Sean Hannity on attacks from the left, defending America

hello America Marco this is life liberty and Levin have a special guest the number one show on Sunday nice you’re killing it and I have to always persuade you to do stuff you know there is a backstory to all this I know you in a few other people the fact that I got into radio you keep prodding me proud of me I so annoying like it Frank annoyed you we’ve known each other for over 20 years were best friends and you haven’t changed at all you haven’t changed all I remember when you were doing a local show on WABC and then you hit the big-time you substituted for she wanted to send occasion you started with Fox the very beginning of fox 1996 1996 you’ve been there the entire time and now you’re really the The Babe Ruth of of cable TV The Babe Ruth or cable TV that’s not overstate the case but you are and as the Babe Ruth cable TV you’re also attacked a lot by the left I noticed they try these boycotts every now and then they attack you that after you what is hot like wow this is a great question I’m the most important thing to me I don’t care not even a little bit mark one bit what thanks to me I just care about what’s right like you I have a love and a passion for this country and I always brought up in 2016 I do it by Design it’s my way you have your gifts your Unique Style Rush has his his Unique Style I like to be myself and I saw 13 million more Americans on food stamps 8 million more poverty I saw the lowest labor participation rate Chester 70s worth recovery since the 40s 51% low in homeownership a doubling of the debt I give those numbers out regularly on purpose because those are real people Real Americans real suffering and the suffering because of government failure and this is your wheelhouse this is what you do and you do the the history of our great Founders and framers and philosopher’s but at the end of the day I’m looking out of a very practical standpoint what works why does it work we had the most unbelievable week where Pam Monday is attacked think about secretary Nielsen is attack Sarah Huckabee is attack conservatives are being thrown out of restaurants are being followed you have high-profile Democrats suggesting that we can we get confronted in gas stations restaurants whatever you say like a mob mentality is taking over and the real reason for it is that in 500 Days the economies flip dramatically every economic indicator we have is off the charts nobody Donald Trump would win nobody thought he got the primary nobody thought he beat Hillary and nobody thought he be the successful and we’re now in the Silly Season we’re Democrats have only one single Playbook and that is Republicans are racist misogynist homophobic xenophobic islamophobic and it’s one big lie in and let me look at one economic statistic 14 states in the United States right now have record low unemployment African Americans record low unemployment hispanic-americans record low unemployment women in the workforce record low unemployment the success of Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the left of America it is a threat to them and so like when he first got into office what you never thought they win they they’re imploding now that he’s successful and now that the Mueller Witch Hunt which you’ve been very what about is imploding now that the economy is successful nobody expect a little rocket man to be returning hostages to be dismantling nuclear test sites to be willing to talk about the denuclearization Korean Peninsula nobody thought Donald Trump would get that when there’s talk about fire and fury and Donald Trump was talking about Little Rocket Man and little Haley was saying my buttons bigger than yours and mine works and it shows peace through it shows the president’s economic philosophy Works how long have we as conservatives known that government bureaucracy is killing business it is destroying your face like Ohio and Michigan in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all around the country we now have 4 million new jobs created in just over 500 days so why am I the fact you think your attack because you give voice yes conservatism successfully giving voice yes all the above and because you are a defender of the president in his policies these policies are working yes and to answer your question is a roundabout answer Mark directly is is that for most of my career I go with my heart my gut but I’m also very connected to those people that are out of work and I bought a painting by John McNaughton and he’s a patriotic and religious painters out of his Salt Lake City and it’s a forgotten man and the Forgotten Man painting is as a young man on a bench and all the presidents and Obama stomp that is put on the Constitution would you Revere and the reason that this election was about them you know my background want to bore you thank you that’s what I want to go to do you think you identify with these folks and the president’s policies because of how you grew up and your background yeah how you came up and your parents explain okay my grandparents came here with on average $10 in their pocket from Ireland at the turn of the last century and they had no no dreams except to make a better life for their children and my parents did better and I literally believe I stand on the shoulders of those for Grandparent’s all four came from Ireland and my Paris I never really had any money ramadas middle class parents felt like I was delivering papers at 8 washing dishes at 12 by hand not of machine in a