Sen. Rounds on Trump’s calls for NATO members to pay more

your help Republicans and Democrats joined forces in the Senate today and an effort to curb the president’s power to impose tariffs in the name of National Security travel the meetings this week Center for great to have you but I do appreciate the opportunity the president is using his powers for National defense purposes and we’re suggesting to him is is that everyone this is not binding but it will pull back in and say that Congress wants to have a role in those discussions if you’re going to interpret all of these different terrorists as being critical in the National Defense of our country fight as of qualifying as a tariff under Section 232 a lot of the center section 303 of a 1974 lot so those are not the ones Canada and Mexico and so forth so it’s kind of actors from what’s going on right now with what the president is announced again stud a China today and it just so happened that we’re having a vote on Section 232 tariffs on a day in which he’s exercising section 301 Terrace interpretations and citations okay so let’s move on to where he is today in NATO ruffled a lot of feathers this is what your kind of part across the aisle Senator Dick Durbin had to say in the world safe for that matter and he is trashing our allies who invested lives and their own resources into making this a success at the same time he Embraces the Putin causing fine man it’s possible for allies to figure out exactly what the United States to say there was a lot of blood the last couple of President he came in he was loaded for bear with the guard of the pipeline that’s the Nordstrom to it joins another pipeline that’s already there under the Baltic Sea and that’s the Nordstrom one set a 39 of us in March that passed him to take a very strong stand against the creation of this new pipeline so I’m not going to criticize the president at all for being very forceful and sending the message that this is not good Western Europe it is not good for the United States and there is no reason why we should be doing business with Russia at this point and here’s a pipeline that would be providing over 400 and over a hundred can a billion cubic meters of natural gas going into Germany coming from Russia so they’re going to have a contract with with Russia for years to come but the reason why Russia wants it is because they don’t want to the pipeline which goes through Ukraine Ukraine at greater risk and then you have Western Europe subject to Russia and there when it comes to the to the sale of their fuel now it puts us in a in a more difficult position because now our allies who are NATO members are basically Reliance on Russia for natural gas just so we’ll see how that plays out he now continues on to Russia and thank you for joining us as we look at this first part of the trip and he sure to make news all the way
Is President Trump right criticize NATO over contributions or are we pushing away our allies? Senator Mike Rounds weighs in on ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.’

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