Sarah Palin lashes out at comedian Sacha Baron Cohen after prank

Sarah Palin is accusing quote evil Sacha Baron Cohen of duping her into a phone interview by posing as a disabled veteran is promoting his new Showtime series called who is America with his classic go to interview technique hitting famous people to say and do silly think we’ll talk it over with senior media correspondent a host of reliable sources Brian stelter so Brian Sarah Palin Furious his production crew because Sacha Baron Cohen the famous comedian was portraying a disabled veteran even with a wheelchair and asking for an interview with Palin about veterans issues and military issues she said she agreed to the interview under that impression under that idea and then it turned out to be this comedian we know very little about the show the Sacha Baron Cohen’s been working on it’s a secret but it was announced a few days ago by the showtime Network premium cable channel 7 part Series so apparently Halen is one of the episodes but the show is such a secret Showtime won’t even confirm that she’s a part of it so we don’t actually know this is going to air or not but I’m I bet is it will Air the pale it’ll be one of the episodes and it somehow he’ll have excuse or defense for why he was willing to disguise himself as a vet to get the interview when she realized this was a trick apparently it’s some point in the interview make a point to try to explain that that that this is how she was set up and I say that Sacha Baron Cohen in the producers and the network should donate money to charity shouldn’t turn this into a positive and make donations to a charity they won’t say a word like I said they won’t even admit the palins are part of the series but I suspect that when the show starts the air this Sunday it will start to hear from the comedian about why he did it because after all healing. The only person that he is apparently duped Dick Cheney is the person that appears in the promo for the first episode we can show you a part of the video of the promo you only see a few seconds of Cheney but you do see is the former vice president at one point signing a water board kit so you hear the joke there from Sacha Baron Cohen it sure seems like they training went along with that we don’t know how he was duped or if he was Dupuy don’t know what the what the background that one was but according to Matt drudge there the famous the Blogger it’s not just Palin it’s not just changing it’s also David Petraeus Howard Dean Sanders Alberto Gonzalez in one way or another but they’ve been sitting down stick is to be outrageous to do things that spark controversy and anyways but him dressing up as a disabled veteran mean in a lot of ways people could look at that and say he’s making fun of a disabled Bend and because right now the network going off of this idea that all press is good press and just staying totally secretive they’re not defending it they’re not explaining it but the head of Showtime did say in a statement the other day without confirming Palin was involved he said behind the allowed set up as a genuine quest for the truth about people places and politics so maybe Sacha Baron Cohen has a big point to make maybe he’s going to make that point through the 7th episode series but for now we don’t know in fact there’s a secret screening of the series tonight in New York and Notre Dame you have to sign a nondisclosure agreement huh so you can’t even admit that you’re at the screen it ahead of time that’s how secretive showtimes making this so we’ll see on Sunday
Former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin lashed out at the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, claiming he tricked her into an interview for his upcoming TV show.

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