Scoop: Trump’s private threat to upend global trade

welcome back everybody joining us from Washington we look at axios am the co-founder of access and Mike Allen might could more do you talk to my taxes as one big thing today in this area coverage of from Annapolis that sad situation those journalist persevering and getting out there paper coverage of that right up top and axius but are one big thing is President Trump’s private threat the could up in global trade Trump told the collective leaders quote NATO is as bad as NAFTA trade deal he considered when you put your finger on it that they’re worried about the fact that we can have a rerun of what we heard in Canada and there’s another reason for that tow behind the scenes again and again president Trump has threatened to get out of the World Trade Organization WTO International is convinced we get screwed there he said it again and again during the I Meet the Press that the World Trade Organization was a disaster very trumpian that you look at the data the United States pieces compared to 2/3 for China so the reason this is so Illuminating that shows behind-the-scenes how advisers manage they don’t think he’ll do this and so they put it off they tried to explain it to him but when that happens in the end he may just announced it that’s what he did with the space Council so insiders are saying to us he said this enough times they think the white owl should take this seriously put a policy process in place not just pray that someday he’s not going to Tweet and we’re getting out of the WTO can we help us because of that that good record with disputes and it would throw International Trade into into chaos OB like taking the referee off the field of the World Cup sometimes people would like to do but it definitely causes trouble and that’s why this hasn’t gotten out even though this isn’t an offered handed remark the president made for told that he is actually said this in private settings Jonathan Swan who got this tip nobody called around to a couple other people they said the president say that your TV up here there’s a great quote if it’s story I daxius well-known a trade lawyer here in DC at the presidency he said we think he’s nuts not that nuts so people inside outside would happen but they’re not sure you can never be too sure with this Administration that’s for sure wind chimes and about the data that they’re seeing a DNC campaigns about how you helped Target voters like the the new new thing what the big thing the midterm campaigns and 2020 campaigns are going to focus on is reaching individual voters like targeting us just demographics particular people another fascinating midterm Story the top there today there’s on the front page of USA Today how women candidates or changing the dialogue in campaign ads were already seen that Crush women so we’ve talked about here on MSNBC they also are ads or breaking taboos so we’re seeing as talking about breastfeeding we’re talking about as talking about abuse and harassment and so women candidates are a besides just the demographic change in the New Perspective that they bring the debate but their ads are already changing the look and feel of the big campaign on the female vote to get to get voter turnout there and Democrats know that the pockets that are rising for them minority’s and women and to watch the TV ad you’ll see that that’s Democratic tdi’s are going National Security as the president making big claims after North Korea and of course a strong economy so a president with peace and prosperity at the moment Republicans down the ticket are going to hope that they can get a little bit of in a tough cycle where they know they’re behind thanks so much Mike sign up for the newsletter signup that from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Axios’ Mike Allen joins First Look for Friday’s 1BigThing.

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