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on this day in Congress we saw things that we’ve never seen before in the Senate we saw a 51-48 vote to confirm an assistant attorney generals and the Criminal Division of the justice department which supervisors all of the federal prosecutors in the country in votes to confirm Assistant Attorney General to that post are usually not close they are usually overwhelmingly bipartisan because the nominee is usually a recognized professional is significant experience as a federal prosecutor but this was the first time we saw the Senate confirm someone to that job who has never been a federal prosecutor or a local prosecutor and in fact has never appeared as a lawyer in federal court has never tried a case in federal court that was uniquely trumping appointment the likes of which we have not seen before in the House of Representatives today we saw something with elements of something that we have seen before something disturbing former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis hastert got in trouble late in his career because is days is a high school wrestling coach she was caught paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy The Silence of a man who said he was sexually abused by Dennis hastert in those days when he was a coach and today another wrestling coach is in trouble in the House of Representatives Congressman Jim Jordan is trying to convince the House of Representatives and his constituents in Ohio that the wrestlers that he used to coach or now lying about eight former wrestlers from Carson Jordan’s days as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University say that they complain directly to him about sexually aggressive behavior in some cases molestation by the wrestling teams dr. Richard Strauss remember what happened to Dennis hastert have to be worried tonight about what the future might hold for Republican Congressman Jim Jordan butt also today in Congress there were glimmers of sanity and these days Bloomers about the most we’re going to get glimmers in both the house and the Senate and it is the second day row that we have seen a demonstration of Sanity in the United States Senate yesterday is 90722 Senate vote to essentially rebuke president trumps rhetoric about NATO was led by the senior Democrat in the armed services committee Jack Reed who will be our first guest here tonight today another vote to review the president’s policy this time on tariffs was lead in the United States Senate by Republicans and it was supported by all Democrats in an 8 to 11 vote against the president’s policies on tarasque now the House of Representative in stranger and often more invisible ways than the relatively open proceedings that you can watch on the senate floor and so there isn’t much to show you in the way that the house rebuked the president today for his Reckless and fall off language about NATO last night at this hour we showed you jack Reed speech on the senate floor specifically attacking Trump has said about Vladimir Putin and arguing in favor of what was Senator reads resolution to quote reaffirm the commitment of the United States to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Alliance as a community of Freedom peace security are values including Liberty human rights democracy and the rule of law resolution got only two opposing votes from Republicans Rand Paul in my plea who sometimes call themselves Libertarians a similar resolution in the House of Representatives was actually passed unanimously not one vote cast in support of the president’s rhetoric and House Representatives today and like the resolution in the Senate yesterday house resolution was sponsored by a member of the seemingly powerless Democratic minority Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee but you would never know that even if you’re watching the house floor very closely today because as I said as you’ll see them how sacks in mysterious ways Steve solution expresses quote support for the countries of Eastern Europe in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization the resolution says that the House of Representatives one condemns any threat to the territorial Integrity freedom and democracy of the Baltic states to condemns the clear gross and uncorrected ongoing violation of the Helsinki principles by the Russian Federation with respect to the sovereignty and territorial Integrity of Ukraine three supports keeping United States sanctions imposed against Russia relating to Crimea in effect until Ukraine’s sovereignty over Crimea has been restored but you didn’t hear any of that in the House of Representatives today because the Republican floor manager of what was going on in the house today Ed Royce the chairman of the house Foreign Affairs committee introduced the resolution as a unit Foreign Affairs committee voted resolution this way for what purpose does Yeoman California seek recognition of house resolution 256 and ask for its immediate consideration in the house the clerk report the title of the resolution house resolution 256 resolution expressing support for the Eastern Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is there a into the consideration of the resolution and there was no objection and I told you there wasn’t going to be much to see here and because there was ejection that means that that resolution passed the House of Representatives unanimously and that happened after the president engage in a public argument about nato in which in his desperate attempt to win the argument he did we all what does when he’s desperate he lied strong the Germans now get only about 