Rosenstein, Wray testify before House Judiciary Committee on

members of the media would Retreat we’re going to start the sharing good morning did you just wake up it will come to order without objection the chairs authorizing clear recesses of the comedian anytime before we begin hearing this morning we need to vote to waive the committee 7-Day hearing notice requirements pursuant to claws a of rule three of the committee rules the question is whether there is good cause to begin today’s hearing less than 7 days after it was noted those in favor will say I those opposed know if you need a chair the eyes have it and we may proceed with him and ask for his been requested and the clerk will call the roll hi mr. sensenbrenner mr. Smith mr. Smithfield ThighMaster Chabot search have it but I miss her I said I’m sorry I said was I’m searching searching goats I mr. Gilbert bowtie mr. Jordan Air Jordan boots yes mr. po Sur Publix yes mr. marino marino votes yes mr. Gowdy votes yes mr. Labrador mr. Collins mr. DeSantis mr. Buck mr. Ratcliff Mr Johnson of Louisiana the Bob Grand Miss Jackson Lee Jackson leave us know mr. Cohen votes yes Georgia is it going to snow Richmond Mr Jefferies Delaney remember voting who wishes to vote no no we’re going to wait another minute or two for the ranking member so are you recorded tell me who’s recorded Miss Sharon chairman Matt gentleman from California stator parliamentary inquiry of the basis of the emergency in the cause that has generated this resolution to ignore the regular order of a 7-Day notice the notice any emergencies could cause the gentleman from Maryland tarascan that’s no continua generosity could you stay for the record with a good cause is the fact that we work very hard with these two gentlemen much appreciate adjusting their schedules to be here I know that they both have the gentleman from New York search Herman Seventeen members voted I 13 members voted now the vote is approved and the they leave notice requirement is waived now I’m going to recognize myself for an opening statement and I’ll be opening statement by saying to Deputy attorney-general Rosenstein and director Wray that I am very appreciative of the fact that they have changed their scheduled to be here so that we could have this hearing today and in a reasonable amount of time after the inspector General’s report and testimony before the committee and I would also like to acknowledge the presence of allowed the United States Attorney for the northern district of Illinois Who was appointed by the Attorney General the deputy attorney-general to facilitate the production of documents which were not being produced in a timely fashion we still have complaints about the situation in my opinion has improved considerably but we will have new issues that we will address here today as well so I’ll continue my opening statement the church committee was established on a bipartisan bases and shared by Democratic senator Frank Church in 1975 review CIA FBI and NSA surveillance of uses including the improper surveillance of an American icon Martin Luther King jr. and other prominent visuals also conducted a review of the Insidious monitoring of political activities of citizens exercising their first amendment rights the church committee’s findings resulted in passage three years later of the foreign intelligence surveillance Act Pfizer attempts to balance the need for secrecy and conducting surveillance against foreign agents with the protection of Americans time-honored civil liberties this history shows we have already found ourselves once before in a situation where the another intelligence agencies violated their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States in monitoring citizens political activity the agencies exercise their responsibilities in a manner Unworthy of Us official the abuses of that bygone era and really of any era often happen because of power how are the influence political current power to collect sensitive information and power to yield to wield surveillance Tools in hemp four ways to achieve improper purposes that power can and has been abused in the past by individuals at the highest and lowest levels of our government fortunately the power of our intelligence agencies is overwhelming used to protect us from those wishing to do our country harm that is the conundrum we need our intelligence agencies they have the necessary tools and techniques to safeguard our nation and we have to be constantly vigilant when sure these tools are not manipulated by unscrupulous actors the reason inspector General’s report revealed bias in the top echelons of the FBI during a hotly contested presidential election FBI agents lawyers and analysts L profound biases against then candidate Donald Trump and in favor of his opponent Hillary Clinton while those on the other side of the aisle continue to explain that these biases are only person political pre-election that had no effect on the operation of one of the biggest investigations in our nation’s history I wonder whether the same members would say the same if text messages had turned up to the tune of Hillary is a disaster or we’ll stop her or cursing her with all manner of expletive or smugly stating that particular parts of the country smell of Hillary supporters these types of comments originating from people who are the fact finders in the investigation these profoundly inappropriate comment we’re coming from the individuals for making decisions on whether provide immunity to people who had already lied to Vesta Gators and weather subjects of an investigation could sit in on interviews with other subjects of the same investigation these were individuals who are plainly in positions of great power with the opportunity to place greater lesser or even know emphasis on certain fax or interpretations of law these actions led to complete legal exoneration of everyone involved in sending top-secret emailed over personal servers and unsecured emails setting up a server for the explicit purpose of doing this these actions even lead to exposing at least one classified email to a foreign party that wrist serious damage to our national security amazingly considering there overwhelming biases these people were also the very same people who were assigned to investigate the man that they hated then candidate Donald Trump my reference to the church committee is apropos because it not only review of you by individuals including the FBI director himself but focused in on surveillance abuses here we now face the same allegations yet in manner that goes to the heart of our democracy it is right out of a novel with soul dishes and verify. CA reports of informants that appear more like spy for the US government and application of the aforementioned surveillance power to collect on a US person once associated with President Trump political campaign but it’s not a novel it’s real life and we are here today to understand a little bit more about why now why we now mouth review how are intelligent and law enforcement agencies engage in activities that appears not only wrong potentially illegal all of which brings me to this body’s constitutional oversight mandate and responsibilities our responsibility to the American people is to conduct robust oversight agent of agencies within this committee’s jurisdiction twin sure that taxpayer-funded agencies operate lawfully oversight though is only as good as the information we are provided this committees oversight as been hampered by both the FBI and The O’Jays lack of consistent and biggest production of the documents we need to hold the agencies accountable while this production has significantly improved recently it has felt like pulling teeth much of the time to obtain and review relevant documents moreover we just recently learned that’s some documents the inspector-general received to conduct his investigation of the 2016 election have been interpreted by the Department of Justice the fall outside the first subpoena I ever issued as chairman of the committee shockingly email send Communications of doj officials have not been produced at all therefore we have not received any emails between prosecutors working the Clinton case said differently we are not receiving and have not received potentially enlightening vacations between prosecutors themselves between prosecutors and doj management including former Attorney General Lynch or even Communications between doj officials and those with the Obama White House this is unacceptable or chicken when we had long before issuing The subpoena requested all documents provided to the inspector-general other than certain one for chaining to Grand Jury material the Department of Justice in the FBI are not mentioned in the United States the president and Congress are our constitutional oversight necessitates that institutions like the FBI and doj yield to Congress constitutional mandate this is non-negotiable because we must assure the tracking people that the agencies under our jurisdiction operate fairly treating all equally under the law the steering emphasizes the importance of transparency and helping to regain both the perception and reality of in partiality of our lawn Ourisman system damage to the FBI and doj reputation is not something any of us desire but now that both agencies have been on the front pages for so long we must all work to ensure those stories are able Focus once again on the great men and women performing admirable and often heroic job to protect our country the expected here today how the FBI and the doj will hold people accountable and prevent this from happening again and I look forward to hearing from both Deputy attorney-general Rosenstein and director Ray I now recognize the ranking member of the committee the gentleman from New York mr. Nadler for his opening statement thank you mr. chairman events that have led up to this hearing or totally acceptable a Monday of this week you notified us of this hearing without the 7 day notice required by the rules on Tuesday you started that committee Market more than an hour late again again without notice to the majority then you allowed me Jordan too often amendment to resolution of inquiry that was patently non-germane and then you stood out of you of the cameras in the hallway just off the hearing room while the majority voted to overturn the ruling of their own share that the amendment was not germane Wednesday you dropped off committee business interview Peter struck with already volunteered to come in for an interview before you threatened him with the subpoena today we meet so that the majority can criticize the deputy attorney-general to his face largely about his failure to produce documents that you know he cannot produce we will take a break so that we can go to the floor and vote on a so-called resolution of insistence based on the Jordan Amendment from earlier this week I measure that is without precedent without the force of law and clearly a pretext remove against mr. Rosen Stein the majority is already planned and what is the great emergency that justifies this last minute hearing why is the majority abandoned the rules and traditions that govern stability in the house the tired story Hillary Clinton’s emails of course plus a few conspiracy theories about the special counsel when President Trump Administration families at the border ripping children out of the arms of their parents and thousands of families that did not Merit an emergency hearing by this committee and now the thousands of children are still separated from their parents with no clear plan from this Administration for reuniting his family’s where is he emergency hearing on that issue we know that Russia after successfully interfering with our 2016 elections exactly working to the shop the upcoming elections as well you’re told this by all of our intelligence agencies the former National Security advisor testified that our intelligence agencies despite this I received no instructions from the White House to protect the Integrity of our election system that we scheduled an emergency hearing and that man that matter if we can talk to any oversight it all on Election Security on the family separation Christ of the administration’s failure to protect dreamers on the Justice Department’s radical decision not to defend the Affordable Care Act in what are the Supreme Court recent decisions to undermine voting rights and where is right on the president’s ongoing conflicts of interest and clear violations of the emoluments Clause of the Constitution or the married other pressing issues within our committees Jersey no it was so many issues this committee stay silent but I’m Hillary Clinton’s emails sound the alarms despite inspector General’s report that and more than 500 exhausted Pages demonstrates conclusively the outcome of the Clinton investigation was not affected by any improper biased political or otherwise we are wasting precious committee time to chase Hillary Clinton yet again you’re probably going to seem desperate to prove that there was some sort of pro Clinton anti Trump conspiracy with in the FBI in fact the overwhelming evidence shows exactly the opposite virtually every action criticizing the inspector General’s report director comey’s July announcement is public comments on Clinton investigation and refusal to confirm the existence of the Trump investigations and his October decision to announced publicly the reopening of the Clinton email investigation ultimately harms the candidacy of secretary Clinton and then you are to the Donald Trump and no one will deny that fact but I guess we shouldn’t let that stand in the way of a good manufacturing emergency according to the Republican memo for today’s hearing today is it also an opportunity for members to consider quote the Justice Department’s complying with the committee’s March 22nd subpoena subpoena that was not issued in compliance without cereals and therefore it cannot be enforced even if it were improperly issued subpoena the fight over document production seems to boil down to certain let the Republicans know the Department of Justice cannot turn over budgeted evidence relating to an ongoing criminal investigation discovery documents outlining specific lines of inquiry and I’m going through investigation in the identities of confidential human sources still working undercover in the field and that of course is a whole point as part of their coordinator and determined effort to undermine the special counsel investigation Republicans ever missing documents they know they cannot have if they sun-up find themselves in possession of sensitive documents it go to the core of the special counsel investigation and it’s past practice holes those documents will end up in the possession of the invest of the subjective navigation name a president Trump and shortly thereafter on Fox News and it’s the majority is rightly tonight it will do their best to undermine The credibility of the Department of Justice The credibility of the Deputy attorney general to buy extension The credibility of the special counsel it would like to try to hold mr. Rosen Stein in contempt some of you can threaten him with impeachment they may argue that he must be removed from his oversight rollover the special counsel investigation and I might remind my Collies that is already yielded five guilty pleas and that is legit indictment 20 people so far the present and some of his closest advisors are under investigation for having participated in a criminal conspiracy find power against the United States that is an emergency the president practically confessed to like the president practically confessed to Lester Holt on television the obstructed investigation into that it conspiracy he fired former FBI director Comey because of quote is Russia stuff with Trump and Russian those quotes that is an emergency but is that the subject to today’s emergency hearing know or any emergency hearing no it is not I know that this is been a hard week for the majority I know that it must be tempting to change the subject and rally the base with cries of lock her up but we do not have the luxury of hiding or voting presents at this critical juncture for our democracy we can responsibilities we cannot hide from her application to conduct oversight of a corrupt Administration we cannot hide from our constitutional duty to protect our elections from farming interference or to stand up for the rules and try domestic institutions and for the rule of law and we cannot hi to my responsibility not to interfere with a proper investigation I ask my colleagues to consider this question as we proceed when the special council’s work is complete when the enormity of what he fight has been laying there I will the American people judge your actions today are you go back to balance of my time and he will stand and recess and return immediately after this vote series to hear the opening state list of the Deputy attorney general and the director half hours call School how long to break laptop poop the White House this morning probably just princess living the dream how about you the committee will reconvene we ask the media to at least settle down we welcome our distinguish Witnesses and as his the practice of this committee if you would please rise I’ll begin my screen you in make you keep standing up director I know your do you and each of you swear that the testimony that you’re about to give Shelby the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God thank you let the record show that the witnesses answered in the affirmative is Rod Rosenstein is the Deputy attorney general the United States throughout his distinguished career in public service he has served in several divisions of the department Justice and notably as the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland from 2000 until 2017 before being nominated by President Trump to be deputy attorney-general director Wray is the 8th director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation it’s Ray began his Department of Justice 1997 as an assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia you then served as the in the office of the Deputy attorney general and was nominated by President George W bush to serve as Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division you worked in practice before President Trump nominated him to lead the bureau in August of 2017 your entire written statement will be entered into the record and we ask that you summarize your testimony in 5 minutes and help you stay within that time there’s a Time at the table when you have one minute left it will turn to yellow and then a minute later to read so we hope you will keep your time within that limit and then we’ll open it up for questions so we’ll start attorney general Rosenstein welcome but today is not a happy occasion I based on my 30 years federal law enforcement working with the understanding men and women of law enforcement federal state and local and they have your districts there’s nobody who would be more committed to rooting out of Houston is conduct 1170 curd Inspector General investigation and found that some Federal Bureau Investigation employees deviated from important principles in 2016 and 2017 about some of those departures when they occurred such as discussing criminal investigations encroaching on prosecutorial decisions we learned about others through the internal investigation such as leaking into the news media exhibiting political bias we need to correct errors hold wrongdoers accountable and deter future violations will describe what the FBI is doing to accomplish those goals at the Department of Justice are men free annual training will include lessons from the inspector General’s report and we are considering other recommendations to emphasize that information Panda connection with our work is protected from disclosure we intend to enforce that principal on our employees and we need to demonstrate respect for ourselves by protecting sensitive information and trusted to the FBI congressional oversight is vital for democracy Now June 27th letter which I will submit for your consideration explains how the executive branch handles Congressional oversight request a law enforcement intelligence information FBI’s managing an extraordinary volume of congressional oversight requests summer which see details about criminal investigations and intelligence sources as result of president Trump’s commitment to transparency yep you guys making unprecedented disclosures to the Congress including renting I access the hundreds of thousands of pages of investigative information and thousands of pages classified documents as with most things in washing the real work is not that on television and it’s not all done by me