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a bipartisan report released today by the Senate intelligence committee confirms the findings of the US intelligence Community which stated in January 2017 that Russia definitely metals the 2016 presidential election and that Russia definitely wanted to hurt the candidacy of Hillary Clinton and help the candidacy of Donald Trump specifically the unclassified report released by Republican Richard Burr and great Mark Warner of the intelligence committee says that the committee’s assessment quote show that Moscow sought to denigrate secretary Clinton and Putin and the Russian government developed a clear preference for Trump the report today also was that the committee heard consistently that analysts were under no politically-motivated pressure to reach any conclusion and the committee has seen additional examples of Russia’s attempts to sow Discord undermined Democratic institutions and interfere in US elections and those of our allies the Kremlin said today that it is possible that Russian President Vladimir Putin and president Trump will meet one-on-one with no staff present except trans at the beginning of their stomach meeting in Helsinki on July 16th and so once again Americans are learning about the plans of the president of the United States from the Russian government instead of from the White House during our discussion now Malcolm Nance MSNBC counterterrorism intelligence analyst and author of the new book The Plot to destroy democracy how Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling West also a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council Deputy assistant secretary defense she’s an MSNBC National Security analyst and I wanted to start with you on the issue of the possibility of the present sitting down one-on-one + translators with Vladimir Putin it’s absolutely fascinating you know earlier today on Twitter Asha rangappa the former FBI officer a joke that he was going into meters handler was going to discuss any concerns that he have any counterintelligence text hubby has his surveillance detection routine anything that I would want to report into his boss because why would he go off the Record Vladimir Putin at a time he has been under the gun for more than 2 years in the believe that he is conspired with Russia to rig a US election and may possibly have involved himself and other nefarious activities and he just decides he’s going to go prove it it is an astonishing thing to watch I mean it with any other politician who is suspected of anything in this direction that politician would go out of her four way to be much stiffer and more formal and more distant in relations with Russia or whatever country was in question okay he wasn’t a politician until recently but nevertheless we do everything possible to remove any shadow of any doubt that there was something that there is going on I have to say I’m also further concerned because what I’m hearing not only from the what station is is actually confirmation that there is going to be a one-on-one meeting but that there’s a lot of consternation a lot of worried inside our government I mean that. To me is shocking and people just feel like they can’t resign is there concern but they’re watching some kind of trainwrecks I’m kind of really bad movie on fold except that it’s reality so I don’t understand why this is happening last time Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines a bigger Summit he actually had a meeting with only one interpreter the Russian interpreter so if that happens again that’s even worse but you know okay having interpreters is good if it least we have the USS Intrepid cuz there will be something of a record in that case but the Optics are bad it doesn’t make sense for a policy perspective it’s just more than unfortunate Senate intelligence committee report in this is the full committee this is all eight Republicans and all seven Democrats the committee says this the committee concurs with intelligence and open-source assessments that this influence campaign was approved my president and so the committee is saying gladimir Putin did this and now Donald Trump is saying that he’s going to have a one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin within the context of all that let’s listen to what former CIA director John McLaughlin said about this today by the president is an intelligence recruiters and dream that he’s he’s totally transparent with his tweets and his public comments his frustration his desires and his weaknesses his vulnerabilities are all hanging out there and Putin of course is a trained KGB intelligence operator make this more subtle they wouldn’t actually have the Russian president be a former KGB intelligence operator talking to the most ignorant president of the United States in history right but this is like a really bad version of the old movie Kevin Costner movie no way out where we you know in that private meeting is Donald Trump I think that John McLaughlin today put it perfectly and I have a whole chapter on why Donald Trump is a Russian this dream it’s not just that they may have motivated him to see the world there when they frame the world him and everytime that he had contact with them they created that perception bubble that that entire world view that he now is spouses he believes that getting rid of all world trade that you know in breaking up the Atlantic Alliance in Europe he has bought into that Crimea belonging to Russia he has bought into that he is you know when he goes this NATO conference who will he represent we represent the United States only represent Moscow the criticism for not doing any follow-up she did have some good question so here’s an example of her good question and just an extraordinary non-answer by the president of the United States let’s listen to this mention of meddling when you meet with Russian I’d like to see some answers as to why we didn’t take the server why the FBI didn’t take the server from the DNC complete answer to are you going to mention the Russian meddling in our election when you speak to Vladimir Putin he said I’d like to see some answers as to why we didn’t take the server why the FBI didn’t take the server from the DNC Amy Lawrence wasn’t the first time I think I’ve said too I want to tear my hair out because he’s doing his typical deflection you know I want it I’m going to talk about Hillary Clinton now he know nobody cares about Hillary Clinton anymore and servers and emails and whatever but that’s the first thing he grass for you don’t have to say just a thing about that report that came out today I think it’s very useful that the Senate intelligence committee came out clearly on the record saying we believe our own intelligence we looked through it ourselves in a bipartisan fashion what’s the stir to me about it is that it came out today on a Friday that was it feels like a Friday but right before a holiday and it should have come out before those Senators made the decision to go over to Moscow you know what you mentioned earlier the program I think it’s unfortunate it seems to me that they could agree on the message but there’s something wrong with the politics of releasing this report I don’t think the president could have made it any more clear to me that he has absolutely no intention of mentioning election meddling to Vladimir Putin Evelyn Farkas thank you both for joining us and I really appreciate it for more from the last word in the of MSNBC
The Senate Intelligence Committee today released a bipartisan report that said Russia meddled in the 2016 election at the direction of Vladimir Putin, to help Trump and hurt Clinton. Also today, the Kremlin told us that Putin and Trump will meet in private next month.
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Senate Intel Cmte: Russia Wanted To Help President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

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