Sen. Mike Lee on being a possible replacement for Kennedy

Arctic Cat will play a pivotal role in the upcoming debate over Justice Kennedy’s date on the courts both as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and he just happens to be on the short list himself your reactions this is cuz you and I have been trying to figure this out I we talked about it last night whether or not it was coming what you think he’s been a stalwart defender in many instances of federalism separation of powers of freedom of religion and I think this was a big decision certainly a decision that portends a lot of interesting activity in the Senate Dianne Feinstein of course the top Democratic Judiciary says this there should be no consideration of a supreme court nominee until the American people have a chance to weigh in leader McConnell set that standard in 2016 when he denied judge Garland a hearing for nearly a year and the Senate should follow when she’s calling the McConnell standard wish that all they want but did they know that we’re going to confirm whoever whoever this is what a couple of folks had to say today one of your buddies in this head first C Ted Cruz I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mike Lee would be faithful to the Constitution and Bill of Rights that he’s not going to evolve and turn into a David Suter he is going to honor his car tweets from your radio but he climbed back who says this let me be the first to say Justice at Senator Mike Lee #scotus how does it feel to be on the list Parent’s Choice this is going to be a decision that’s up to him and not up to me I’m honored to be considered for the last seven years he’s a textualist originals and a brilliant scholar the lgbtq community people of color immigrants Environmental Protection and access to health care you were absolutely everybody on this list is a non-starter and they will not proceed with the boat anyway they described us it’s the news to me that they could even know that about each of the individuals on this list we are going to confirm president Trump nominate technical way which Democrats could stop a vote in November of 2013 and they said in motion the sequence of events Amir 51 votes being required foreclosure on a confirmation process this is absurd that’s not going to happen if they might wish it to be otherwise we are going to confirm pleased that they were not excited. Just as they were many on the Republican side who look forward to whatever is going to come in the next few months I think there was a lot of displeasure on the other side there are a lot of words other than that I think we probably wouldn’t want to order Fox News on Sirius finds and we do not okay so let’s talk about this time I because it looks like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a thing you’re aiming for something in September or by Fall he is saying that this individual whomever he or she may and Abby will be confirmed I think that’s right and look the Supreme Court as you know starts in October I think we need to get this Dominique confirmed by October so I would like to see that happen by the end of September so it artist new turn this fall okay well there to chases it could be a Justice late so either way we hope to stay in touch with us and we’ll talk with you throughout the summer this plays out

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