Sarah Palin says comedian posed as veteran to get interview

time now for our seen and unseen segment will be exposed what’s really behind the big cultural stories of the day the better the latest example Borat creator Sacha Baron Cohen is tricking politico’s and doing interviews Sarah Palin upset about maybe she’s grounds to be upset she worked out of communication for request to sit down with a veteran a disabled veteran to take part in a Showtime historical documentary it turns out that disabled was Sacha Baron Cohen did that Ali G Series years ago where he dressed up as a rapper and he basically Punk’d well-known political figures Tiffany is it possible to sign my water board that’s a first that’s first time I’ve ever signed a Waterboy he is assuming multiple identities in this new Showtime special you’ll remember Martin Short as Jiminy Jiminy Glick Barry Humphries is David they were outrageous characters who interviewed people but the celebrities were in on the routine you got to have real talent as a comedian too kind of Filth when people know who you are and there’s a mean bizarre Edge to this stuff it is largely politically-motivated it’s really nasty a few years ago try to interview he didn’t fall for it watch by the way is Sacha Baron Cohen comedians Michelle wolf of sunlight remember from that nasty act at the White House Correspondents Dinner she resurfaced this week or new Netflix show where she offered a solute to abortion having a baby from happening it’s like Back to the Future and abortion is the DeLorean isn’t real like healthy ice cream they just need to play that voice and get Ma they will get everything they want from those days need to water board and with that jug play Michelle wolves Magpie voicemail it’s about that kind of humor were two victims to victims come out of an abortion the mother and the child was life is snuffed out to celebrate that and say let’s have a party believe this and it shows I think something deep broken in the shoulder we have the next door the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is being hazed this week my old friend Brett so much but for his name Stephen Colbert I don’t know much about cavanal but I’m skeptical because the name is Brett. Sounds like a Supreme Court Justice and more like a waiter Ruby Tuesday’s hey everybody I’m Bret I’ll be your Supreme Court Justice before you sit down let me just clear away these rights for you Steven had to pretend he went to Dartmouth College as part of his memo but I hear he doesn’t try to play Somebody’s not your name discrimination some frat boy named Brett but I’ll he’s a frat boy or a waiter at Ruby Tuesday and I was thinking wait a minute and of course matching star Brett Somers they are now complaining that he ran up credit card debt baseball tickets to Nats game there’s only one thing I’m happy about I’m glad Trump didn’t tap Raymond kethledge because they’d be attacking Raymond’s and then we can big bro but it’s got to be good you know what Raymond means what wise protector it’s all making sense now they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel if it’s Nats tickets and his first name confirmation
Sarah Palin claims Sacha Baron Cohen tricked her into doing an interview by posing as a disabled veteran; Raymond Arroyo breaks down this story for ‘Seen and Unseen’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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