Scott Pruitt appealed to Trump to get Jeff Sessions’ job

Caitlin you are breaking the story what do you hearing from your sources with him and letting him leave the justice department that’s a good Scott Pruitt directly proposed that idea to president Trump during an oval office meeting earlier this spring in battle Scott Pruitt who is currently facing 14 Federal investigations directly appeal to president Trump’s this spring to fire attorney general Jeff sessions and let him leave the Department of Justice instead the puzzle coming at a time when the president’s frustration with sessions over his work uysal from the Russia investigation was at an all-time high sources telling CNN that Pruitt proposed making him the acting head of the doj for 210 Jay’s under the vacancies reform at his plan after that return to Oklahoma and run for office the president’s age quickly shooting down the idea as his ethics scandals were piling up Trump standing by Pruitt last month this Behavior a CNN report revealing Pruitt hey it’s kept secret calendars and schedules to hide contentious meetings and they testified before the house oversight committee that Pruitt asked her to find his wife a job with the salary paying over $200,000 at the Republican governors Association and the Washington Post report that Pruitt us assistance to put his hotel reservations on personal credit cards all this as a president is leading the search to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court Lighthouse keeping the nation into spent while teasing a prime-time announcement president said yesterday he’s got two or three more that Hill interview this week in the make a decision once again on the names CNN has confirmed Federal appeals court just as well as Utah Senator Mike Lee as the search for a Justice continues the present on a tweetstorm Tuesday hitting Harley-Davidson claiming the companies 2018 decision to move some production overseas hurt it sales in 2017 but failing to know it’s a decision to company made to avoid tariffs imposed by the European Union and response to tariffs imposed by the president on steel and aluminum Banh Jim to these new Revelations about these not the conversation between Scott Pruitt and the president but they did let us know that the president did interview three more potential nominees for the Supreme Court vacancy today bringing the total number of interviews the president Trump is ducted up to 7 now the president said he was only going to interview six or seven people for this vacancy which would lead us to believe we are entering the next phase of this search when they are going to narrow down their selection Jim the story thank you very much
Embattled Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt directly appealed to President Donald Trump to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and let him run the Department of Justice instead, according to three people familiar with the proposal. CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reports.

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