from the ministration officials are meeting and talking with your staff everyday and working overtime with teams of fpi employees to accommodate request and produce relevant information to this committee other house committees and several Senate committees this committee requesting the production of all documents relevant to the inspector General’s review as you well know the FBI normally declines such requests because of the circumstances of this case some concerns that we developed during the investigation department agreed to produce all relevant FBI documents I understand that the unit potentially relevant documents was in the range of 1.2 million other only a fraction actually relevant we began the production even before the Inspector General Finishes report after we confirmed that the investigation was substantially complete and production at that time would not interfere with it I do know the FBI struggle for some time with the scope and volume of the production some of your colleagues brought to my attention apis reduction policies created the appearance of information was being concealed I looked into the issue and I understood their concern as result I called on us Attorney John Liles from Chicago to take charge of the project here with me today and I know he’s talked with some of you in recent days he’s been working on this project for some time let’s laugh brings experience and handling large document Productions in the private sector you worked with committee members and staff and arrange the production process seems to be working very well understand that some people still stay concerned about the speed of the production but those concerns are mistaken most requested been fulfilled another document Productions are in progress for this committee I’ve devoted almost 30 years to the service of my country in my line of work we keep an open mind we complete our investigation for four-wheelers wrongdoing by anybody are allegations made under oath that supported by credible evidence we treat everyone with respect and deal with one another in good faith you and I are the beneficiaries and the temporary Trustees of a remarkable experiment in like each member of Congress Deputy attorney general FBI director another Department officials represent the people of the United States President Trump appointments confirmed and we swore an oath we accepted responsibility for helping run Department of Justice that requires us to make controversial decision advice that I give Department of Justice employees thankfully pursue the Department of Law Enforcement Mission and the administration’s goals in a manner consistent with laws regulations policies and principles ignore the tyranny of a new cycle stick to the rule of law and make honest decisions that will always withstand fair and objective review our departments 115,000 employees work diligently everyday to keep America safe most of their good work is never the subject of any Congressional hearing it is a tremendous privilege to work in that organization that seeks the truth serves the law but the Department of Justice is not perfect we will keep working to make it better and we welcome you are constructive assistance thank you thank you Deputy attorney directory welcome and thank you both for getting here I know you’ve come a long way to get here and under difficult circumstances with him with an injury thank you good morning mr. German members of the committee appreciate this opportunity to discuss the FBI’s response to the inspector General’s report on doj and FBI activities in the run-up to the 2016 election we take that report very seriously and we accept its findings and it’s recommendations we are already doing a whole number thanks to address those recommendations and we are determined to emerge from this experience better and wiser the FBI is entrusted with a lot of authority and our actions are appropriately therefore subject to close oversight that oversight can make the FBI stronger and the public safer part of that oversight includes Folsom responses to legitimate oversight request for documents and information for months we’ve been working with your committee’s to make Witnesses available answer questions and producer make available to you and your staff over now 880000 Pages although we have now substantially complied with a majority of the committee subpoena we are determined to get through the outstanding items and we haven’t Staffing on this project even further in just the past week for example we had approximately 100 employees working day and night dedicated to this project through the weekend to collect review process and produce thousands of additional Pages turning to the ig’s report although the IG report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper consideration actually impacting the investigation under review that report did identify errors of judgement violations of or disregard for policy and decisions that certainly in the benefit of hindsight were not the best choices so I’d like to Briefly summarize the steps were taken to address the reports recommendations first we’re going to be holding employees accountable for misconduct we have already referred conduct highlighted in the report to the office of professional responsibility which is the FBI’s independent disciplinary arm and once the necessary success is complete we will not hesitate to hold people strictly accountable second we’re making sure that every employee understands the lessons of the ig’s report through in-depth training starting at the starting with the executives so we don’t repeat mistakes identified in that report 3rd we’re making sure that we have the policies and procedures and the training needed for everyone to understand and remember what is expect to all of us that includes drilling home the importance of objectivity and of avoiding even the appearance of personal conflicts or political bias ensuring that recusals are handled correctly making all employees where of our new media policy which I issued last November I’m making clear that we will not tolerate non-compliance with that policy ensuring that we followed the OJ policies about public statements on ongoing investigations and unch Honda and ensuring the weed here strictly to all policies and procedures on the use of FBI systems networks and devices I’ve also directed are new associate deputy director the number 3 official in the FBI delete a review of how we staff structure and supervise sensitive investigation so that we can make sure that each one is conducted to our highest standards the IG report makes clear that we’ve got important to do but I do want to emphasize that this report is focused on a specific set of events in 2016 and a small number of employees connected with those events nothing in this report and pure the Integrity of our Workforce as a whole or the FBI as an institution I want to be very clear with this committee about the FBI that I’ve gotten to see up-close-and-personal in the 10 months since I’ve taken on this job as I’m meet with our offices all over the world office is represented by every one of the members up here on the days I encounter really remarkable inspiring stories about the work our 37,000 men and women are doing everything we’ve rescued more than 1,300 kids from Child Predators this year alone we’ve arrested more than 4600 violent gang members in just the past few months we’ve disrupted recently tear Platz ranging from places like Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco to a crowded shopping mall in Miami and I could go on and on our men and women are doing all of that great work and much much more with the unfailing Fidelity to our and the laws that the man’s The Bravery that it deserves and the Integrity that the American people rightly expect that means we’re going to do this job by the book I am committed to doing that I would not be here if I weigh committed to making sure we do it that way and I expect all our employees to do the same that means following are rules following are policies following our long-standing Norms there will be times when we feel extraordinary pressure not the follow our process and policies but in my view those are precisely the times that we need to adhere to them the most we got to stay faithful to our best traditions and our core values making sure they’re not only doing the right thing doing it in the right way and pursuing the facts independently and objectively no matter who likes it that in my view is the only way we can maintain the trust and credibility of the people we serve as mr. chairman members of the committee thank you again for the opportunity to Andres inspector General’s report and I look forward to answering committee’s questions will now proceed under the 5 minute rule with questions and I’ll begin by recognizing the gentleman from thank you mr. chairman welcome to the witnesses mr. Rosen Stein August 8th 2016 text message in the IG report from Lisa Page Peter struck Trump’s not ever going to become president right right Peter struck response no no he’s not we’ll stop it now the justice department of previously provided text messages from that date they included all the messages we now have accept the will stop a text message why didn’t the justice department produced at the Congress when we ask mr. Santos spoke with our Inspector General Michael Horowitz yesterday didn’t have a full opportunity to explain telephone conversation mr. Jordan after the hearing and explain it he’s much better position than what I can assure you mommy just ask this thing the message was not in the original material that Inspector General he found this message right so he didn’t find it and he did and so we’re asking you to produce stuff and obviously you know we’re expecting a good-faith effort I didn’t find it and maybe somebody else deleted or something happened before you guys but he was able to find it and you didn’t so it’s very disappointing to see that text message there because I think you would agree just think of the time line here you have Peter struck he opens up the counterintelligence investigate against Trump’s campaign the end of July then a week later this text message he ain’t going to be president will stop at then the next week the infamous insurance policy text message where he says we can’t take the risk of a trump presidency you need an insurance policy the American people see that doesn’t that undermine the whole Integrity of the actions of people like Peter struck yes appropriate and the inspector-general did find that the bias effect that he didn’t say it affected the decision about Hillary but he said once we got into the fall when you had the Huma abedin emails and there was slow walking on that by Peter struck he was really concerned with pursue in this collusion investigation and he testified on the record that it was absolutely reasonable to say that the bias not only existed but affected what he did let me ask you this what did the doj or FBI do in terms of collecting information buying or surveillance on the Trump campaign B&B Estefan helper or anybody else working on behalf of the agency’s committees and we’re producing all relevant evidence to allow them answer this question me ask you this then did the Obama Administration anybody in the Administration direct anybody help or anybody else to make contact with anyone associated with the Trump campaign appreciate obviously understand what we want the document so I know we’re in the back and forth on that but but the American people need to know where the Counter Intelligence powers of the of the Obama Administration Unleashed against Rams camp if that was done with it done inappropriate let me ask you this you going to talk about the Mueller investigation it’s really the Rosen Stein investigation you appointed Mueller your supervising mother in this supposedly about collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia and obstruct justice but you wrote the memo saying that, should be fired and you sign the visor extension for Carter page so my question is to you it seems like you should be recused from this more so than Jeff session just cuz you were involved in making decisions affecting both Pro so this investigation why haven’t you done that I can assure you that the appropriate for me to recuse I’d be more than happy to do so and let somebody else handle this but it’s my responsibility to do it and can of Justice possibility for a president exercising his powers to fire an FBI director that you said should be fired and oh by the way the IG report makes it clear Jim Comey should have been fired so why are we still doing this with the Mueller probe hang on what is under investigation by the Mueller probe into the best of my knowledge he does mr. mower I know there’s a lot of speculation to me about that but that doesn’t relieve me of my obligation not to discuss the subject matter the investigation do you accept what I G Horowitz regarding Peter struck in the fall campaign with Huma abedin emails how he slow walk that versus how he was so gung-ho about the Trump Russia Clues remember he texted Lisa Page the other thing Hillary matter because we didn’t want to is it up with this matters because it matters that’s what he wanted to do and that’s where he was focusing his energy on Horwitz said his bias is the is a appropriate explanation for his conduct you agree I certainly agree with the findings of the Inspector General report those messages clearly do indicate bias when you guys have some work to do because of the bias is affecting official action that is a big big problem on your back the balance of my time the chair recognizes gentlewoman from California Ms Lofgren for 5 minutes if the Attorney General Rosenstein and director Rey this may be an appropriate time to make what is kind of an easy request but could you stayed for the record what is the Department of Justice in Federal Bureau of Investigations policy on commenting on any matter related to an ongoing criminal or counter-intelligence in bed location and does this policy apply to document production even when requested by Congress comment on counter-intelligence investigations but we do not discuss ongoing it’s always been my experience that the department in the FBI do not comment on ongoing investigations their number of reasons for that that are they go back to all the days when I was aligned prosecutor and long long before that they have to do with protecting the reputations on the privacy of the people who are subject of the investigation they have to protecting the Integrity of the ongoing investigation they have to do with protecting the rights to Fair trial and that’s relevant and there a whole number of reasons and when you add The Counter Intelligence to mention there’s the need to protect sources and methods and one of the Central learnings of the inspector General’s report frankly it we’re here talking about with this committee is about what goes wrong when you do talk about ongoing investigation doj and the FBI as well as to the special counsel investigation correct that prick thank you you know it seems to me I mentioned this the other day that we are here pursuing release of information that in my experience on this committee 24 years on this committee and 9 years as a member of the staff one of the members of me that I’ve never seen this happen before and having been given the opportunity along with just mr. Nadler and mr. good lad and mr. Gowdy actually read the entire application on the Carter page defies application along with the accompanying. took me all day I mean I cancel all my appointments it’s very obvious why that material should not be in the public arena there are people I think who would certainly lose their lives if their identities were made known and it’s an example of the requirement that you labor on your but also that the committee labors under I want to mention and miss Jordan is here so he’ll correct me if my understanding is incorrect but I understand mr. Jordan accused you as to Rosen Stein on the floor during the debate if they attempt hold you in contempt of for failing to comply with document request and I think it’s important we put this on the record have you mr. Rosen I ever threaten Congressional staff including but not limited to house intelligence committee staff as it relates to request for your for you to produce documents or any other matter for that like all kinds of allegations how credible are they and if somebody comes forward and swears under oath that I threatened them I’ll be happy to respond all I can tell you to go to that matter is that in the room at the time with three officials appointed by President Trump State Senate directory assistance Rancho Boyd and me to Former Republican us attorney’s or also in the room with us Greg Bauer who at the time was serving as the legislative liaison for the FBI answer is no I have not threatened thank you very much as my time is running out it just seems to me that we are asking you to to violate the policies that you labor under and we’ve been doing that repeatedly we got 500 page IG report you to acknowledge the needs to improve areas last week we held a six-year our hearing yesterday 11 hours trying to get the FBI to violate the same pot that you are upholding today and I think it’s it’s really not what this committee should be doing I do not believe it is in their best interest of this country and certainly it does not uphold an elevator rule of law which is what this committee should be doing in has been doing a for the quarter-century that I’ve served on it and I owe back Mister German agreement with the statements you made after this report was published that nothing in the report impugns the Patriotic work of the FBI employees who are serving in my district and around the world and this mess in Washington has nothing to do with them and I want to make that I appreciate your statements on that subject deputy director the Democratic memo that the president Declassified says the Department of Justice accurately inform the court that the FBI initiated its counterintelligence investigation on July 31st 2016 investigative activity regarding the Trump campaign and Russia occur before July 31st 2016 I received the same briefing that he received so I don’t know of any additional information beyond what he knows about that and I’m unable to produce any information beyond what the FBI has told me so are you aware as you sit here today event payments that were made it to any person to collect Intelligence on the Trump campaign prior to July 31st 2016 where of any efforts to contact Rodger stone that occurred prior to July 31st 2016 I don’t have any personal knowledge but I know that we are seeking to respond to I wasn’t there and so I can only answer your questions that we record the FBI and then having to there now right we have absolutely conveyed all the questions and I’m optimistic Philly so you could understand why it would be a tremendous importance to the country that if if the Department of Justice has represent into a court that this investigation began on July 31st and if the fact that you cannot tell me definitively that before 31st there was not intelligence collected on the Trump campaign but that is something of great interest to us I think you should understand that there’s nobody more committed to running out of juice allegations seriously and we look to find any credible evidence if we find it we’re going to produce a determinant thank you let’s do that quickly let’s get into your your determination to find out that activity which is occurring in your department at the last year and we had I asked you why you first became aware that Nelly or the wife of your associate Deputy attorney general Bruce or was working for Fusion GPS and was actively assigned to the dossier that it said all these nasty things about President Trump as you said here today when you became first aware of that I believe it would have been some time in the fall of 2017 I think I told you last time Mr or was never working to my knowledge on that Russia investigation what was wife but his wife was riding me like he’s your assistant or your associate attorney general and his wife too tired for that I actually I ask you this question on the 13th of December I wrote you a letter on the 18th of December 9 months ago you have not responded to it we need a date when you found out that the wife of your Deputy was working for people who are actively trying to undermine president Trump don’t you think that’s a really important date for you to know about your the spouse of your own associate deputy attorney-general is a career employee of the department he was there when I arrived my knowledge she wasn’t working on the Russian matter arranged