roe v Wade what’s the top your party leader Chuck Schumer smart guy what is up to amazing to get reelected all the time when he received her incredible leader and he cares deeply about the situation actually talk with him today about it he’s reaching out to all of us because he knows how critical this is and he’s going to need all the soldiers on the field and I believe that he is committed to this and he is going to fight to the end to make sure that the right thing happens or so I saw that alexyno all elections are local I know typically said all things local but I don’t think everything is local that young woman what’s going on what’s going on is that around the country there are people who have never run for political office a lot of them are women are deciding that their voices are not being her there bases are not present and they are getting out there they’re showing courage and determination and they’re putting themselves out there they’re running for office and they’re winning I better be thinking what you just said people want change they want things to move on enough to speak truth no matter how unpopular it may feel at the moment they’re going to want people who are elected the vote I want people to run for office and they’re going to let people who have the courage to speak truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes other people feel because that’s what we need right now we got a lot of people in our country very distrustful of their government its institutions and its leaders and one of the best ways that we develop relationships of trust as we speak truth and that’s what I think we’re seeing around the country people are putting themselves out there because they’re courageous enough to speak truth and they’re winning taken to the other great videos

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