Scientists develop patch to detect meat contaminated with E. coli

honey yusepe is a graduate student in engineering but lately she’s been handling a lot of ground beef at this lab at McMaster University not to make burgers but to test a new quick method for determining if the meat is contamine did with the potentially deadly e-coli bacteria if something that can prevent someone from getting sick or losing a family put it inside has developed a detector patch that changes color under ultraviolet light when it comes into contact with contaminated meat attached and they stay there the simple looking patch what she calls Sentinel rap has a lot of potential this is a tiny thin flexible plastic patch this could be the raft that you wrap around your meat sample for example I just made by this sophisticated jet printer that weighs on a few molecules of DNA that react specifically to E.coli by luminescing an ultraviolet light the DNA itself does not contaminate the food DNA molecules could react to other pathogens we are working hard to expand the repertoire off all the sections that we can make to include that are bacteria like salmonella now determining if food is contaminated with e-coli involves sending samples to a lab that can analyze them to take the package open it and take it to a lap hydroculture that sampler try to do laboratory-based experiments to find out what’s going on to avoid that so that you can get real-time information and an app to see if a patch has changed color and determine if the food is safe to eat Ron Charles CBC News Hamilton
Scientists at McMaster University are developing a transparent patch to detect meat contaminated with E. coli. CBC’s Ron Charles reports.

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