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we’ve been following the story of coffee the puppy who’s been stuck in a hole for more than 24 hours Rescuers have tried multiple methods to get her out including a collapsible net even sending in a person down the hole to try to retrieve that puppy Rescuers have been at this for a long time now but they say they’re determined to pull toffee from the pit WHNT News 19 Joel Porter has been on the scene today and Jill what can you tell us about the situation Gorsuch Kristin you look at this and even some of the people who have been watching our live feed all day maybe wondering a dog and a whole how hard could it be when you got 30 eager volunteers will the answer is very difficult because try as they might they long a little puppy is simply giving them the slip and they say they’re not quitting tonight when I came out at 5:30 this morning I saw her down there a seven week old puppy caught between a rock and a hard place in this South Huntsville back it just kills me that she’s down there and she’s fine and I can’t get to her Karen Smith Foster Dog Coffee fell down the crevice on Thursday night volunteers and neighbors heard about the problem and showed up by the dozens on Friday controls are shown up and we’re just having difficulty getting these tools position just right invading the dog into a harness that’ll bring him up it has been a long and very hot day for volunteers at this year out of the hole from PVC copper pipe even fishing nets with dog treats zip tied onto the netting different types of nuts will expand and shrink in the dogs won’t be able to talk into a collapsed nut the same time that won’t fit in the whole to go down so we have that something very creative that will fit through the rock crevice all the way to the bottom fortunately there are several creative minds in this Bunch who say they won’t quit until they can engineer their way out of this it all just like you’ve been getting he’s got all this the knowledge and all the tools that we’ve got available in this community to help you could you could call it a profession of Who’s Who among this crowd behind me here which includes a First Responders fire Engineers people of all walks of life even some of those who are just handyman and have a few creative ideas so they right now they’re using utility poles they have a camera down there Nets as well as food and water so we are happy to report that has been a little active on that camera eating some of the food and drinking water so the conditions are okay just a matter of getting her out safely and we will continue to follow this story from the home at Medlock Drive and South Huntsville Joel Porter WHNT News 19
The¬†Australian shepherd mix was lifted out of a 60-ft crevice in Huntsville, Alabama, just before 12.30am on Saturday morning. The puppy – Toffee – somehow fell into the inches-wide space and authorities have been working to free the dog since about 5pm Thursday. The hole varies but it hadn’t been large enough for a human, so a pole was fashioned to get the dog out.

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