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former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s new book reportedly full of mistakes and errors ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl Road in a recent review for The Wall Street Journal that Spicer’s Memoir his quote much like his tenure as press secretary short littered with inaccuracies and offering up one consistent theme mr. Trump can do no wrong while here’s one example the author of the infamous Trump has Michael Steele who is in truth the former chairman of the Republican National Committee and not the British X by Christopher Steele agent for time his politics editor for The Daily Beast and stunts better than your entire networks even when I show the proper respect for the showing of splendor nobody wants to do that baby but now to be targeted by Russian hackers ahead of the midterm elections to The Daily Beast sizing MacAskill and asking the crowd to vote her out of office we first learn of Russia’s midterm hacking attempts last week during a security for him earlier this year we did discover that a fake Microsoft domain had been established as the landing page for phishing attacks and we saw a metadata that suggested those phishing attacks we’re being directed at three candidates I’m who are all standing for election in the midterm elections I can tell you that they were all people who because their positions might have been interesting targets from an Espionage standpoint as well as an election disruption standpoint center of a class in the Catskills been highly critical of Russia and is a top Senate democrats facing reelection this year statement saying the Cyber attack was unsuccessful in quote it is outrageous that they think they can get away with this I will not be intimidated it’s an amazing everybody’s read at The Daily Beast that’s a really good question I think it’s also an unanswered question there is the coincidental timing of trump going to Missouri saying we got to go to route and then we’d in the month this happens she was highly critical of Russia WikiLeaks circumstantial we haven’t figured out why was targeted at her although she is one more vulnerable Senators up in 2018 me about this password is expired and then they ask you to log in and change literally and anyone can be duped by that I talk to her the simplistic elements of this they will catch up with people if they are preparing for anyone who’s running for 2020 your campaign may not be targeted during the campaign but do age were working on campaigns now and then go to your campaign we bring that hacker with them when they come to your camp in so it’s unsophisticated but it’s definitely malicious sure this isn’t the first time that this has happened other members of Congress at you know, on a lower-profile scale have been targeted by using similar methods a lot of members to You know despite the president’s repeated insistence that none of this happening learn about it now it to Sam’s Point you know these Congressional campaigns they’re not there aren’t presidential campaign start someplace on there often young that you can make a mistake like this sometimes the people who are most vulnerable are actually people who are older John podesta for example fell victim to this other staffers Champions a lot of his campaign Department a McAfee antivirus software installed in their computers the level of vigilance with level technical specification that at present the multimillion-dollar nearly billion-dollar operation that Hillary Clinton campaign or Donald Trump campaign is involved in even those campaigns with all of their vigilance in all of their focus someone like John podesta’s someone on the campaign’s who made simple mistakes that ended up causing if he’s worried about when you were the chair of the RNC then as now we did find it interesting enough when I came in as chairman that it significant number of State party operations I didn’t have web sites or had poorly managed website so every little 2 point I was vulnerable and has been vulnerable for quite some time you know that there was a point in that too thin of that. Where are everybody was focused on the Democratic party being hacked folks now realize the Republican party was as well so despite this idea that this was a push to start of help from Port help Hillary Clinton the bottom line is that we had for an agent who figured out the play inside of our electoral sister it’s a big deal for 2018 do not underestimate the opportunity here was so much on the line in terms of power control of the house how that plays out and legislation that could impact Russian interest between now and 2020 so there’s a lot stay at stake here in Claire mccaskill’s campaign I think is the tip of a very very deep iceberg successful hacks a presidential campaigns the difference between what happened in 2016 and what’s going to happen now and pass ever does the Passover degenerate by the Chinese we’re looking for information but not weaponizing that information 2016 and 2018 in order to cause political damage as opposed to just gain intelligence to stay away from don’t put it in your ass don’t spend money pushing a claim it was hack the Republicans voted down a bill that would have additional money to protect our voting apparatus and we talk about hacking into information people’s emails they actually said no no we’re not going to spend money to make sure that the process in 2018 and 20 going forward is protected because you know if we ever get to the point where people are doubting elections it it’s over as far as you know case you question I go back to even bring this back to Trump I believe it the time in the idiot defense I even believe the time when Trump was the information from Russians but this is great you know so I think that there’s obviously a heightened understanding of anybody if there were any gray areas whatsoever about getting money from I mean getting information from hostel fi born actors that I do think right now that every campaign would haven’t over sensitivity to it so there’s there’s actually conversations happening right now between the top people at the Democratic house do when hacked material makes its way into the public domain and pass right now the Democratic campaign are missing damaging the Republican position has been how can we ignore a computer that makes its way out into the Press let’s see the New York Times writes a big expose on emails that were hacked by the Russians which they will do because these are choices depressed often makes for good reason are we at that point not allowed to reference the New York Times we not not allowed to reference The Washington Post material and so that’s where the impasse and I don’t see how you bridge that divide I know they’re trying to figure out a way but if I’m in the public domain and Republicans say we should have to use it Democrats are saying no you can’t use them we’re on the debate stage a candidate specifically reference not the presidential Senator mccaskill attempted hacking not a successful one what’s the level of concern you pick up among other members secretary kirstjen Nielsen kind of down play this threat and at the same time if there is one issue where Republicans and Democrats are aligning it is on the issue of election security they’ve already without making a lot of hey disperse Mormon to the states for election security there is now pending consideration for another disbursement of money to the state to the question of why Claire mccaskill though is you guys were discussing earlier his explanation which is that Donald Trump has had no pretense unlike with some of the other Red State Democrat of having any kind of a good relationship with Claire mccaskill they’ve made he went to Missouri and he criticised her in her own State unlike what he’s done with some of these other Red State Democrat she came out early in opposition to Brett Kavanaugh unlike the other Red State Democrat so they’ve had this friction from the beginning she’s an obvious Target and that is where you see the interests of these Russian bots in the Russian campaign align directly with the president it will be interesting to find out who those other two Democratic members are and also to understand what the scope is going into 2018 be Facebook in Coburg was just questioned in a conference call recently and he flat-out refused to say what they know about what’s already going on in 2018 on his platform today will bring an axial to Jonathan Swan with his new reporting on the Michael Cohen story and if we go to break the White House noted a minor change to the president’s travel plans yesterday morning siding bad weather and fog but there was a problem with that our own Hallie Jackson posted photograph writing the view from my office window as the White House makes a bad weather call meeting the president will take a car to Andrews rather than depart via his helicopter from the south one where reporters can gather to shout questions at him perhaps even the weather has become fake news will be right back on Morning Joe thanks for checking NBC thanks so much for watching
The Russian intelligence agency behind the 2016 election cyberattacks targeted Sen. Claire McCaskill as she began her 2018 re-election campaign in earnest, the Daily Beast uncovered in a new exclusive. Sam Stein discusses.
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Russian Hackers Target Sen. Claire McCaskill Ahead Of Midterms | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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