to transfer list for me the people who brief you on the substance of that doll that far as a renewal to go and spy on people allegation publicly I am quite confident about my conduct throughout this investigation that matter is under review by the Inspector General will see what the Inspector General so you won’t say to this committee whether or not you even read the document you signed the authorized spying on people associate with the Trump campaign review I’ll be happy to discuss the details with you but I told you if you want it no Lisa Page brief you on it no no FBI Personnel brief me on it the processor is at these five that applications renewals first come up to the FBI chain of command they are sworn under oath by a career federal agent I’m not be happy you signed it review it yes or no explain the process to the timer five application because Department authorized to be the final sign-off attorney general the deputy National Security with the time and position was vacant needed to do that I have fortunately been relieved Ray still doesn’t every day I don’t know exactly what his process is Sir but we sit down with a team of attorneys from the Department of Justice review that provide a briefing for us about what’s in it and survive review that one tell and I can tell you sir that the information is public about that doesn’t match with my understanding of the one that I signed but I think it’s appropriate to let the Inspector General complete that investigation serious allegations and I don’t do the investigation I’m reviewing the finished products or are they missed something wrong recognize the gentleman from Texas Miss Jackson leave for 5 minutes thank you very much ranking member who remains on the floor I know he’s enroute I’m almost believing that I’ve just attended or I’m in the midst of a monster ball and we’re looking for Monsters wherever we can find them as I was on the floor as I was on the floor I heard someone say Steppy attorney general that there instead in holding you in contempt maybe they may be modified by resolution that really has no real point to it but this is the absurdity that we are dealing with and investigate and that has receded and I believe I have concluded so let me ask you to investigation that were ongoing in 2016 could you just very briefly what they were to investigate regarding presidential candidates what were those investigations how can you comment on the IG report what was the IG report about yes the IG report is about a variety of relating to while it’s primarily focused on the Hillary Clinton email investigation but the Inspector General actually dress a few other issues in that report as well that report that that investigation come to a conclusion in 2016 to your knowledge what day did based upon public reports and basement public reports was a Department of Justice satisfied with those the end of an investigation result we all know what the result was a directory your agents were involved in the FBI investigation of the Clinton emails that accurate yes obviously I was not there at the time but absolutely Inspector General report I have and saw the fractions that were cited to the FBI a comment on any of the infractions what you corrected i e a director speaking about an investigation without the presence or yielding to one of the prosecutors of the doj but director Comey did well, I’m not going to add my own personal opinion on top of the inspector General’s very thorough report but we as I said earlier we do accept the findings that are in the report and the rectum Jason sent it and I will say that about the idea of a director of the FBI making such statements going forward so we have issued a new media policy much more clear so that we ensure that people follow our policies we’ve also directed people to make sure that there is hearing to doj policies about commenting on ongoing investigations and specifically about on conduct from the law enforcement perspective which is what your arm is correct we we’re not the prosecutors thank you have any comment on the suggestion that one of your offices delayed and investigate dwina wipe laptop do you think that was done to undermine the investigation will come soon again I think rather than substitute my characterization for the inspector General’s which is very detailed I would judge hey that my reed of the inspector General’s report is that he found that there were delays as a result of a number of factors and we are taking steps to make sure that going forward add salad to my opening comments that we structure staff and supervised sense of Investigations inappropriate way so that we don’t repeat any of the mistakes that are reflected looking back well again I I would defer to the inspector General’s own characterization of his investigation my understanding of it is that he found that there was no political bias ultimately impacting the investigation that he reviewed Attorney General leave of Donald Trump indicated that the investigation of what you have read the inspector General’s report has Vindicated mr. Trump as relates to collusion with Russia agents as he indicated his investigation on going is an ongoing investigation correct and no conclusion has been made on any aspect of what happened several charges have been filed and so you’ve met with those I’m a gentleman has thank you for almost 2 years now special counsel’s investigations been going on for over a year now for most Americans it’s important to know what Russia did our country and that anyone they did it a foreign State interferes with our Democratic electoral process it should be that was Peter struck FBI agent Peter strzok was picked to lead the FBI’s investigation into what Russia did and July of 2016 it was a counterintelligence investigation begun and Late July 2016 who’s leading it and it about the exact same time he was picked deleted this dispassionate and fair FBI agent was calling Trump a disaster destabilizing for the country I’ll leave out all the F adjectives to use to describe that I’ll just go with disaster in the stabilizer same time his FBI lawyer girlfriend Lisa Page was telling him he protect the country there’s neutral dispassionate FBI agent said I can protect the country at many levels same time Peter strzok who is picked to objectively fairly neutrally look into the Russia investigation was talking about an insurance policy with and it became and Lisa Page in the event Donald Trump became the president all of this was happening at the same time Peter strzok said he could smell the Trump support and Southern all this was at the same time that this FBI agent said a trump presidency would be effing terrify and that it will never happen no no will stop it so while investigating Russia and their attempt just advertise democracy May been poured the rest of the country and what not all that important about a half-dozen FBI agents and warriors who are assigned to the case for them it was an investigation to stop 2017 and appointment of special counsel where we find Peter struck again this same supposed to be dispassionate neutral Fair FBI agent you would think you’d be really excited about investigating what a farm power try to do to this country but you would be wrong again for Peter struck at precisely the same time that was precisely the same time did to fix and finish it so Donald Trump did not become president he was talkin about impeachment within 3 days of special counsel Mueller being appointed 3 days that’s even quicker than MSN and the Democrats were talking about impeaching within 3 days about impeaching the president so this where we all were two years into this investigation wear a year-and-a-half into the presidency wear over a year in the special counsel you have a counterintelligence investigation just become public you have a criminal investigation just become political you have more by us than I have ever seen manifest and a law enforcement officer and the 20 years I used to do it for a living and for other doj employees who had manifest Adam is towards the person they were supposed to be neutrally and attach Lee investigate Democrats are using this investigation as a result guilt which I find astonishing and in the long run for the health of this Republic out encourage them to go back to the presumption of innocence that we used to hold sacred there’s a presumption of guilt there’s a desire by Democrat Senators to fundraise off of your investigation more than 60 Democrats have already voted to proceed with impeachment before Bob Mahler has found a single solitary damn thing more than six teeth have voted to move forward with impeachment and he hasn’t president first find it so I’m going to say this to you mr. Ray Mr Rosas. I realize that neither one of you were there when this happened but you both are now they should be the target this investigation right now we are this country is being hurt by we are being divided we seem to buy us we seem to buy it we need to see the ovens you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign campaign present it to the Damned grand jury if you have evidence that this President acted inappropriately presented to the American people Justice delayed is Justice denied any right now all of us are being denied whatever you got finish it the hell up because this country is being torn apart why did the witnesses cared respond to the about what your collected in those messages regarding the investigation I’ve heard suggestions that we should just closing that’s the gation I think the best thing we can do is finish it appropriately with you sir people should not jump to conclusions without seeing the evidence I’ve been the victim of fake news attacks myself so I’m sympathetic I agree with you sir documents that are found puppy the charge folks nobody should draw any conclusions be on those charges the chair recognizes the gentleman from Tennessee mr. Cohen for 5 minutes right Rosenstein was Peter struck the head of any of those investigations I don’t know that I would characterize him as the head of any of the investigation certain he played a significant role in the investigations that are described in the inspector General’s report but there was a supervisory chain and then as the inspector-general found there were a number of people involved in that chain above him and I know you spoken already about the investigate General’s report is very thorough and you accepted it it came to the conclusion that while he may have had biases none of his biases play the role in their actions or their conclusions is that correct well again I would defer to the inspector General’s own characterization of his very thorough investigation but my understanding of it is that he found no evidence of political bias actually impacting the investigation that he reviewed so what we all we had was some talk between friends may be lovers and it would just talk but no policy and no action to bring about our effectuate any of their beliefs well good night I don’t know that I want to start characterizing their text messages I expect all our folks to conduct themselves professionally at all times and the other reason I want to be careful about straying too far is that as I said in my opening we have referred a number of individual please contact is highlighted in the report to our office of professional responsibility my commitment to doing things by the book includes making sure that are disciplinary process is done by the book and having the director comment on their conduct in this setting is Prague not conducive to that thank you sir am I correct each of you were appointed president Trump that correct yes sir yes and special counsel I did and you were president Trump correct president Trump talks about 13 Democrats running this investigation do you know who he’s speaking about and if there’s any way that the justice department or president Trump knows that these people are Republicans Libertarians Bolshevik please people look registrations with their political registration now thank you and so many issues that have Arisen from his investigation that it’s impossible to just turn it off is that possible Eastwood investigations go that attack you been going on for a long time and I can assure you recognize other understands that I want him to conclude it as expeditiously as possible consistent with his responsibility to do it right has anybody never accuse director Mueller special counsel of being lazy slow I certainly haven’t said I don’t know what other allegations people make but accurately directory do you know special counsel Motors reputation for promptly doing his work in proceeding in a diligent passion path make my own experience and familiarity with director Mueller is the none of those adjectives would describe too much of anything he’s done in his career for this country volunteered to join the Marines in Vietnam other accommodations is that what you understand to yes sir and then when he came back he went to law school and he went to work for justice he could have gone to Wall Street and made a lot of the fact you went into private practice for a while but he didn’t like it and he came back cuz he wanted to prosecute criminals is that correct well I don’t know the motivation but I know he’s been to Public Service opportunities Manuel Noriega did he not answering on after Big Fish let me ask you to promise me something will you promise me in the American people that no matter what pressure was brought about and brought on You by whomever that you will stay in your position and finish the job and do what you were appointed to do and what the American people need you to do this Congressman as I’ve said repeatedly I am committed to doing this job by the book in all respects and there’s no amount of political pressure that’s going to dissuade me from that buy either side thank you and I find you and each of you and special counsel paragon’s and people who should be revered and not torn down in people who tear them down the flag and tear down the American gentleman has a U of I hope the Constitution is respected mr. Rosen Stein why are you keeping information from Congress and I’m not keeping any information from Congress that it’s a few minutes mr. Rosen Stein think the House of Representatives going to say something different I don’t agree with you, I don’t believe that going to saying if they do they’ll know I think in a few minutes the House of Representatives is going to go on record saying you haven’t complied with request from a separate and equal branch of government that you haven’t complied with subpoenas and you got 7 ways to get your act together I think that’s what’s going to happen if you and that’s it. That’s not Jim Jordan I think that’s how I think that’s the majority House of Representatives in just a few minutes I think that’s going to happen I don’t know why you won’t give us what we asked for sure I certainly hope that is not accurate Sarah and it is accurate we have caught you hiding your Tremors while I was in this time hi temp in Bayshore Long Island will be permitted I have to do we have are we playing hiding information then you can answer why did you hide the fact that Peter strzok and judge Contreras were friends why did you reject that in the documents you gave to us theaters I mean it’s kind of important fisa Court Judge more importantly just as importantly the Judgment that hurt my feelings case why’d you try to hide that promise I appreciate you respond I’ve heard you make those of allegations publicly on TV it’s I got an NFL every response I am Deputy attorney-general United States okay I’m not the person doing the redacted I’m responsible for responding to your concerns as I have I’m a teen with me sir just a fraction of the team I have taken appropriate steps to remedy them so your statement that I’m personally keeping information from you write a concealed information or the boss mr. roses dying and my job is to make sure that we respond who is managing that production am I understanding is actually going very well sir so I appreciate your concerns and I think the House of Representatives going to say otherwise spent the wind is going to have an option to say whatever he wants at the end of mr. Jordan 5 minutes until the day it is when is Peter struck if he’d ever communicated with Glenn Simpson he gave us the answer you gave us dozens of times on advice of FBI account so I can’t answer that question why couldn’t you answer that question instructions if there was some problem with instructions he had I’ll be happy when it doesn’t mean that I’m personally trying to conceal something from you follow the rules and we’re going to be interesting what I asked him if he’d ever talk to Bruce or he said he had said he had three times and 2016-2017 then I asked him have you ever talk to Nelly or and he said no I have it I said well why can’t you answer that question because Nelly or work for Glenn Simpson work for Fusion he can answer that question but he couldn’t answer because FBI Council told him he couldn’t he couldn’t answer the question whether it ever communicated with Glenn Simpson a journalist why couldn’t answer that question what you’re saying isn’t personal sometimes it feels that way how do I no sir not me not you and I didn’t so I can’t answer did you threatened staffers on the house intelligence committee media reports indicate you did calls and emails is downright chilling did you threaten to subpoena their calls and emails no sir and there’s no way to subpoena phone calls there’s no way you said it I said what what I just read you I did not or you guys who have caught hiding information from us who tell a witness the answer our questions who we supposed to believe here’s my last question what’s so important that you know that you don’t want us to know that you won’t give us the documents were asking for that the House of Representatives about ready to go on record saying you should give us what so darn important that you will threat recording mean important part of the staff members Scrap Management in Paramus Sharon what is so important to Rosen Stein Elementary in Korea missile Sharon this is not an appropriate time for a parliamentary inquiry representative yes it will be the Republicans who continue to that is not an appropriate point of order Ohio be restored for an additional 15 seconds and then the deputy attorney-general be allowed to respond thank you mr. appreciate work but I also appreciate if the House of Representatives could get the information we have repeatedly mr. Gatti’s talk about how long is investigation going on how long has been a special counsel we started asking for information in July of last year and some of that is still not give it still has not been given to the Congress has been given to this committee committee the Judiciary Committee so I appreciate what you do I just want the information and we’re so frustrated that there is now a resolution on the floor of the house in just a few minutes that would be voted on what resolution to vote on Syria and the gentleman will suspend it the time now is the attorney-general’s famous director I explain to you the process he’s got hundreds of people working around the clock trying to satisfy these requests so whether you vote or not is not going to affect that you’re going to get everything that’s relevant that we can find a produce to you I support this report the chair recognizes General from Georgia mr. Johnson for five minutes okay alright thank you gentlemen I appreciate your service I’ve been impressed with your diligence and your honesty and your integrity in this very difficult environment that we find ourselves in and basically it say situation where the majority is hurting this country with hurting our country with what we’re doing today what we’re doing today is holding an emergency hearing that’s okay emergency hearing based on allegations that political influence or political bias within the FBI in the doj has somehow lead to a illegitimate result in the Hillary Clinton email investigation that’s an investigation that was conducted originally it was conducted by the FBI doj no criminal charges filed in vacation clothes then there was a inspector General’s investigation of that investigation of those reports or that report was issued last week it found that there was no a wrongdoing in the investigation of the investigation and now today we have an investigation of the investigation of the investigation and it’s a emergency situation also a part of this hearing is a attempt to investigate the ongoing criminal investigation into the allegation and indications of collusion and perhaps conspiracy with Russians in the conducting of the 2016 presidential election and ominously what the Republicans are trying to do is force the FBI and doj