Saudi Arabia’s Ban On Women Driving Officially Ends – BBC News

just off the midnight in Riyadh and a piece of history is about to be made a perfectly normal acting every other country in the world but until now not in Saudi Arabia analitik takes the wheel of the 30 car and drives into the street a lot of us don’t me to drive but for me I used to drive I used to do my own stuff so I’m not used to someone to drive me around wow I’m so excited I’m so happy honestly I can’t express my feelings I have for 2 days just thinking about this moment they were actually on the road driving people are waving their so happy I’m so honored an amazing feeling enjoying the freedom change has been a long time coming some activists have been demanding the right to drive for decades back in 2013 this woman took the wheel in defiance of below somewhat punished for doing the same thing he’s on the way in Saudi Arabia Cinemas have been allowed to open along with the First music concerts and the first Fashion Week it’s all part of the modernization drive led by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman butt these are easing Saudi women are still not free to travel Mary divorce or even leave prison without the permission of a male relative and those who demand too much change of still being punished only lost months prominent women’s activists were arrested for demanding greater rights Donna Lawson BBC News

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