Satellite images show North Korea upgrading nuclear facility

tonight. Despite the hopes created by President Trump’s meeting with Kim jeong-hoon there an awesome troubling signs emerging that North Korea is making improvements to its nuclear facilities in as Brian Todd has been checking with his sources tell him more about the you should tell us more about these recent changes brain facility in particular which has produced plutonium a critical component in nuclear weapons has undergone an upgrade this despite all of Kim’s Promises at the summit and then present declaration that there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea tonight new evidence that Kim jeong-hoon could still be tweaking making improvements to his nuclear facilities despite his promise to president Trump to draw down his nuclear Arsenal satellite images from the monitoring group 38 North suggests Kim’s regime is making upgrades to its nuclear research facility at Young John upgrades which the group says are being done quote at a rapid pace what’s your network took place before President Trump Summit with Kim on June 12th but it says some of the work probably occurred after the Singapore meeting after Kim’s promised to work to denuclearize now if you’re about to demolish your house would you be upgrading the I think that definitely calls into question to the cooling system for a reactor that has produced plutonium it is an important reactor and you can draw the conclusion of course that if they intended to operated in the future and it operated more efficiently any could more efficiently produced plutonium show Kim’s Worsham has built to new small buildings and young Beyond which it believes could be intended for VIPs they could be outside and Spa there’s intending to verify any new in new agreements or they could be VIPs whether it’s visiting Foreign Press or North Korean leaders officials are commenting on these new images tonight 38 North Joel Witt says some of these upgrades could be so routine that they may not mean that Kim’s going back on his pledge to denuclearize other analysts believe they know which way the dictator will go when he’s pressure Supercuts to his Arsenal he has been very pretty wants to keep his nuclear weapons used to clear that it’s in the North Green Constitution nothing in the Singapore Summit changes that which leads tonight to a lingering question why did Kim come to the table in Singapore I think that they’re hoping to so normalize and so I sort of sanitize cannons on those image can we saw the selfies with the Singapore prime minister walks along Marina Bay Sands in Singapore shapes with the president think she wants to sanitize his image so that she can then be included among other nuclear powers like for example China or Russia Pompeo and the rest of the Trump team tonight to exert their own pressure on Kim Jong going to be more specific about the weapons if he’s going to draw down and get some of that in writing the experts say Kim may very well bucket that he may stall he may deceive but they it’s important for Kim not to be seen as being the one who is dictating the terms of this agreement right now well they’ve got a present

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