to turn over to this committee investigating the investigator’s information documents that go to the heart of the Criminal it’s been my experience that the criminal investigators never turn over information they’re never even asked to turn over information in an ongoing criminal investigation can you both comment on the uniqueness of what’s happening today in the danger that it poses to Justice in this country ongoing investigation are producing the documents it’s a large volume of documents taking a lot of time and I said I thought he had made it appear as if billing information so we brought him after loss we change the process and I actually think in reality it’s working quite well and whatever anybody votes on is beyond my control Congressman we are committed to being responsive to congressional oversight we’re trying our hardest to produce documents as quickly as you possibly can and as completely as you possibly can we also have an obligation to protect ongoing criminal and counterintelligence investigate we also have an obligation to respect grand jury secrecy we also have an obligation to protect sources and methods and were sworn to do those things just like we are to protect and be responsive to congressional oversight and the inspector General’s ironically the report they were here to talk about is very pointed on the subject as one of the principal failings that it found was commenting on an ongoing investigation publicly will Congress and so we take those lessons very seriously we’re trying to learn those lessons or directory threatening you with the subpoena of threatening you with contempt of congress for non-compliance with Congressional lapina subpoena put you in a bad position doesn’t it will certainly when I was minding my own business and Private Practice in Atlanta I didn’t think I was going to be spending the first 10 months of my job turn down the barrel of a contempt Citation for conduct that occurred long before I even thought about being FBI director having said that I am committed to making sure that we’re responsive to these committees and to the extent that we can do better we’re trying to do better well that certainly same time in my experience there is there are two principles that have to be balanced responsiveness to Congressional oversight which is very important to me personally but also respecting ongoing criminal investigation formation that you cannot provide committee based on the ongoing nature of the criminal investigation is that correct in 45 seconds remaining in a vote on the floor and we will reconvene as soon as that vote concludes what’s at 25 Murray house um I don’t know how much more do you want on this okay sounds good maybe we’ll reconvene and the chair recognizes gentleman from Texas Spencer Radcliffe for 5 minutes. Peter strzok gave us the time fine yesterday the following is work on the Hillary Clinton email investigation he was assigned as lead agent of the Russia collusion investigation from Late July of 2016 until May of 2017 than in late May of 2017 following your appointment of Robert Mueller they just dropped became part of special counsel molars investigative team until late July of 2017 when he was removed by special counsel Mueller and return to the FBI any disagreement about that time line I don’t know the precise date but that sounds good only accurate during 11 hours of testimony yesterday agents Rock testified at length about his roles during that year from Late July of 2016 to Late July I have to 17 as part of those investigative team she testified in fact that he drafted the initial investigative plan on the Russia collusion investigation that he made investigative decisions and took actions to gather information and collect evidence eye in both the trump-russia matter and and the special counsel probe agents truck also admitted before and during that same year point of order mr. Sherman we had to close keyring on Peter struck if you want to tell her testimony like this relief for transcript have it open hearing don’t care if he rides and not let him pacified things out of content that is not a valid point the border to eject to quoting a characterizing statements in this in a confidential setting release their transcript mr. chairman American people deserve to hear testimony Underoath do not hide his testimony testimony as you know from transcribes interview transcribed interviews can be used for purposes released to transcribe interview to the American people that these transfers for not to be quoted the chair has rule so also admitted that before and during that same year agent strzok admitted that before and during that same thing he sent many many text messages about Donald Trump text messages that we’ve already established and you agreed it’s a little the gentleman finished so again agent strzok sent many text messages about Donald Trump we’ve established and you agree that those reflected hatred and biased towards Donald Trump I reviewed with agent strzok and he confirmed that he was in fact the person who sent the text messages that said f prom Trump is an effing idiot that talked about stopping Trump from becoming president that talked about impeaching Trump as the president to talk about protecting the country from Trump and talked about an insurance policy against the risk of a trump presidency just to name a few those very same text by the Inspector General for which characterizes deeply troubling and expressed his concern that agent truck may have acted upon the bias expressed in those Trump’s and prioritizing his work on the Russia collusion investigation on the weiner laptop issue I’m out he’s not investigating now when I asked a just dropped about his conversations with special counsel Mueller or anyone on his team about his removal he describe the details of a single conversation you said last about 10 or 15 but certainly less than 30 minutes he said special counsel Mueller made it very clear that he was being removed from the case because of the text messages but I was surprised that he said that neither special counsel Mueller or anyone on here team ask him about the texts or his expressed hatred of Donald Trump uses special counsel never asked him what he meant when you sent those tests he said that special counsel Mueller never asked him if he acted upon the Bayou and the hatred reflected in those text I asked agents truck at least a half a dozen times did special counsel Mueller or anyone on his team ever ask you about these troubling text messages and whether any of your actions taken weather any of your decisions made and when the weather any of the evidence you collected may have been corrupted or tainted or in any way influenced by the hatred bias or Prejudice expressed in these text you repeatedly and unequivocally said no yes we know that special counsel Mueller removed from from the case but what did special counsel Mueller do to determine whether or how the actions taken the decisions made and the evidence gathered by Donald Trump hating lead investigator that may have prejudiced Donald Trump as a subject evidenced by the way that agents truck unequivocally stated in the presence of FBI Council that became part of the special counsel mahler’s foundational evidence and that was used by the special count special counsel Mueller was here I know what I would ask him but he’s not but his supervisor is so Deputy attorney-general what if anything special Mahler done to determine whether the actions taken the decisions made in the evidence collected by special agent Peter strzok was impacted by his a very clear hatred and bias of President Trump Carson’s I know you’re aware. Director Mueller has vast experience both of the prosecutor and as a supervisor the FBI so I can assure you that he understands the importance of considering any credibility issues determine whether not to rely on a person with regard to the so what actions has he taken as your supervisor to determine yes it has taken appropriate steps and keep in mind, let me stop you there I’m thrilled to hear that he’s taking steps you and I are both former prosecutors does a prosecutor go by eliminating bias Prejudice and expressed hatred from Foundation 11 is because you know of course that if you’re rude evidence is fairly called into question everything that comes from that evidence is fairly called into question right yes I realize the time to give someone a comprehensive response as you know when we to determine whether a case in court and if you’re going to court you’re taking a piece of evidence you were lying about a witness you need to consider any issues and go to The credibility the witness or The credibility of evidence Foundation not sure exactly what you had in mind but if sample of pain I documented it struck produced or a statement that he took her to call him as a witness obviously you need to consider that evidence that would be evidence to impeach of credibility director Mueller well knows that I just wanted to quickly respond if I could I recognize router time but I learned about this issue at the same time and we learned about it from the Inspector General rediscovered it I believe it was the last July and so it was already standing that the inspector General was conducting an investigation of this truck so affected a lot of time I was probably appropriate I would also point out that I don’t think it took director mother very long after seeing those text messages to decide what was the right thing to do thank you you’ll back from New York thank you for for his questions last month I wrote the both of you regarding the apparent outing in the media of a confidential human Source involved in the early stages of the Russian investigation I understand that while I was on the floor just now what am I Republican colleagues had the gall to quiz you about his identity again today in my letter I ask that you quote investigate this case with potential violations of the intelligence identity protection act as well as other statues stand Department guidelines designed to protect the lives of covert operative some confidential human sources close quote that the day that we can’t protect Human Resources today the American people start becoming less safe and briefly explain what you mean by that statement Congressman Nadler an investigation after investigation in The Counter Intelligence front the counterterrorism front organized crime front human trafficking front end virtually every area of enforcement that the FBI is responsible for we rely heavily on human resources to come forward and share information with us often a great Peril to themselves and to their families and that is one of these single most valuable and important tools that we have to keep the American people safe and it’s something that we’ve relied on for now coming up on almost a hundred and ten years of the FBI and if we start losing that because people don’t trust us to protect their identities appropriately the American people will be less safe thank you identities of all Quote undercover agents and or confidential Human Resources close quote interacted with the Trump campaign have you received this request director I am aware that we received a letter very recently German Nunez I haven’t looked at it closely yet I’ve been to be dangerous I’m just information to be made public the identities of all undercover agents and or confidential human sources of interact with the Trump campaign hey we’re going to do everything we can appropriately to protect sources and methods we are also going to do everything we can to be responsive to legitimate Congressional oversight and my experience has been that when both sides of the Congress and the executive branch come into it with the recognition that both are important Congress needs its questions answered but sources need to be protected and we’re going to do the January 2000 what is representative John Linder the department outline the rationale for its long-standing policy to decline to provide congressional committees with actually stove legitimate interest in determining have the department enforces statutes it also knows that the documents from our open files could also provide a road map of the Department’s ongoing investigations that could fall into the hands of the target the investigation to inadvertence or deliberate act on the path of someone and the part of someone having access to them close quote this is Deputy attorney-general there’s a window that is still guided Department response to Congressional request for information and yesterday I wrote a lengthy letter to Chairman Grassley with a copy to trim a good lad that goes into some detail about the background and explain why it is so that this committee would not want us to turn over every document in FBI Files this committee would want us to appropriate responsibility to make sure we’re not damaging any case risking the life or safety of an informant or causing harm a national security vestigation is taking too long I don’t know what mr. monk gets put into his charging documents a plea agreements everything else we hear about the investigation is either been leaked or made up entirely by President Trump in his lawyers and then repeated by Republicans time to mine is special counsel I don’t know what mr. moulinos and most of my colleagues is similarly situated but you know the case better than anyone else I’ve 3 brief questions is the special counsel investigation taking too long has he deliberately slow his page and when is work is done with the American people look back and view it as a waste of time so I can assure you that director mother is moving as expeditiously as possible and system with his responsibility to do it right he is not deliberately slow to space of course and when his work is done the American people will look back and not be what is waste of time people control their own conclusions magnitude to take as long as this is done and no sir I believe that is being done as expeditiously as possible that was one of my goals and appointing somebody I knew would be focused on the task would not be distract but other matters and we get it done right and as quickly as possible so it’s typical not a typical and given the nature of the investigation thank you very much I owe back to recognize the gentleman from Ohio missing Chabot for 5 minutes thank you Miss German people get to ask us questions we try to respond to him to the best of our ability and quite a few people participated and ask me what’s your reaction and how do you feel about the bias to exonerate Hillary Clinton fired the doj and where do you stand on holding Rosen Stein in contempt for withholding documents pretty famous what I see out there and I hear out there among a significant portion of the American public including lady who asked me that question last night is a great deal of scepticism of mistrust of their own government particularly mistrust of high-level people within the justice department I think there’s a I really think that’s a shame but I guess it shouldn’t be surprised he not when you consider what they seen from their own government and in recent years now I have to represent the city of Cincinnati and some other areas surrounding that area and we have an IRS facility their facility Spike Lee at the direction of higher up its supposed to ensure that investigations of such matters were handled fairly and without bias instead went on TV and gave his opinion and probably gave us the signal to all the investigators under him there was not even a smidgen of corruption that was a quote from present enough to type not that even a smidgen of corruption and the person who headed up that improper targeting Lois Lerner not only took this V and refuse to testify but she was found in contempt by this body by the United States House of Representative with no consequences no wonder many Americans are skeptical they seen an investigation of one presidential candidate Hillary Clinton it was supposed to be unbiased but the proverbial thumb was on the scale to her benefit she said sup and it illegal email server and swears she never sent classified emails but she did get to pass FBI director Comey who’s supposed to be unbiased dress a statement exonerating her before he’s even interviewed her Hilary Stagg gets immunity deals that smelled a high happens Hillary’s operatives use Hammers and bleach bit to destroy sought-after cell phones and emails again with no consequences and on and on but the other presidential candidate the one who actually won but wasn’t supposed to well he’s treated very differently a team of supposedly unbiased investigators turns out to be anything but 9 out of the 16 if made political contributions almost all to Democrat and Karina Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama none gave to Trump and two of them as we’ve heard over and over again today were communicating back and forth about how they were going to stop candidate Trump from being away even had a so-called insurance policy a pretty Sinister sounding thing to make damn sure he wasn’t elected so my question to you mr. Rosenstein’s this do you see why that lady last night might believe there’s bias in the justice department and how these investigations when you compare one to the other have been carried out absolutely I think one of the challenges that we face and director Ray and I are both maybe this challenge is that the culture of the justice department in which we operate other exceptions obviously when I run my offices are going to manager in the Justice Department in the number of different capacities at this point for about 16 years or so and my I’ve been very this issue let me stop appreciate that you weren’t there so we appreciate your cooperation preciate your hard work so let me just complete with us the American people like that late last night who asks a question on my telephone town hall meeting and of course she felt there was bias by the doj investigation clearly by the way she asked it I think the American people deserve a whole lot better than what they’ve been getting from are justice department of light they were right to unbiased Fair investigations have a right to expect equal treatment and equal justice whether a person that they’re investigating is a Democrat or Republican where that are conservative or liberal whether they were expected to win an election or not whether their name happened to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and I’m afraid that’s not what happened here and I go back the operating environment where the office we make every effort to avoid any reference to politics and when we focus on the fax in the law and we consider all the evidence before reach conclusions American people getting their information I from other sources and they don’t always hear both sides and I think it’s important service cuz me and Rec ran up to him to explain the way that we’re running organizations they’re going to be mistakes but I think the insurance the American people comes in our commitment to follow the rules there violation of the rules I recognize that we’re making every effort to make sure that doesn’t happen on our watch a hundred fifteen thousand employees we’re going to have issues as well but I can assure you going to do with them appropriately and with regard to my garnishment attorney general has been very clear about his desire to ensure that the department follows regular order that we follow these traditional rules and practices criticism but at the end of the day, I can assure you the cases that are brought on our watch are going to be in compliance with the rules and so I hope that over time seeing is follow the rules American people will regain whatever confidence they’ve lost because it’s director Ray said he’s folks we work with day in and day out there almost all there to do the right thing and then except they’re not will hold them accountable thank you determine the president likes to use the term a hundred percent so I want to make sure that I’m 100% sure the president of the United States did a point you to your positions that 100% mr. right you’re the New FBI director I knew the XXVI director before he was fired by the president of the United States is it a hundred percent that this President appointed to the position that you currently hold at the FBI director percent song we don’t have there’s no wiggle room here a hundred percent like the President says so I just want to ask you to keep talking about the 13 angry Democrats that are running the investigation mr. why are you one of those angry Democrats that my Republican colleagues keep referring to Congress working on the special counsel investigation which of the head of the FBI are you are you are you a Democrat Democratic party as as presidents have and