restaurant every Friday Saturday Sunday I became a chef of busboy waiter tender then I got into college contracting painting hanging wallpaper laying tile framing houses fell off a roof on a my house I need some who works hard and harder than I’ve ever worked and that I believed in this country and I believe that I’ve been blessed more than I deserve and I absolutely positively I abhor that the fact wouldn’t Americas in the Cline I don’t this country can be and is The Shining City on the hill as Reagan talked about and it is frankly my obligation look up I now have made money I’ve lived with no money and now I have money it’s better to have money and it’s better to have opportunity and it’s better to have a growing thriving economy and it’s also better. Peace in the world and we don’t need to be at war with everybody did your parents do my mom was a prison guard for 25 years my dad worked in Family Court probation most of my family was a law enforcement it was a big deal nobody I’ve never told the story I was appointed to the New York Police Academy when I’m 19 9220 last-minute I took the believe it or not I pass the psychological pass the physical got a 99 on the written was appointed to the academy in like two days before I said I don’t know and I have no idea why I made that decision because it was a big deal in my family to be a civil servant the two relatives I had that made it to the FBI there like day today that’s why it hurts for me to be looking at corruption in the app yeah I not to get too off track here look America is supposed to be we all want the same thing in a way everybody wants a nice house in a safe neighborhood decent car to drive they want to go out to dinner once a month or every two weeks they want to take their kids when their 5 or 6 to Disney and what they’re willing to work hard for that and when government through its burdensome regulations and it’s high taxes you don’t think of where the Democrats want to run on this this midterm election this midterm election is the single biggest most important midterm in this countries history cuz they want to impeach this man that you’re telling people like Maxine Waters don’t tell anybody we got it we got it we want to impeach him they don’t have a reason to impeach him there’s no high crimes of mr. but what else do they want to do they want open borders and want to keep Obamacare and you know the biggest tax cut in our history $2,000 around on average per family when Nancy Pelosi a millionaire closed they want the crumbs back they want to rescind those tax cuts $2,000 in the pockets of families makes a massive difference in their daily life explain this never trumper’s the present is Benny normally successful in farm policy a lot of them come out of the Bush administration’s for the Neo conservative movement in that genre when you look at it ran present it did exactly the right thing when you look it is real recognizing Jerusalem as the capital and moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that was the law that was bypassed by every president except this president when you look at Haley’s. Would North Korea people make quibble for the things you said to on and so forth but the fact is he’s done more with North Korean terms of first of all putting the military threat out there and then driving the the dictator to the table than any previous president call peace through strength Jesus I work for Reagan and I supported Trump in the general I guess you did and I see a lot of similarities I’m not talking about the way they speak but there’s a Charisma to both of these men and their is a principle of both these men and I’m concerned that there are some people who claim to be conservative who don’t recognize it either because they’ve had a personal tiff with him or the very thin-skinned about approaches and so forth and so on in a fight with a lot of these people fight because the American people the winning now look I’m going to make a prediction Donald Trump is a transfer mational president and I don’t believe is a nationalist and I don’t believe is a populist I have always remained in my entire career consistent IMA Reagan conservative which you were the chief of staff for Ed mace what are the greatest attorney-general’s we ever had and so you know Reagan’s policies as I do I can cite the economic statistic 20 million new jobs in a literally doubled revenues to the government rubbing his goal when he was attacked what time the media hated them hate them but they hate Trump more more and my view of that is and see if he create they thought Hillary was going to win they Bank on Hillary they wanted their third term of Obama and this when surprises everyone probably surprises himself the American people rose up and said enough is enough we going to try this man and this is not just an attack from my perspective on Trump this is an attack on the American people Dearborn Moore Scarborough talking about Trump voters racists another Trump voters are racist Hillary calling them deplorable attacking tens of millions of Americans mark look at this truck page text I go to Walmart and I can smell the Trump people there’s a contempt and the left is always had this for conservatives but there’s a Contempra people now okay I’m not dishwasher I’m not busboy I’m not contractor I identify with the people that make the country great
Host of ‘Hannity’ joins Mark Levin to discuss his background, President Trump’s agenda and the promise of the American Dream.

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