Sen. John McCain’s ‘thumbs down’ vote against repealing Obamacare: An oral history

you remember what was at stake this was about rolling Healthcare back for millions and millions and millions of people and we’re 48-52 centered at that moment the bill had already passed the house and we all knew if it got even to fifty-fifty can we’re going to lose Healthcare around this country because vice president would break the tie in and roll back this Healthcare answer he had just gotten back he had found out that he had this devastating diagnosis and he had been listening to the arguments that we have been making fat past week I spend a lot of time talking to John McCain in the days leading up to that we were very close Republican side and we were talking about it and what he was going to do and all of a sudden he pointed to both of us and he said you two are right and it was then that I knew he was going what about now it’s pretty much a contrarian a lot of ways this is a man who doesn’t suffer fools gladly on who has a temper and so we have all the Democrats that’s 48 Susan Collins voted no that gave us 49 Lisa murkowski voted know that gave us 50 that’s where all the known commitment shoulder and I turned around and it was vice president Pence who clearly has been sent over to Lobby John and to try to get him back into line if you will looking around it anybody else who might vote to save healthcare for all of these families where’s John McCain and it’s not there is so I’ve excuse myself so they could have their conversation shortly after that the president called him and John went into the cloak room to take that call before the vote occurred it was a very dramatic moment on the senate floor around the corner I’ll remember standing there watching and it comes around that corner no fuss no muss didn’t wait for his name again and you could actually hear some gas in the chamber when he did so and I knew what would happen if John McCain again would do what he thought was the right thing no matter what pressure that is one of the things that I so admire about John he does what he thinks is right and that doesn’t mean I always agree with him we’ve had our castles over the years and disagreements that thumbs down could sum up his entire career he did what he knew was right
On July 28, 2017, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) cast a vote on the floor of the Senate against repealing the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. In this video, Senators who were there remember that night. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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