pick you because he wanted to have Democrats in his administration Congressman I’m trying to do this job Democrat are you democrat no I’m not I can understand if you were angry however I got understand that totally and you have done a remarkable job of restraining yourself and containing any anger so what was the purpose of appointing a special counsel us now I want to go to what I believe three basic questions are see if we can reach some agreement number one was our country attacked by a foreign government it wanted to influence the 2016 election in or undermine the United States was our country attack now was our country attacked Mr Rosenstein Nationals for interfering with election thank you what’s your opinion and attorney-general relying on the intelligence community of the United including the FBI have determined that our country was attacked in order to influence our election yet that’s not the purpose of this hearing the purpose of undermine FBI under remind mr. Ross is Dean and to undermine our system of justice that attack has already been established why aren’t you asking questions that undermined the very people that are the head of this investigation I’ll tell you why because the majority doesn’t want the end in a conclusion to this investigation number to Wood part of the end navigation be mr. Robinson’s team has anyone taken steps either during the campaign or since being sworn in July obfuscate obstruct misdirect or undermine the investigation into the attack you said or Kurt would that be part of mr. Rusty Moose runs a mother’s investigation I haven’t commented on the subject matter of the investigation but the special counsel does authority to investigate any obstruction that occurred in the course the investigation basic questions we agree obstruction obfuscation or otherwise trying to derail the investigation the mr. Rosenstein appointed mr. Moeller to conduct well I’m not going to discuss this but I agree with well, it’s already he said that it would be part of it so if in agreeing with them we have established we’ve established do think our government and the American people were attacked and our democracy was attempted to undermine that part of that investigation should be so I just wanted to ask the chairman if he would I’d like to enter this because mr. resisting it doesn’t matter they want you they want in Pichu they want indict you they want to get rid of you because I’m getting rid of you they want to stop the to friend of mine was like that already are investigation mr. Rossi good luck we’re in the minority the chair recognizes himself bring the Judiciary Committee subpoena in a manner that restricts a particular set of documents from being produced The Congress specifically we have been told that we have not receive documents that were given to the inspector-general pertaining to communication between doj prosecutors officials of the department including former Attorney General Lynch and Deputy attorney general Yates & any communication between doj officials in the White House you are well aware that we requested multiple times prior to our subpoena all documents and communicate given to the inspector-general with mental health exclusion why have you not produce these documents and Communications pursuant to The subpoena and with your staff I know I’ve heard these suggestions that the speed of may not be valid doesn’t matter to me we’re trying to accommodate Congress by providing the information that you need to complete your responsibilities welcome wish I had more opportunities to tell our side before anybody voted on this issue this morning but it’s important you understand kind of thing that we’re going to do everything we can to accommodate your request and if somebody Miss read or if you intended to obtain information provided to make sure that happens I spoke briefly to mr. allowed at the lunch break I was not previously where this issue but he assured me that he’s going to work with your staff and sure you get what you need understand that there are some there’s some correspondence with officials but if there’s more that’s relevant to you will make sure we identified and get you what you need to do so immediately immediately more effective than I because he’s handle these production in the private sector it’s as quickly as we can as director Ray said people working day and night got limited time and a few more questions are there any documents pertaining to the Clinton investigation that were not provided to the Inspector General I do not know sir I wasn’t around at the time of the inspector-general collected those documents no one to our knowledge has been indicted or held criminally liable for the spillage of over 100 classified emails over unsecured and I classified servers and accounts those of us who hold security clearances wonder whether the executive branch still take seriously oversight of handling of classified information does doj ever plan on holding anyone accountable for the significant Village of classified information during the Clinton rain at Secretary of State how much of your job involves access to classified information or week-to-week but certainly a significant component but you would how would you characterized setting up a private server to conduct your business that would inevitably lead to classified information passing across that server you cannot expect an employee’s the Kentucky government business on the personal accounts I like Asian to maybe exceptions but as a general matter the purpose of the government email system is to capture all the official correspondence Santa. It’s Sarah just isn’t something we lose the legal standard it’s in the statute right now your question is the fact that our employees no official business should be done on criminal justice service what happened to me yesterday if I setup a private server in Kentucky at all my government business and classified information Pastor that server hope that you would not do that it’s right we have repeatedly asked FBI Personnel whether the fact that an agent has an extramarital affair is a problem I’m not asking because I want to be the morality please I’m asking because it seemed clear that an affair that is unknown to a spouse could be a significant vulnerability for an FBI agent specially a counterintelligence agent you agree with that sentiment or chairman we have a specific Offense Code and I don’t want to comment on any of the ongoing Personnel matters that are going to the disciplinary process right now which I think answering your question at this particular time might cause me to do and I finally Miss Rosenstein light of the decision by Inspector General Horowitz to look at the potential abuse of the Pfizer process are you currently signing by the applications the normal processes the low man on the totem pole get the responsibility so security Division if he were absent run available or occasionally if there is a matter of when she might have a conflict and it would come to me but I want to show you this German there’s no reason that I should refrain my responsibility to sign by the applications when they meet the standards required by the statute in fact be a dereliction of Duty me to fail to approve of that was justified by the facts in the law do ultra five minutes thank you in his questioning in his statement mr. Gowdy make sure things to say he said that he acknowledged that Russia attack this country that they should be the target then he went on to say but Russia isn’t being hurt by this investigation we are the country is being hurt by this investigation into Russia’s meddling in our election I would ask Rosenstein director Wray what is the purpose of this investigation historical investigation of interference with the 2016 election the second question which I think is a tremendous important is what’s happening now what’s going to happen in the future things important American people understand that there’s not a One-Shot foreign countries that on a regular basis or attempting to infiltrate American computer systems and interfere in our democracy and the FBI has a task force it’s working with officials and Department of Justice and we’re going to continue to do everything can to protect the American people against this sort of abuse director Ray when when mr. Gowdy says and again like quote my friend whatever you’ve got finish it the hell up can you tell me the way the FBI conduct investigations and does it operate on the time line that permits it to gather the evidence all of it in full or does it operate on the time line established by members of the United States Congressman we are not going to do our investigation subject to any political influence by either side we are going to do our investigations as expeditiously but responsively as we possibly can as I’ve said repeatedly going to play it straight and buy the book and that would extend to every investigation do we have responsibilities for to enter Grassley the chairman of Judiciary Committee in the Senate I also let it is Speaker Ryan about the resolution you actually go to take Great Lengths to explain the way that you’ve been complying with Congressional oversight I work until Julian could face to provide the unprecedented level of congressional access information the members of Congress believe may be relevant about the way you conduct a couple of minutes explaining how it is that you have been Cooperative the volume of the documents you been provided and anything else that you think would be relevant in our understanding and that would have been relevant to head members had the chance to hear it before being rushed to the floor to vote on that resolution you would think that they would want to know the truth before they voted and if you wanted to know about all the things we’re doing to comply with rational Supino’s and document request and all the many freezable yet you wouldn’t have to talk to just me you have to talk to the dozens of folks who are working diligently everyday but try to comply with his request so I’m happy to take whatever blame you want to assess that’s one of my jobs but if you want to a true understanding of what we’re doing it would take a very long time and it’s wrecked array of 32 when you say 880,000 documents it’s a lot but it still sounds like 80,000 documents but you’re actually talking about collecting documents from throughout the organization and then reviewing the make sure there’s no grand jury information to make sure you’re not exposing informants to make sure you’re not including any personal information that probably doesn’t want it so it’s complicated process and it’s difficult to explain even in a minute or two but as I said review of what we’re doing I’m confident that you would recognize we can to comply and other people voted on photos I said that we’re going to do everything we can because we believe in frankly the president made quite clear that he wants to be as transparent as possible consistent with the restrictions that we have and we’re complying with Miss Rosa Sandro create a very much appreciate your coming I very much appreciate your agreed to testify under oath and I would finally just take exception vehement Lee so decision made by my friend Mr Jordan earlier who said and I quote him well now who are we supposed to believe the staff members who we work with who have never miss lettuce or you guys who have caught hiding it patient from us that’s a question that he has to you as you were answering questions Underoath the only conclusion from a statement like that from a question like that is the suggestion that you appear before us and under oath are lying to the members of this committee it is offencive who is inappropriate for my colleague to do that I regret that he had and I heal back the balance of my time is allowed California mr. icing for 5 minutes Rosen Sinai want to start by characterizing my questions is all related to what I perceive is a double standard the standard that the American people live under versus the state that you all live under and I’m just going to give you one quick example you think they brought you down a copy of a 2 UFC 194 says it shall be the duty of said president of the senate or speaker of out in a case where they certify I’ll get to a bottom line even shorter when we find somebody in contempt in referat the US attorney for the District of Columbia who’s Duty it shall be to bring the matter to a grand jury for at Action Now under both President Bush and under President Obama you too and your predecessors have decided that you’re trying to consider she’ll as a if I feel like it if I think the case is worthy I will consider it to Novo and in both cases not do it so let me ask a simple question under 2 UFC 194 if either of you are held contempt will you allow yourself allowed to us attorney to bring that case before a grand jury pursuant to the law or will you like your predecessors object say that I’m actually not familiar with that issue and over there before I do have a you were serving a department of justice under both of these cases they Harriet miers case and then the fast and furious with the attorney general himself or held in contempt and they obstructed and what did not allow the case to go to the US attorney you oversee us attorney’s including the one for the District of Columbia at this point you was attorney for this to Columbia did not make that decision to vacuum that decision was made at the highest Department of Justice simply to hold out now ultimately an Obama appointee gave us much of the information that we wanted it was far more than the attorney general who lied to us about how much was there said there was ultimately it uncovered obstruction by the Attorney General so the question is would you allow the statue to go forward this says she’ll present to a grand jury or do you believe that you have the ability to be above the law something you marry people do not no sir I do not have been good since you do not believe that I will take that as if you’re held and you said no and yes or no that you don’t believe you’re above the law the the former director of the FBI came before exactly where mr. Ray is sitting is that far away and he told us that nowhere in the FBI did you have the capability of of cracking open a an iPhone and as a result you need to go to court you need to order and get an order to Forsyth Apple to create a backdoor so that you could remotely get into it now that turned out to be untrue Ray do you have the ability do you have a great organization or do you have the inept group that was unable to do it until shortly after his false statement here when it was uncovered that for about 250 bucks it could be done and has been done well Congressman certainly I think we have the premier law enforcement and that’s charity organizations in the world question is when he came exhausted all capabilities he was not telling the truth because shortly afterwards very simple assets allowed that and of course Apple never had to produce it the question is now let me let me go on because I have limited time recently mr. Comey was given an advance copy of the inspector General’s report in return for which he signed and non closure agreement he violated the non-disclosure agreement in that he contacted a new source more than four hours beforehand because it was published for hours before it was released probably 24 to 48 hours in advance will you agree need to look into whether or not he violated that NDA since the there is no Authority obviously by the inspector-general will you agree to investigate former director Comey knothole La a double standard for his violation of that non-disclosure agreement I’m certainly not going to be commenting here and whether or not we’re going to open or not an investigation into someone I will say that I haven’t so you just not for what he did I’m sorry Mayweather’s Above the Law or not I did not think there’s anyone on this planet who’s Above the Law well we’ll see whether or not you actually open an investigation that will tell me that now yesterday Mr struck manage to have your attorney obstruct us from getting the answers we wanted by claiming that in fact he wasn’t going to answer questions even if they were 10 gently related to an ongoing investigation do you stand by that today that in fact behind-closed-door classified setting we are not entitled to those questions answered the time of the Gemma has expired but the witness man I would like to answer that yes so Congressman I was not present as you know for the interview and I understand you all talk and for 11 or 12 hours and I don’t know the specifics of what questions were asked which questions were ejected to and what the context is and in my experience as a prosecutor as a lawyer on the other side of it those kind of Details Matter so I really can’t speak to whether or not a particular objection made sense and I would need to know a lot more about that I will say I will say that it is a long-standing principal recognized by the Inspector General in this report that we don’t discuss ongoing criminal investigations not just publicly but with Congress German for the record the eight hundred thousand or so records the earlier the deputy attorney-general was talking about how difficult and long it took to produce them is it my understanding that they’re being looked at it and camera and as such if there were any information that the type that they said they wanted protect those would those could be objected to before release is not true that’s crack so the fact is all of the objections that we’ve heard about the delay really don’t apply when it’s in camera do they like I can’t answer that question but perhaps one of the individuals or the Attorney General they’re welcome to I’m happy to respond to Park which is that even information is provided in camera has to be reviewed first for example for grand jury secrecy which we are prohibited from disclosing so there are some things that we have to review for even to put it in the end, room legally required to their many more things that based on discussion with the chairman and his staff that would then be relevant to any subsequent production so you’re partially right but there are some things some significant things that have to get reviewed for even before it goes in the reading-room legally I would like I made an effort in this letter to plan a recognize that not every member congress’s lawyer prosecutor but I set forth in my letter an explanation of the history of the accommodation process between the executive and legislative branches that doesn’t mean that were in contempt and there’s sometimes maybe legitimate differences of opinion as to whether or not certain information is subject to being produced is it in fact the crime so my recommendation is trim as if there are differences of opinion or read the letter understand how this will resolve it civilly in court I’m working with really superb team so the best lawyers in the country Republicans Democrats career political appointees we are not in contempt of this Congress and we are not going to be thank you thank you the gentleman from California is bass for 5 minutes if you’re advised me that he has a pressing need to go first California thank you to our weaknesses for being here and we’re we’re here today because the FBI violated a long-standing colosseum not commenting on anything related to an ongoing criminal or counterintelligence investigation this summer and fall of two violation resulted in a year-and-a-half IG investigation a 500-page exhaustive IG report and it’s the Genesis of three concurrent investigations in the house alone last week we attended along with my car a six-hour hearing with the IG on the FBI’s violation of this policy yesterday Republican colleagues spent 11 hours trying to get the FBI to violate the same policy and today the deputy attorney general in the FBI an attempt by our friends on the other side of the aisle to force the FBI and is open for him to violate this policy all over again and all this is an attempt to discredit the Department of Justice special counsel protect president Trump and I’ll say at the outset it is my hope and prayer and I know the prayer of the American people that’s for the sake of our country that you both remain strong and faithful to the oh that you’ve taken no matter how much bullying in an effort to persuade you to violate the secret responsibly weather be by way of letter by way of contempt threats by way of resolutions or public hearing such as this I was pretending disturb you have a trimmer the committee City FBI the president in Congress are and you must yield To Us by remind the chairman respectfully and I remind both of you gentlemen you must not yield to us to the extent that doing so would