Scoop: Trump may hold round 2 with Kim Jong-un in NYC

hi Jamie it’s not from Washington DC with a look at access an editor-in-chief for Access Nicholas Johnston Nick great to have you with us on this hot morning and he would morning what is Axis one big thing for us or one big thing this morning is a scoop that Trump Administration speaking of New York City as a place for round two of the North Korea Summit this would be happening in September possibly on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly is when a bunch of world leaders show up in New York for meetings at the UN the Trump Administration ization to keep moving forward and you know this man between some of the language and the actual actions to offering the second round already might be away is her by sometime begin to act member secretary of state from pale be in North Korea to find push that process along I can only imagine how much worse it would be is Mount / Worth weather North Korea’s actually taking steps to denuclearize how my daddy station there were a lot of really rough headlines over the weekend or point and what they might still be undergoing nuclear operations at secret sites might still be working on Missile development it might be working on secret plans to continue operation stepping back on the experts we talked about it since you are very bearish on this kind of progress that summer said about the Soviets trust but verify about the North Korean that you don’t trust and verify in the verification process sticking point here how about weather and make sure that they’re moving forward on what they promised to in that first summit so is there a widening Gap right now between the president optimism in what he is saying with his tweets with what he said after the historic Summit and what do us intelligence Community is saying cuz it seems they’re not now on the same page about this issue right I think that’s a good way of reading at Donald Trump over the weekend and interview said he would feel inspectors have been in the country to whether to figure out this is actually happening in the reporting of axios and others are showing might show North Korea that the u.s. is can serious about trying to get progress on that but it’s unclear North Korea would actually respond alright let’s talk about another exclusive reporting you considering or at least his administration to drink to blow up our blow up in the World Trade order what kind of steps would that bill take right as a follow-up to our scoop on Friday when we were reported that Donald Trump been telling people that he hates the world a draft bill that Trump himself ordered up that wood ladder us pullout of the World Trade Organization carrots unilaterally across the board decision if it does happen and play out play into the bigger policy of this Administration when you think of all of the other organizations and agreements that he’s picking the United States and that weather and climate change right exactly right there you see from the vary from day one of his administration Donald Trump went to war with the global or she says wasn’t helping American companies on wasn’t helping American workers that’s why he pulled out of TPP that’s why he’s offering Iran deal pulled out of the Paris climate deal and now talking about this blowing up the World Trade Organization president from day one everything’s a lot of these multilateral Global organizations don’t help America until he wants to change you go where you watching out for this week oh we’re on one week away from Supreme Court announcement Trump told us on Friday that he’s got a list of five Nicholas Johnson a great to have you with us of course I’m going to be reading axios am in just a little bit and to all of our viewers out there you too can sign up for the newsletter by going to sign up. watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list as he lots of other great videos
Axios’ Nicholas Johnston joins First Look for Monday’s 1BigThing.

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