Ryan: No ethics investigation into Jordan abuse allegations

I talked to Jim over the weekend first his nephew was wrestler at UW-Madison died tragically in a car accident I called to check in on Jim this weekend and also talk about the Ohio State matter Jim Jordan is a friend of mine we haven’t always agreed with each other over the years what I’ve always known Jim Jordan to me a man of honesty and integrity I also want to make sure that that Ohio State conducts the review of this doctor and what he did that’s important so that campuses are safe and I’m glad Jim is is supporting that review with respect to ethics here investigates things that members do weather here not things that happened a couple of decades ago when they work in Congress I think you should do an investigation on these abuses of their athletes we saw this in Michigan State we want to make sure the campuses are safe
House Speaker Paul D. Ryan on July 11 called Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) a “friend” and said there would not be an ethics investigation into abuse allegations against Jordan. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2qiJ4dy

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