require you to violate Euros to defend the Constitution and laws the United States I hope that is the sentiment of everyone on this committee having an emergency hearing about the Clinton emails we’re not having an emergency hearing on the corruption in this Administration the conflict of interest and violations of the elements Claus security which is so essential for upcoming election the family separation policy was just ripping children from their parents if they the past the DREAM Act or just the scourge of gun violence in America but we’re having another hearing about the Clinton email server you know I spent many years is a criminal defense lawyer it would have been a really clever and very useful thing if I had the ability to demand information about an ongoing investigation during the course of that investigation I never thought to do that because it’s so obvious you are not entitled to that and so this notion of making these demand in the hopes that you will continue to honor your oath and deny them they will use that as a pre taxed as Mr Gutierrez said to take some action against you something we should all guard against very close to giving out 18 the remaining 18 outstanding indictments by guilty pleas from the president’s Deputy campaign manager of the presidents former top National Security advisor among others you have already she was attacked in order to influence the outcome of our election myquest first question is are for an adversary’s including Russia continuing to attempt to interfere with our next election Congressman it is I think the consensus of the until community that Russia among other Farm Powers will continue to look for ways to influence our populous whether or not they would try to interfere with the election in the sense that a lot of lay people think of it I’m more of an open question but certainly there is plenty of information to show that they continue to look for ways to try to divide us and so Discord the undermine the faith of the American people in the Democracy that we hold so dear call director or the between gentle and all of the subpoenas and letters and demands for information of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle written to you and asked you to comment and provide information about the efforts that are being made to protect are the 2018 election from any foreign interference the FBI know has provided numerous briefings on our efforts as the deputy attorney-general mentioned I created a foreign influence passports dedicated to this topic and I can’t speak specifically to just cuz I don’t remember exactly which committee they’ve done what with I know he provided a lot of briefings we also I personally addressed the Full House of Representatives along with the Secretary of Homeland Security in the Director of National Intelligence on the subject the IG report that was prepared that was the most destructive that report will I think the report largest speaks for itself but the focus is on the handling of the Clinton email investigation and did that report address the independent counsel investigation relating to Russian interference and coordination with the Trump campaign that’s not my readers report then I quote this report totally exonerated me there’s no clusion there’s no obstruction of justice is that an accurate statement of the conclusions of that 500-page report directory fire the director answer the question I’ll let the report speak for itself I know that you’re a constitutionalist and I think about the framework we’re dealing with here in this article 1 asking questions of Article 2 and I would ask is an R&R role of oversight here in our article one roll of oversight is any information that’s house within the executive branch anywhere in the executive branch that would be permanently in Forever unavailable to the oversight of the United States Congress Apartment information that we typically wouldn’t release experience is typically the identities of confidential sources did we ever hear them they’re messed up information that I think would be in on that just a little bit to get out here is that the public is never going to have confidence in this broader issue that we’ve talking about for so long until as much information as possible can have sunlight on it and Congress is not going to have confidence until we actually get information that we don’t have to pull and try to fill in the blanks and then fill in the blanks have redactions and so I would submit that there’s no information this house within the executive branch and whatever form even if it’s just institutional knowledge that would forever be foreclosed from access to United States con shrimpers a long time but I certainly am sympathetic and I understand the concern agencies provide at least of a high-level information that’s not the further distributed I know this is a challenging issue and I’m aware of that and I’m not and I’m not really going to take it down into specifics I just want to get to this point that sir and I feel like or under the right format weather is in ask if whether it’s the people that are appropriate members of the committee is a jurisdiction Congress must eventually have access to all information that’s house within the executive branch of government that empowers executive branch than to be Beyond oversight would you agree with that just simply issued an order that all information relevant here that Congress is asking for is now Declassified and directed you to release at the United States Congress and whether it be slick make an Intel here or site would you would you then abide by it it would I regret that you’re not saying going on behind-the-scenes is that record I ran I have been in regular contact with director coats and with the CIA provide as much information as we can to the oversight committee but I’m not really hearing the evidence of my questions and it to Rosen Stein which is if the president Declassified and gave a direct order to Simply come clean with all things of interest to congress’s oversight on these topics would you abide by such an order yes but we have to talk about you say all information I think you know director would consult with the president then there is a way but that may be the only way that Congress is going to get this information necessary to put this whole jigsaw puzzle together and first have the confidence that we actually know what all went on but I just remove on the DirecTV Robert Moeller and can you can you paraphrase to us the DirecTV has for that mission internal investigation of the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election that’s directly from the order thank you and now that it that is available to public and I thank you for that are there how many fires are Judges are there I do not know the answer that sir and do you know how many fires are judges might have signed off on Warren stay relevant to this investigation how many different judges you’re my understanding it was information that was Declassified and I believe that the information Declassified indicated one application renewed three times so total of 4 and I believe they were four different judges but I don’t know that for a fact Republic yes I don’t know answer that time and that is who was in the room with Hillary Clinton on July 2nd 2016 we now know Peter struck was one of them who else was in that room I only know from whatever is in the report I have no personal knowledge and you have a way of finding out information out so I wouldn’t know any more than what you’re never fully must know that we’re going to get fired I’m doing that occurred it difficult for us to articulate that publicly we really have time to respond publicly but we are actually working cooperatively with respect what he’s trying to do and I think he understands and I’m trying to do the right thing and sew provided a classified briefings and we’re making an effort to get him all the information that we can and I believe he knows as much as I know about these questions that he’s trying to answer and if there’s anything else Aleve should be known by him we’re going to look for it so I can write high or not in any way trying to conceal any kind of wrong dude you or for the American people now the gentleman from California Ms baths thank you thank you mr. chair let me Begin by thanking both of you for your service to this country we often have this phrase here in Congress that we associate ourselves with the comments and questions of colleagues I’d like to take a moment actually to disassociate myself with the manner in which I believe you two have been treated and and I believe that your service has not been respected having that you know I’ve talked to both of you before about a subject matter that I’m critical of of the department but I’m critical of the department in the context of respecting your service in the service of your officers so if you do remember me we’ve had a couple of conversations about black identity extremist and about that report and I’ve asked a both of you at different times if you would look into the matter further and I didn’t actually hear back and so I went to ask you questions before and we also had a meeting it was a classified meeting with with your departments and I’m still in search of answers and the answer is I’m in search of is that if you have identified who drafted the report and way more important than the individual the department and what was the basis for the report and I’d like to ask both of you to respond to that your talk is specifically report regarding black identity extremist motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers is the long-winded name of that report and so I asked who drafted it I don’t have that information with me shortly I thought that the meeting that I had with would you own your colleagues so I think it was about 2 hours ago that was very constructive I appreciate hearing your concerns I hope you understood at least how we went about what we did it all happen before I arrive the cat that conversation has I can tell you prompted us to go back and take a very hard look at how we are pocketing the different categories of domestic terrorism and it’s I think it’s been a used learning experience for us and I expect we will see some changes in how we do things going for you very much no further knowledge of the beyond what directory has but I do want to show you the baseball but I’ve seen the FBI during my tenure there when they use the term extreme violence and violations so you know what when we did meet I also asked both of you if you were aware of any cases and that point you said that you weren’t you didn’t know of any investigations but since then you might be familiar with the case in Dallas where there was young man who you know put some in my opinion crazy stuff on his Facebook page but I had no History of Violence and wound up being incarcerated for several months and the black identity extremist document was the basis and which he was a red are either of you familiar with that case I’m not I mean they labeled in that and play with it okay so I would ask again follow up I would appreciate it because my concern that I raised to you then and I still have that concern is that in till this report is retract food and clarification is made two thousands of police agencies around the country that that report can be used especially if you have when my concern is young African American activist who might protest police police violence you know whether it’s a police shooting like the one that just happened in Pittsburgh the guy running and was shot in his back or in Sacramento because these shootings continue to occur and they continue to be videotaped well as I said continuing to look at the information we used for that report and the manner in which we described it as I also left think said to you back when we spoke last we have very strict guidelines about not just in this area but in any domestic extremism situation we only investigate when we have those three things remembered credible evidence of a violation of federal criminal law number one number two credible evidence of violence or threat of violence and then third motivated by Summer we don’t have those things are folks are not allowed to open up an investigation so I would in wrapping up would ask if you you know what follow-up I’m encouraged to hear that it’s caused you know maybe some reconsideration what worries me though is it the reconsideration takes place within department is great but those 2,000 law enforcement agencies if there is not correction clarification I still worry that it could be used in so we commit perhaps we could follow up with that I’m a gentleman has expired to recognize Jenna from Texas or gohmert for 5 minutes thank you mr. chairman Deputy attorney general, and seem it seems it too many of your responses has been basically see I wasn’t here then that wasn’t me I didn’t personally do that I didn’t retire redact judge Contreras his name from the documents so so Congress couldn’t see that he was friends with Peter Straub that was someone else but you have headed by pointedly to Mr Jordan that I am the deputy attorney-general and you certainly are but the actions of your subordinates withdrawal employees of the Department of Justice aren’t you vouching for those don’t those people respond to you those people all ultimately report to meet yes sir and that would include when Bruce Orr’s office was directly next to yours Out Boy goodnight correct any work for you work in the office I think a couple doors down but a couple of doors down well aware of some of the events that occurred before your comfort Haitian as a deputy attorney-general however some of your team members certainly were involved so when I asked go was to Tichina get hard your Deputy or a dracaena Patricia Anderson involved in any stage of drafting editing or proving the 405 applications to spy on Carter page I wasn’t sure if you were drinking that question to me but I should I don’t sitting here right now I don’t know exactly who was involved in drafting what Pfizer application so just to be clear apparently director Wray you have to answer for the deputy attorney general about face applications he signed I think you’ve been a bit are you going whether you even signed no no slice let me try to clarify application application now that’s going to apply job so that your job okay you approved it will when you approve a feist application in your mind does that mean you should read it and understand what part of it you should certainly understand which part of it that you’re parsing words so that doesn’t mean you need to read it in your opinion is that correct pens on the circumstances sir and being a former felony stay judge if I had somebody like you come up for me and now it was nothing but a little later is that the guy that signed and approved an application for a warrant don’t have not even read the application that would allow spying on somebody from Sherwood look at free thing he sign from then on with a jaundiced eye and I’m telling you I was a little concerned about Espen Lancer well you have you said no I have not proved it well I did approve it I didn’t ask that question because you said you approved it but you took out the words that you read it and so it is my time to spend if he wants to use you during that time continue to run while the chairman took up some of my time so you’ll have that and and actually I was being interrupted I did not have a question I was taking the words that the deputy attorney general him well let me ask you about this you said earlier Bruce or was not working on the Russia investigation let me ask yourself to your knowledge did you not know that or was meeting with Christopher Steele getting the information about the the dossier and supplying that information to the FBI at the same time his wife Nellie was working Fusion GPS that was helping Hillary Clinton did you not know he was doing that for the FBI correct you did not know that right okay so he office couple of doors down but you had no idea that he was actually the go-between to get that information so when did you find out about that the inspector General look at the deputy look at the summary the mr. Horowitz said we did not have confidence that strikes decision to prioritize Russia investigation / following up on the mid-year did investigations lead lead discovered on the weiner laptop was free from bias it pretty clear to most of us he is bias did effect that decision and it time of the gentleman has expired the deputy attorney general May respond I completely understand your concern is being reviewed by the Inspector General no problem with it I’ll respect that now we don’t talk about it illegal for us to talk about this particular example of the intelligence committee stand in context sir that the department and made the decision to disclose the existence of a fisa to the house and sent it before I got there before I got there but I renewal application it was signed under oath by an FBI agent who tested it was true and correct out if he was wrong will hold him accountable but let’s allow the process to conclude before you jump to conclusions about that because I sure you sir I’ll be just as offended as you find it was some incorrect information in an application mr. chairman since we’ve learned that he relies heavily on people that were part of his team to do these that applications I don’t think we can get to the tree Joey question Tichina gohar and Tricia Anderson and that would also include why she slow walks the notices of NSC meetings to the attorney general when she’s working for the d a g just to make him look bad so we need to get those two people in here and place them go back bring the information to my attention or the inspector General’s attention let’s hear both sides and then let’s reach a conclusion I think what’s important understand and I understand the fisa process is very obscure to most people but these are centrally search warrant federal agent at the swear under oath that everything that application is true and then their review processes within the FBI within the department ultimately the decision is made by a federal judge in there can be mistakes I will find out if there are any mistakes in this one but it’s not a matter of just slap document signing it’s a very thorough process in that particular case for different federal judges found probable cause the inspector-general review it and I’ll wait those conclusions sure but I just would encourage you not to jump to any conclusions and I or anybody else did anything we have all the information January 27th 2000 letter to John Linder who is then the chairman of the rules sub committee on rules in organization apps of the committee on rules from Ravenna Deputy Assistant Attorney General Robert raven like Nancy sentences into the record now swalwell for 5 minutes and Sherman and mr. Rosen Stein Miss Ray thank you both for your service and I hope you pass along my thanks to the men and women who serve the Department of Justice and the bureau this morning Donald our president tweeted when is Bob Mueller going to list his conflicts-of-interest Miss Rosenstein’s by mother have any conflicts of interest view within the department that if there were a cradle allegation of a conflict of interest and so I’m not aware of any disqualifying conflict-of-interest in your experience but apartment are you aware ever and your experience Apartments history of an unindicted subject of Investigation being given evidence that exist in the case for that person’s a sucker that would not be our practice and do you intend to change that with the request that Rudy Giuliani the president’s Council has made that unindicted information would be given over to the president as it relates to the Russian investigation Chinese made to me mr. Ray you agree that the FBI’s responsibility is to prevent attacks on America that’s one of many of our responsibilities yes would you agree that in 2016 Russia trike Lee weaponizing social media and hacking emails attacked our democracy I think that’s a shorthand for what was in the intelligence Community assessment which I have every reason to accept this morning mr. Ray the president tweeted Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with meddling do you believe that Russia had something to do with the meddling that occurred in the last election as I think indicated I think the intelligence community’s assessment which I agree with is that Russia attempted to sow Discord in our country in an effort to influence the last election as the deputy attorney-general mention there’s also now an indictment through the special counsel’s office that speaks too much the same subject has president Trump personally told you to