Senator calls to eliminate ICE

going to turn out another Democratic lawmaker Senator Kirsten gillibrand who says another very important topic that she’s going to do everything she can to block president Trump’s Supreme Court nominee what does that mean Senator thank you for joining thank you Chris are you know the news we’re still fighting out why this shooter killed these people and hurt more in the building where the Capital Gazette is where light on details but it does as the issue of here’s another one are you aware of anything on the federal level that is being done actively to deal with the issues that seem to invariably surround the shootings we know what the states are doing but on the federal level is there anything to get any hope for any kind of momentum to end gun crime but I do have hope because I believe the fact that this movement has become one led by kids led by students that is intersex also it applies to all communities all kinds of gun violence that momentum is being created by these kids marching marching out of school marching on Washington is making a difference to have young women like Emma Gonzalez call BS on every excuse every Congressman over has ever given her Debbie Young Man stand up to Marco Rubio say stop taking money from the NRA that’s going to change things and for everyone every child that is marching and speaking out they have parents who are now going to think about this issue differently and that’s going to happen in red States and blue States and purple States I actually I’m optimistic that when we do flip the house and possibly the Senate our first boat can be on Common Sense gun reform to actually ban assault weapons in a large magazines band The Bump stocks have a universal background check system worth Terrace can’t get access to weapons and then have the investments in mental health have been needed for a very long time I think that is all possible especially if we can put the House and Senate the big news from yesterday which is going to reverberate for days weeks and years to Justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down that means that President Trump will wind up having a big Mark next to his name in the history books not for what he says not for any of his political policies but he’s going to put at least you conservative judges on this court so do you believe Democrats can do anything to stop a vote before the election gout and demanded and protest and March and are really active invoicing their views because what this president has promised to he said he would try to overturn Roe v Wade he said they would do it automatically quote on quote he has listed sketches of whom he believes will overturn Roe v Wade and so women’s rights are actually on the chopping block it doesn’t bring anything personal into it nor partisan and you know that whoever the nominee is is going to say exactly that and they may even say what John Robert said what he was being put through the confirmation process of believing that Roe v Wade this Isis would that be enough to allay your concerns overturn Roe v Wade he made it very clear who he was going to choose and why he was going to choose it so to think that you’re going to have a normal process under this president who hasn’t said anything normally at all I think his is not he’s not going to do it he’s gorgeous talk that talk and I believe now that we’ve seen what he’s already under mine his rights undermine union rights is already undermined basic civil rights in this country I don’t think people are going to trust the president Trump isn’t going to do what he said he was going to do Mansion high camp not strong and it passed with Republican votes because you’re really deciding whether or not you value women and you want them to have basic civil rights and civil liberties over there to make sure that they have all their own on board first because you got some people who are vulnerable and they may see this in terms of a survival mode for them to go along with the president what do you say to those Democrats I might let you know I don’t know how much you know about maternal mortality but women in America if you are young if you want to wait you were 12 years old and forced to bring a pregnancy to term that creates so much problem for that patient I don’t know but telling women to have to carry children’s pregnant to the full term in all circumstances I don’t think that is what this country beliefs and they believe that women are smart enough and capable enough to make their own morals is their own choices and when you’re trying to say the politicians in Washington and the president knighted states should make that decision for you I think they’re going to disagree which is elections in your home state you just had a big development there in the Congressional primary a newcomer to wait you’re 28 year old Puerto Rican Ocasio won against the 10 term congresswoman a congressman joke she had some words for you to put out a tweet about it if we have it for the audience disappointing that gillibrand didn’t even bother to talk nor consider me before endorsing you think of progressive leader would at least be interested and how I know corporate money Bronx Latina triggered the fur New York 14 Primary in 14 years on Progressive issues what do you make a 4-point my love and help though so I was going to support him regardless of how great she is but it doesn’t mean I can’t be excited for her election and what she’s actually going to do I think she’s going to shake up Congress I think she’s going to make a difference I think this country is yearning for young women voices colors voices she’s going to make a difference and that’s good for America’s good for New York good for democracy but you believe in her position but you didn’t endorse and this is kind of what you’re seeing within your party and figure it out who do you guys want to get behind if you had to do it again would use back her no I mean we work together for a decade and we worked really hard on a lot of legislation including the 9/11 Health bill so he turned my vote but it doesn’t Alexandria’s not going to come to Washington and make a difference also got some positions or even to the left of Bernie Sanders she wants to get rid of ice now what are you going to do with your party if you do come into a majority and you have a significant number at least an influence of people who have that kind of a position today is working as intended you should get rid of that it has become a deportation Force and I think you should separate the criminal justice from the immigration issues and I think you should reimagine ice under new agency with a very different Mission and take those two missions out and so we believe that we should protect families that need our help and that is would Isis doing today and that’s why I believe you should get rid of it start over reimagine it and build something that actually works thank you very much appreciate it
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) says she supports ending the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, claiming they have become a deportation force.

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