9% of their energy from Russian not the 70% that mr. Trump claimed and joining us now is Democratic senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island ranking member of the Senate armed services Spencer Reid I wanted to ask you about how how easy how and how hard was it for you to achieve what you did yesterday on the senate floor getting 97 votes in the senate floor in what was essentially you can president trumps rhetoric about NATO well we have the opportunity on the senate floor to speak and we were able to do that Senator Menendez Senator Durbin Senator Murphy Center Schumer and I beyond our ability was an affirmation of our support for NATO recognition of its role in defending the United States of amending many decades also a recognition of the rule of law as a guy principal internet relationships and finally asking the present to do what we asked last year and the defense Bill give us a report on the line activity to Rushville that’s going on today and what we got was a response to a bipartisan response was about party was about this country about representing our constituents it about sending out for what we stood up for decades so it was a very satisfying and I think it started a chain reaction as you point out today with a house the felt they had to also do something like that and hopefully it’ll be a good Counterpoint to what the president is doing in NATO and we can move forward grow and retreat on your side yesterday but I wondered did he put up any kind of roadblocks for you ahead of time on trying to do this I know we’ve had a very very Cooperative debate and cross that’s what the defense bill that’s tradition and then part of it as I think goes back to Senator John McCain his inspiration and even today he’s inspiring us with his his conduct and even before John John call Lebeda many many people but this is been a very bipartisan process and sit when we indicated that we bring the resolution to the floor the other the instruction the contrary is there was no opposition in fact Center in with my counterpart the chairman or act what supportive so you saw yesterday people and not talking about party but talking about principle and making sure that the world understands we support they don’t we affirm possible tornado surgery reaction to the way you saw the president representing the United States today at the NATO Summit I think it’s not helpful at all really quit gently doing what Vladimir Putin’s been doing for many years now which is trying to undermine 800 trying to disparage NATO trying to disparage one of its principal members Germany also trying donate to Putin has been to the lower the prestige and the the moral influence of the United States and Europe and around the world so this is not helpful particularly as he approaches his meeting with president I think our unified Nato one that is committed to the shared values of freedom of of opportunity for its citizens and a peaceful world it was much more effective than disparaging a country one member all the NATO I was looking at comments by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright today years ago set language two years ago as this continues and as the rhetoric seems to increased do you or other Senators fear that the president might be trying to get the United States to actually leave NATO that would be a catastrophic situation NATO it has been our front line of defense were there for our protection this is not something fortuitous activity on behalf of the Europeans online say I would rather frankly be confronting Russia is with forces there then not be there and have Russia influencing Europe that would be detrimental not only that so I again I think that this whole thing these proposals to withdraw troops excetera the ID Not only would hurt us but it just ignores the that the commitment and the contribution that NATO is making for the first time the article V was involved when we were attacked on 9/11 that was the European Community coming to our assistance European forces NATO forces have been with us and Afghanistan they’ve lost personnel there they’ve died along with our soldiers there and sell it to Marines in Harriman they are with us in Iraq helping to train Iraqi forces they are in the Baltic countries as a tripwire to prevent another cranney 1/2 in the Baltic were a hybrid operation by the Russians takes out one of our NATO members this is a real commitment and there increased spending after 2014 particularly is significant about $87 so disparaging NATO is splitting it would be a catastrophe new event on their microphone about being afraid of voting as they did yesterday in the senate in what was essentially a review of the presents right or not at all editor’s ism is representative of their constituents as what was the right thing to do rather than what was the most convenient thing to do and that I think accounts for the 97 to to vote and in fact I think both Center Paul’s and we have are consistent record not being supportive naturalization so I think they felt to in principle they were taken about that they should take thank you very much for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Senator Jack Reed’s motion in support of NATO was supported by nearly all Republican senators, as Donald Trump criticizes NATO allies overseas. The Senator tells Lawrence that Trump’s attacks on NATO allies are “not helpful” and that it would be “catastrophic” if the U.S. pulled out of NATO.
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Sen. Reed: Donald Trump Is Doing Vladimir Putin’s Work With NATO Attacks | The Last Word | MSNBC

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