use your resources at the FBI to counter future election meddling by the Russians we did as I think the White House has reported and disclose did have a meeting not just with the FBI but with Deputy attorney-general the homeland security secretary I think director coach may have been there the Attorney General maybe also with the whole Focus was on making sure that we are doing what we should be doing what the president shared the present chaired the meeting so yes to make sure we’re doing all of us not just the FBI but all of parts of the government that have responsibilities for protecting our country against foreign influence that we’re all doing what we should be doing if there’s more that we can be doing that we’re doing that with respect to the Russian investigation I don’t discuss my conversation I have not received any don’t do something that I believe was wrong what would you do if the president did give you an improper order to share your belief that he acted inappropriately and we shouldn’t allow opinions to get in the way of law enforcement duties and the inspector-general found that he had opinions that we’re just Tastefully especially toward our president Canada Trump but that there was no finding that that influence the investigation I just want to ask are you aware of mistress truck setting up a June 9th meeting at Trump Tower where the president’s son son-in-law and paint Sherman met with individuals seeking to offer dirt from the Russians on Hillary Clinton to he set that up or was he involved in that anyway I have no personal knowledge about that and did mr. struck ask candidate Trump or write a speech for candidate Trump in the summer 2016 to invite the Russians to conduct further hacking was that part of any finding that you had not to my knowledge you find it a unhelpful at the president with tweet in the manner that you did this morning and the public comment he’s made what he doesn’t acknowledge that Russia interfered in our election yet you are tasked with trying to counter Russian interference in our lunch there a lot of opinions out there about a lot of things putting on Twitter I’m not really a Twitter guy in our folks aren’t really either were more focus on just trying to make sure we get our work done just be then I think one of these things here is amazing how this is all win the last few minutes or we just went to making crap up but if it’s an interesting process previous attorney general in the previous FBI director and the previous Bruster’s we go for I just have a few questions specific questions and these can be without commenting on an ongoing investigation and all of any kind is there in Europe in a constitutional standard Department investigating any present a present or any present constitutional standard the department this area and if so are you directing special counsel Mueller to follow it you’re trying to the issue whether president can be indicted I know that there are there are two historical opinions but I have not read them recently as well as well as there any discussion about that did all that speculation that your reads her has nothing to do with me and that’s fine that’s why you’re on record and then answer the question I appreciate that Clarence you said that you would check you to send me did at that point security clearance has been revoked this is not this is not a new recruit this is somebody’s been around and very sensitive information and on January 13th 2016 an individual from FBI Washington field office e-mail employees are polygraphs route of telescope I ask you about that and ask you if you have been polygraph you didn’t know what the time it said the polygraph raised flag now my question about this would be you didn’t know about the polygraph time will you do with the top the extramarital affair have come up in that polygraph or are possibility come up in that polygraph on this truck they could have put it out of scope I do not know that I have no idea what would have been raised in the NEC persons polygraph at this moment and I’m putting this in context of the text that we see now before continuing and very sensitive areas such as the investigation the Mueller investigation against Hillary that we have seen that we commented on today if those texts taken into account we’re on this polygraph and it would he could or could have passed the polygraph if he’s in his own ability denying an affair with Lisa Page and I’m not going to engage in hypotheticals especially hypotheticals when as I’ve said before we have referred and number of individuals mentioned prominently in the report to our office of professional responsibility for the appropriate disciplinary process and my commitment to doing things by the book includes not as FBI director commenting on them while they’re ongoing basically had a failed polygraph on out of scope polygraph test then which they had to then go back into Andre answer or at the complete specs sensitive compartmented information request on this would they stay in that investigation and if so where they treated differently because of his position or who you again I’m not going to engage in hypotheticals about individuals who may have been referred for our disciplinary cross who is Pat an issue with a polygraph during the investigation what you have and which sensitive information for coming about in which we now send the text and other things what would be that’s okay just keep them on if they could flunky questions you keep them all sensitive simply because that is your policy just to keep people around of course not how did this individual continue to soil investigation when there is polygraph as what he had to go back through and say is out of sorts and we know that from one of those the other employees were in a relationship in later got married in disclosed that relationship so how was this in Cab in an investigative role in this when they was a sensitivity Factor here I possibly line or even now we know by as I have said repeatedly we are going to hold people accountable and make sure we follow our policies strictly and that does not include me commenting on pending matters involving those people I want to make sure that people are held accountable but I want to make sure it’s done right and buy the book and I’m not going to do it any other way appreciate the comment earlier you said weast needs to finish appropriately and I question is is what what time is appropriately and what does it look like apologize I think I misunderstood you asking me about department policies if you’re referring to issues of resentful whether you can issue a subpoena and maybe what you had in mind in terms of process and so if those issues arose do an appropriate review as to what the fox and the law are and we make an appropriate decision in my my answer was simply focused on your original Constitution the chair recognizes gentleman from Illinois mr. Snyder for 5 minutes thank you mr. trim and I want think my colleagues for allowing me to jump ahead and and having a question I want to thank you Ray W turn on channel and time for your patients here but more importantly for your resilience and as you said publicly attorney general refusal to be intimidated I think it’s critical that the investigation investigations be allowed to go to the mend and we can all of our responsibilities follow them to the conclusion and follow our responsibilities to the Constitution attorney general in as my colleague from Florida was speaking to you earlier about the importance of Mueller investigation especially in the context of protecting our elections I’m going to paraphrase what you said but I think it’s important to reiterate you said the investigation is tremendously important it’s important to understand what’s happening now what happened in a past election but also was if it’ll happen in the future we have to be certain to do everything we can to protect the American people are elections is that a fair paraphrase make sure we understand what’s happening and we defend against it Deputy attorney-general are you confident that we are where we need to be today to prevent interference when Americans go to the polls in 4 months said he established a sports I met with that task force and we continue to do what we can along with Department Homeland Security which works with our state election officials so I can assure you that we are taking a lot of steps to protect against ballot itself and with other efforts to interfere so last year each of you came before this committee I had the opportunity to ask you I had a PSP attorney general when he was here about what we were doing on this was back in the fall concerned by the Attorney General’s answer my question of are we doing what we need to do his response essentially was that were not where we need to be quoting I have not follow through out to see where we are on that but he said he would personally take action to do so and I asked if that time if he would break this committee. Despite that commitment to brief us and let us know what’s being done we’ve been unable to schedule a briefing understand everything that’s happening I believe Congress needs to know what is being done for the week in bed understand whether or not we are prepared and what actions we have to take my question to you between General and and director I will you commit this sending the appropriate representatives to brief my colleagues on this committee understand what’s being done on both of the Department of Justice and the FBI first I’m not sure if you were at the we did a Full House Representatives Breeze there until I’m happy to do it free things on top of that but that we are doing a number thanks to brief committees and members of Congress on the all the things we’re doing I guess the second thing I would say you referenced the Attorney General’s or earlier testimony on the subject and I think I think it was a question to me I when I testify in front of this committee and December and as I said there are a whole lot of things that were doing and that’s on me for not having at the time he now has gotten much more extensively breathe that’s not at all for not having proof the Attorney General all the great new things the FBI is doing on that subject I appreciate report there was a meeting last month and Silicon Valley between a tech companies in representatives of the doj in the end the FBI be aware of that meeting are there been a number of meetings with companies in Silicon Valley we are working closely with them inappropriate ways to try to list in ways that are again appropriate their assistance in trying to better protect the country from improper maligned influence a sense of an unwillingness to cooperate cooperate with tech companies to make sure that they are aware of any efforts that might be undertaken by Foreign entities or otherwise dinner Fair elections has your agency provide to these companies what they need to make sure they are able to put up the defenses and respond to any threats I will say, so this is the first time I’ve heard any complaints about what information were providing again under the the new effort that were making we’ve actually provided all sorts of information to those companies in effort to make them more effective and I think from our perspective we’re not looking to see what they come back to us with in order as again in a joint coordinated effort to protect protect their own platforms we’re providing them information to help them do that so my own experience including having gone out to Silicon Valley and met with some of these companies myself is that we’re doing a whole lot of things that weren’t being done before the 2006 I appreciate it like I said these were report so I don’t want to make it any claims but I do want to make the request that we work in partnership with the tech companies to do everything we can to ensure that every Americans vote is counted fairly and every American has confidence in their vote Samuel twin election the American people are counting on you both and without a your back that Peter struck led the investigation both for the email investigation and the initial Russian investigation which you would you do agree with his characterization of that well I guess I wasn’t there I do think the it’s fair to say that mr. struck played a a lead role in both investigations exactly how was structured and who supervises home in the back probably navigate to little more context and explanation by others but I don’t think that’s far off enough and then so what’s been characterized two days that that the inspector General’s that there was none of the bias that brought mistress Trucking to Sunshine under microscope so closely affected the decisions made in the Hillary Rodham Clinton Clinton investigation patient because I’m under questioning I must just go there probably have the book right there if you go to page 211 what you’ll find and this is one thing traditional testified as well is that the you did not find documentary testimony of an incident and proper consideration to clean political bias directly affected the specific investigative decisions decisions explored it he admitted that those by a seas that mr. struck had and I just mr. struck the others listed that I think I’ve been referred for discipline probably indirectly affected not only the info decision makers had but the decisions that were made would that be accurate I know neither one of you were there but do you think that might be inaccurate I wasn’t here when he when he doesn’t like it was so that that leads me to a series of questions related to what’s going on here and we move into the last investigation is ongoing investigation Mr Rosenstein the scope letter who wrote the scope letter for mr. Mueller’s what is the scope of his duties would be if you sign up running probably correct and you turned an under deck to copy that over to any any Congressional committee a question cuz I understand why there’s some confusion about this and we only have 2 minutes and 7 seconds but I wrote in my letter dated yesterday history and explanation why it is wrong for the Department of Justice to publicly identify people who are subject so I certainly completely understand why you asked the question but I hope that the letter will speak for itself and explaining why it is our policy not to do that. People of deviated from that in the past and my commitment is to follow the rules I’m going to take this job and I recognized it confusing because people have departed from the rules in the past we’re fine we don’t identify person’s publicly Lester charged and we explain that in the letter so let’s go to I sent you a letter and I don’t know if you got it cuz it’s just a couple days old June 25th asking if you were going to provide us with the names of everyone who served past and mr. Mueller special counsel investigation because as you might guess what kind of curious what vetting is gone in the inspector-general found at least in his testimony that there was still probably one person still on that investigative team that he found to have untoward bias and so are you inclined to release dad or is this something you need to talk about offline practical so I have been able to do that I completely understand that question will review it obviously is very committed to backing the blue and protecting law enforcement officers from any kind of abuse of retaliation I do reluctant to publicly name on the front lines that just because of what that might invite not but you obviously but by people who were a little motivated but I think you raise an important question I have talked with mr. Mower on several occasions about the importance of making sure the people on his team that only cut you off and we’ll get back to that may be offline or something like that but I’ve got 10 seconds left out at this important September 22nd 2016 Lisa Page wrote a letter to mistress truck saying that she had talking points for me because everything we’re doing these identify POTUS and what you think she meant when she said one frustration with what’s reflected in this report and nobody would be happy to know that people were sending those for the text messages and they have those kind of used and so I completely understand his frustration my commitment is to make sure that everything that we do chords with the facts in the law and we do not hey by us to influence what happens when our watch for 5 minutes thank you investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2016 it is now June 2018 and thousands of kids have been ripped away from their parents or the Trump administration’s child separation policy have not yet been reunited in the kids not knowing if they are ever going to see their parents again or where they are is a trauma and horror we can only imagine but since Republicans control the agenda let’s at least try to have this stupid hearing be based on the facts and the central fan from does IG investigation is that no personal views of n e f e r d o j employee affected their integrity of the investigation so Direct reach you some of the findings from this IG investigation as if you agree with it the IG found or review did not find evidence connect a political views expressed in the text messages to the specific investigative decisions we accept the fine and yes all right if river found during the course of agents and prosecutors and that these judgement calls were not unreasonable except wakes up at find against Hillary Clinton included use a grand jury subpoenas and search warrants to obtain evidence to accept that finally accepted find and the reason agents drug did that is because in America we let people have personal views are we expected where they go do their job when they enter the FBI building they check their views at the door that’s what we expect about agents and then your case tractor Ray Republican nominated president confirmed by Republic controlled send it you have made over $39,000 exclusively in donations Republican candidates I still trust you because you check your belief that the door and you’re doing your job and a fact when interview agents to hire you can’t ask them if they are a democrat-republican and whether you should hire them isn’t that right that is correct I will say Congressman that I take very seriously Our obligation to do our jobs a politically independently and objectively no matter who likes it either side I will also say that we don’t subject our agents of political litmus test I will also say that we expect our agents to check their opinions as you said at the door not unlike not unlike in this system judges all around the country have their own political views that range across the Spectrum and sometimes hold them very deeply forgeries that have all kinds of use or doctors that hold all kinds of use all of them are entitled have those views but but we need them to check those views at the door and honor their olds and that’s what I expect of every agent analyst and professional staff person in the FBI close carrying a Peter stroke yesterday and I’d have to say my Republican colleagues have miscarriage write a testimony and number of his text messages have been misconstrued and mischaracterized it is deeply ironic that my Republican colleagues are yelling and screaming document production when they refuse to release his unredacted transcript from yesterday’s clothes hearing they need a release at the American people we need to see Peter strzok testimony and she needs to be at open hearing I hope my will do that and let me move to do something that the president said an official statement on Twitter he said another time that we got another hearing you laugh there was not so directory him ask you is there a deep State at the FBI understand I’ve never completely understood the term deep State what I can tell you is that we have 37,000 men women working in field offices all over country and then we got offices all over the world and they are people of character of Courage of principle of selflessness and of patriotism and that’s the FBI that I see thank you I appreciate that and I hope stop attacking the FBI then let me conclude my comments to you that featuring General Rosenstein you have shown you meant courage in the face and unfair criticism and over-reaching request stand-your-ground you took an oath to the Constitution not any particular Administration or political party or even this Judiciary Committee do not produce documents that would jeopardize people’s lives do not produce documents do not produce documents stand-your-ground play it straight do it by the book as you have been doing and history will judge you kindly for that are you about the chair recognize the gentleman from Pennsylvania profits for 5 minutes and thank you gentleman for being here today and let