Sen. Duckworth doesn’t join Democrats’ calls to abolish ICE

join me now Democratic senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois she’s in Iraq war veteran and of course I want to recognize your service on this July 4th weekend thank you so much for that I know that July 4th is not specifically a Veteran’s Day but it was a day when I think a lot about the people who fight for the freedoms thank you so much let’s start with the fact that your fellow Democratic senator gillibrand Warren and Harris have joined the rally and try to abolish and replace ice do you agree voices of The White House with the president you even apologize now you still have the same present with the same field policies whatever you replace it with his just going to still reflect what this present wants to do so all the things you can do before we get to that point first of which we just you know you got them in the White House who has his policies with your horrendous which he still hasn’t fixed and families separated children in cages nursing babies who separated let’s talk about this you sent a letter to the Trump Administration Thursday demanding answers and exactly how they’re going to reunite these children with the parents and families in touch within 72 hours today marks the deadline of your your demand I’ll be Administration have you heard anything back and frankly DVD think they have a plan to reunite these families well that’s precisely my concern that they don’t have a plan these children long to ever remember some of these children are so young that they don’t even know their parents names so we could end up with kids or separated from their parents for a very long time many already entered into the foster care system no I’ve not heard from the from the administration and I’m deeply concerned children are going to remain separated from their parents will you support Senator Ted Cruz’s plan to keep families together and double the number of Judges at the border to move the cases along more quickly wouldn’t that solve the problem if we have someone who’s come to this country seeking Asylum they should be hurt in a timely manner and we should process that case and in the meantime we should not be separating families quit taking us pulled out the street taking swiping Mitch McConnell using his own words from 2016 that’s argue for delaying the vote on President Trump’s nominee until after the midterm she wrote quote the American people should have a voice in the selection of the next Supreme Court Justice that’s exactly what McConnell said except #what did he do #scotus I guess you do that has Ted Kennedy Jack Scalia Scalia seen you didn’t have Ted Kennedy. Mitch McConnell said that you and other critics are using that quote against him in that pile are all wrong this is very different from then take a listen if she’s not 2016 there aren’t the final months of a second-term constitutionally lame duck presidency for the presidential election fast approaching we’re right in the middle of this presents very first time how do you respond as someone who do whatever he needs to do I think he’s demonstrated that who I talk to my colleagues who are casting their votes those words are very consequential and you know Lisa murkowski who’s my next door neighbor I would say to her you said that this should not be done before major election back when it was garland that this would be a political Football let’s listen to that we’re talking about someone who on the Supreme Court could and Roe v Wade could help to overturn much of the legislation to protect Healthcare many cases winning their way through the justice system right now and so I would say to my colleagues he was showing some real bravery both Susan Collins and Lisa murkowski of show me some incredible bravery in these last my first couple years in the Senate to don’t just trust that and what somebody says to you in a conversation trying to get your vote is what’s going to happen when there on the Supreme Court what did you think about Susan Collins just what she told me she doesn’t think that the Chief Justice Roberts would vote to overturn Roe versus Wade yes he is assured her that he respects president president there yet he has Janice case if anything this President of this Administration is all about overturning presidents and I don’t think that a present to be able to appoint someone who could potentially sit on a case and decide a case against that sitting president I think that we should wait and let the American people have their say let’s get through the election which is 4 months away that’s not a long time and then let’s take a look at these nominees there obviously a lot of Democrats from Red States states has Trump won or up for reelection this year there’s going to be a lot of pressure I can from North Dakota a Donnelly from Indiana mansion from West Virginia some of them are even opponents of abortion rights what do you think it should they vote the way that they need to vote to win really if it comes down to that or do you think I should vote the way that their party wants them to vote I will tell you what I’ve learned my shirt I’m here in the Senate that those all three of them vote in whatever they need to do to take care of the people their state they put constituents first and I’ve seen some real bravery from the three of them as well Mansion for example has set timing again that he will protect healthcare for the people of West Virginia same with Heidi high-camp they who they put first is not themselves it’s not the party they put their own states in the people their constituents person I just asked him to vote for their constituents and they would know which way to vote then to shock waves in the Democratic party Tuesday night when 28 year old democratic sliced Alexandria ocasio-cortez defeated the fourth-ranked and Democrat in the house at Joe Crowley is a platform of Medicare for all federal jobs guarantee free college tuition is this the future of the Democratic Party where she is I think that we are legislators need to listen to our constituents e and get out there I think what she did was she did the hard work she pounding the pavement and she was out there talking to everyone for consistent and I think that was so different she turned off her voters reflective the needs of her District are you concerned at all that your party is going too far to the left to either win in the midterms or win back the White House nothing to do when the Midwest coming from a Midwestern State I think you need to be able to talk to the industrial mdwise you need to listen to the people there and in order to win an election Nationwide so this is the last day of your maternity leave change the Senators can bring children on to the floor and your baby onto the floor how are your male colleagues adapting to this new rule Roe v Wade it’s important to me I would not be able to have both of my beautiful children in my newborn daughter without IVF and another bottle sort of Ruby way could actually deny those of us who use IVF of the ability to of secret ability treatments Senator Duckworth it’s an honor to have you here in this Fourth of July weekend again thank you for your service appreciate it
Democratic Sen. Tammy Duckworth expressed concern about the way the executive branch is handling the immigration crisis, but stopped short of joining her liberal colleagues in the Senate calling to abolish US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
“I think there’s a lot of other things we can do before we get to that point,” Duckworth told CNN’s “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper. “First of which, which is, you’ve got somebody in the White House who has these policies which are horrendous, which he still hasn’t fixed. Families are still separated. Children are still in cages. Nursing babies are still separated from their moms.”

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