me also echo my thanks to the department and the FBI for the tremendous work is being done in Western Pennsylvania as we grapple with any number of issues from the heroin epidemic to cyber issues etcetera Amazon mr. Rosenstein the IG report noted that there were discussions about whether to employer special counsel but who was that the Attorney General Lynch made the decision that she did not need to recuse furthermore on page 5 the report summary Yankees team said quote we did not we did find evidence that Comey never seriously considered to request me a special counsel do you think that attorney general Lynch should have recused herself especially after meeting with former President Clinton American Arizona every day if I weigh based on the facts and circumstances I believe she said that she consulted with epics experts and that’s what I would do as well so I don’t know what the nature of the conversation was I would hope that if the situation similar to what to she encounters encounters you there would be a refusal of them wanting to wrap things up because depending election on page for the summary director Comey also had conversations with Deputy attorney general Yates about insisting that he special counsel being poured appointed the closer they got to the election but his statement to Yates was really depressed Gog Gog to induce the department to move more quickly to obtain the Mills and Sammy Wilson calling laptops and to complete the investigation iic decisions with respect to director statements on July 2nd October 28th All driven by politics we just had a conversation about weather what’s going to control the timelines of Investigations that again I see politics driven through out this do you not and its relationship we recognize some of the things went wrong they have involved personal reactions between leaders of the department that’s not going to happen in our watch with regard to the inspector General’s report I wasn’t there I would have to I respect his conclusions little bit about the special counsel how is the power of the special counsel limited within the scope his responsibilities at yes us attorney can be discharged at Willow by the president Council does not provide for such correct subordinate official so unlike a Attorney General there’s someone to leave the community have made an argument that mr. Mullins appointment by like the appointments Clause of the Constitution essentially pointing out that he is operating as a principal officer instead of an inferior officer which what does choir presidential nominations Senate confirmation the argument is wrong question about the frustration that we’ve had with respect the documents and read actions I think I’ve heard you say today that you want to be helped us was what you called legitimate congressional oversight that you would provide information that we need to fill fill fill our duties who is the Arbiter of what is legitimate and what you think we need as opposed to us making that decision I don’t know that I used to use legitimate in that context what you’re doing is legitimate question would be whether or not a particular document was withheld for a proper reason to my understanding Congressman I know you aren’t personally involved discussion Central Standings that we actually have a fair amount of agreement with regard to understand where this is all coming from because we see things that are rejected that you could things that are redacted to protect somebody at the FBI whether it’s a relationship quit stalking and the judge or or with respect to the credibility of a witness in the Flynn investigation the reactivation in there been you up go out and say something about extortion money or property value in that and they take an answer the the environment that is not been helpful as we look for the information as we conduct our our legitimate oversight will not be extorted wasn’t an allegation of crime you have to use your lanyard come on your prompt you know that that term is is loaded people going to make criticisms people going to make threats we need to do the right thing I think the American people need to be reassured Congressman that we’re not going to respond to any improper to mass matter who makes them that was sipping my point but I do think what I would appreciate it something to keep in mind the reason you know if those word actions were inappropriate is because when we were asked about it we turned over the unredacted documents we were trying to hide anything or somebody made a mistake I was following protocols for these reactions that we determine were wrong and we change them so I think we resolve it and so I believe they were acting in good faith I think the folks were dealing with understand writing a good faith I met personally along with your X-ray Sherman goodlad to trim a new nose and speaker Ryan and they brought to my attention some specific items which were addressing so I believe Congressman we are complying with valid oversight request and we’re going to provide you everything that appropriate for Supply recognize German from Maryland German thank you the chairman said earlier this morning that this was like a novel but he didn’t say which one it was experiencing something like Alice in Wonderland although the the early questioners reminded me a little bit more of the two-minute hate sessions in George Orwell’s 1984 I don’t know whether either of you wanted to volunteer a literary analogy for us to understand with taken is today okay to the point of rudeness and into but I can’t quite figure out why I’m starting with Personnel at mr. Rosen Stein you are distinguished law enforcement officer of 21 years experience in law enforcement I know that you were a Republican appointed by a Republican president of the US attorney and as far as I know you’re still a republican appointed by Republican president president Trump to be the deputy Attorney General Robert mother spent 28 years in law enforcement who is u.s. attorney in two different states a decorated war hero again a lifelong Republican and mr. Ray understand you spent at least eight or nine years in law enforcement you have been also booking a lifelong Republican Kim in tens of thousands of dollars to Republicans into your law firms poker action committee including two candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney and so on is there a republican partisan conspiracy Witch Hunt against the Republican president taking place in history as I’ve said repeatedly I do not believe special counsel Mueller is on any kind of Witch Hunt council is actually been remarkably productive and its work 22 people and businesses have been charged with 75 criminal charges there already been 5 guilty pleas from Michael Flynn Rick Gates George Papadopoulos the binders one and Richard Pineda one person’s already been sentenced you can compare that to the Ken Starr Whitewater investigation which lasted for years and produce nothing or the 7th congressional committees that went after the Benghazi Holy Grail and came back with nothing including our beloved mr. doubting that took more than 3 years and yet in less than two years we’ve got 22 people in it companies charge have there been any complaints about the guilty pleas with criminal indictments from any members of Congress that you’re aware of mr. Rosenstein’s or packages to Corrections I’ve been 28 years in federal law enforcement 29 years in the service of the government sometimes around up 2:30 in the produce nothing because as you may be aware I work in that investigation I was involved in three defendants for fraud but store investigation as I discussed in my letter yesterday is somewhat different mother understands that the goal here is to keep the investigation focused and occluded as expeditiously as possible we need to allow law enforcement to proceed its own charms following the rules in the procedures of law enforcement in order to arrive at a just result but the whole suggestions here today is that there’s some kind of partisan conspiracy of foot and let me just ask you just to be clear is there a republican partisan conspiracy within the highest ranks of law enforcement department of justice against a Republican president know okay do you believe that the kids that are being directed at you today or because you’re not doing your jobs or because you are doing your jobs starting with you mr. eisenstein okay mr. Gowdy said before that America is being torn apart and of course we’ve seen in the last several weeks thousands of families actually being torn apart in America end but I agree with mr. Gatti’s America’s being torn apart by these outrageous and incessant attacks on distinguished law enforcement Personnel at the Department of Justice and Law Enforcement Officers the FBI partisan purposes all of this presents a huge threat to the rule of law in America one party controls the House of Representatives is you seen today the United States Senate the White House and the Supreme Court obviously after the sandbagging of President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court so they control the house the Senate the White House in the Supreme Court and they seem to want to control the Department of Justice in the FBI so just want to ask you can you restate what you think the role of law enforcement is in terms of upholding the rule of law against attempted partisan interference of manipulation Mr Ray could I begin with you and our mission is to check the American people in uphold the Constitution and that is our only loyalty some things are happening would be better if not interfered with the election it would been better knowledge that they would have been better people have not made mistakes and demonstrated some of those things are happening best that we can do to try to do our jobs Faithfully to a barrow and I believe Congressman then ultimately the American people will regain those who have lost will regain confidence because they know they have Chris Rea running the FBI properly the fox running the department of making decisions properly and my hope is that that will be the end result but I recognize that people have legitimate reason to be concerned thank you for your service I go back in German thank you mr. chairman and thank you both for your service and thank you to the men and women at the FBI and the department we deeply appreciate it and I wanted to start by registering my I was trying to find the right word I had confusion here that that quite quite right then I had discussed and I put outraged now I’m just going to say descent and displeasure that we are having a sham emergency hearing on this topic when we already held and all day hearing with the oversight Committee just last when Peter struck was the deposed for 11 hours and a closed session where we discussed this in the context of The Meadows resolution of inquiry on Tuesday at markup and then again on the floor I can only conclude that the only emergency really that requires a German to break comity rules and schedule a hearing at the last minute appears to be the majority’s Deep fear of the truth the truth what the special counsel Mueller’s investigation is yielding and will yield around the Trump campaign collusion with a foreign government and other related matters that has been the emergency that frankly has transformed the committee that I was so excited to be on because it is a powerful committee the Judiciary Committee is a powerful committee with independent jurisdiction in the profound responsibility to hold our democracy to its highest ideals and that has been transformed to a committee and my opinion with a singular political parties in focus and what I can only describe as a naked forever to spend all his time in service to individuals including a president who can show extreme disregard for the very institutions that Republicans used to defend all the time and Democrats actually used to criticize the institutions of democracy the FBI the Department of Justice the media the courts the chairman mentioned the story is like a novel what came to my mind is the handmaid’s tale perhaps a tail that leads up to the rights of citizens the status of women the pillars of justice and democracy being destroyed and serve authoritarian power the real emergency in my mind that we have not had a hearing up is the Urgent humanitarian crisis occurring in our country and our border and in cities across country that really does demand our immediate attention as our government risks the long-term Health well-being of thousands of young children who have been cruelly separated from their parents who have been put into cages gauges on United States soil while their parents who are by the way guaranteed the right to seek asylum in this country guaranteed that right by our signatory to the International Convention of Refuge and buy our own due process laws that they have been imprisoned that’s the emergency that we have and so I would like to start my questioning by asking Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein are you aware of the letter written by 72 bipartisan former US attorney’s who wrote to Attorney General Sessions to end the end of this is there quote Patrick and unsustainable and of quote family separations saying that they were again their word in quotes horrified by the policy are you aware of that letter mr. chairman I ask unanimous consent to enter that letter into the record thank you and Stine are you aware that the spike in the number of Migrant children in US custody today has gone to over 10,000 shoulder detention centers no I’m not aware of that may include children who come across on their own without them but I’m not aware of the number in detention center and have been separated from their parents including children as young as six months old women in a prison in a federal prison I’m not exaggerating when I say that they are being imprisoned asylum-seekers for being imprisoned mothers who told me their children have been stripped from them one as young as one year old and attorney-general I don’t believe that the the administration knows even wear these children are who they belong to Chessa does know exactly where it one of those children stop you for one second to tell you of my personal experience and I was surrounded by the warden of the prison as well as the number of employees who can clarify who can corroborate exactly what I’m saying a woman gave me a slip of paper that was given to her either by ice rhhs I’m not I’m not sure who gave it to her it had her name or a number hurt supposed children except they weren’t her children they were not her children do not believe when somebody tells you that they know where these children are unless you can tell me in 10 days that they are actually going to be reunited with their parents this is happening on us soil and I have been very disturbed to hear of some of the uh consequences on the Justice Department’s ability to prosecute serious crimes do to this Zero Tolerance 0 Humanity prosecution policy a USA Today article said that an email was obtained from the justice department supervisor I will turn it over to you and I would love to hear what is happening to the prosecution of drug smuggling cases because prosecutors are being taken away to prosecute these individuals were coming across seeking very interested in that would be shocked if it were true that a drug smuggling case was dropped the cause of an immigration case but I’ll be happy to look into it I appreciate that five and a half hours of your time and a short by our standards here lately actually Inspector General was here for 7 hours and mistress truck was here for 11 hours yesterday but I want to repeat the concern expressed by some of our members in myself about the interview with mr. struck we reached an agreement with him after we had issued a subpoena because his earlier promise to voluntarily appear I was not materializing so we should have subpoena and then we later agreed to turn it back into a voluntary interview and he came and as is the the rocket with a voluntary interview the FBI with allowed to have counsel present as well we went through a lot of questions about a lot of things what you got answers but we also were stymied Time and Time and Time again because the FBI Council instructed him not to answer because it was as she called it an ongoing investigation now we have an ongoing investigation here as well that investigation is based upon that book sitting between the two of you it took a long time to get that done and we have worked very hard for a long time before that and we continue to work on that and mistress truck was expected to answer questions regarding his involvement in both of these investigations not from the standpoint of the substance of the investigation but from the standpoint of what his role was in a contemporaneous time with some of the most unbelievably outrageously biased vulgar text that he was exchanging at the same time that he was being introduced into this investigation so questions regarding his has he ever communicated with mr. Steele or with Glenn Simpson who’s a journalist or other matters like this find out what his role was in the start of that investigation is critical to our investigation and we need the answers to those questions and we are now being blocked again by the FBI so I will I will say I completely free with both of you and actually I commend both of you for the efforts that you have made with regard to the document production I was dismayed to find out that someone in the department had made the determination that even though our correspondence that always said that we wanted all Communications that somehow that would exclude the communications within the Department of Justice related to these very same matters and I wondered but your lashes working on that and will help us resolve that and we also have the issue with regard to this is more the intelligence committee but this matter of Pfizer investigation is now undertaking is very much of interest of the Judiciary Committee because both the fisa court and the FBI are under the oversight of the Judiciary Committee but so where is interest as others are in in the information regarding how that took place and I don’t think the Congress should be expected to wait another 6 months or a year that report was in the works for a year year-and-a-half if maybe it was many months overdue from when it was originally we were is Levi’s they expected have it done we understand that takes a long time to do some of these things but our investigation needs to proceed simultaneously and I have and other members do you have mr. Gowdy has on the app of the oversight committee said we have no intention of interfering with the substance of Investigation of mr. Mueller we’ve been criticized that whole matter and we’ve stayed clear that but looking at the problems cited in that report which involved questions of improper procedures followed by the FBI and stream bias demonstrated we can all draw a conclusion about how the bias affected the actions but not if we can’t ask the one of these Central Witnesses about that bias based upon his involvement in the outs that case we need to have that resolved and we will communicate with you further Beyond right here to work on that finally going to be safe and we thank both of you and miss you right I think that you have done what a lot of people said needed to be done in terms of making two-story Personnel changes I I believe they’re probably some more that need to happen I think you had I like what you had to say following the inspector General’s report about the recommendations in the report and Miss Rose and sign I absolutely agree with you that you are making an effort very serious effort to change what was earlier on a very slow process in terms of production practice has been much much much much better I completely agree with that but I’m going to have ongoing problems and we need to keep working on that because of these two new problems that have just just come up in the last day so make sure hope that hours would be included in a follow-up discussions that you have on the Russian investigation involve the appropriate parties at the appropriate time with regard to how we’re going to get the operation to make sure that Witnesses are not instructed not to answer questions that are relevant to this investigation I think both gentlemen for appearing here today and this hearing is adjourn
Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray testify before the House Judiciary Committee about an inspector general’s report that found serious failings in how federal law enforcement handled a high-profile investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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