Rosenstein, Wray grilled during Capitol Hill hearing

fireworks during the questioning of the Deputy Ag and ever since Jeff sessions Sophie lawmakers didn’t hesitate the vent their frustrations with his handling of the probe you wrote the memo saying that, should be fired and you sign the fize extension for Carter page so my question is to you seems like you should be recused from this more ingestion just cuz you were involved in making decisions affecting both prongs of this investigation why haven’t you done that I can assure you that the accused of wrongdoing any member of the trunk campaign present it to the Damned grand jury if you have evidence at this present acted inappropriately presented to the American people whatever you got finish it the hell cuz this country is being torn apart I think the best thing we can do is finish it appropriately and reach your conclusion I certainly agree with you sir people should not jump to conclusions application not going to comment about any 5 application information from Congress any information from Congress to your statement that I’m keeping information from you formation of the boss mr. roses dying and my job is to make sure that we respond you’re concerned we have sir so I appreciate your concern and I think the House of Representatives going to say otherwise I don’t know why you won’t give us what we pass for sure I certainly hope that your colleagues are not under that impression that is not accurate analysis great panel of course Fox News contributor former Federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy great to see all of you so annoyed by Jim Jordans questioning which you found to be badgering because when you have to interrupt the witness it makes it makes the question was that a fatal mistake on the part of Jordan you know he went to school with the Teddy Kennedy School of congressional cross-examination you ask the hostel question and then you and me we interrupt the person that you’re questioning so my objection is not to the substance of what he asked he’s allowed to ask anything you want it’s tit is to the badgering but the larger question hear about this whole exercise of bashing it’s something that Andy has spoken to several times and is columns Andy McCarthy and spoke to a couple of days ago president Trump has the absolute authority to order Rod Rosenstein tutor over anything and everything to the Congress and if you did it and Rosen Stein didn’t want to do it he could resign or if you refuse to do it the president could fire him why hasn’t he done that what’s the delay why hasn’t president Trump just said turn the document over that’s not prejudicing the case or he doesn’t look like he’s defensive just its transparency illusions that they keep passing that are meaningless and Congress passed a resolution show on the road it’s a great question Laura and I appreciate so I’ll bring it up you know the great irony I thought of the hearing was my friend Jim Jordan really laying into Rod Rosenstein saying you’re the boss these people work for you and you know the elephant in the room is that this time works for Trump and precisely the point you make is is true Trump can order this so what we are stand is that he’s gotten a vice I don’t think it’s particularly good advice that because he’s been under investigation for obstruction and because the critics of Trump have conflated in the public mind the Republican Congress is pursuit of what went on with the agent who conducted these investigations and Mueller’s investigation that if Trump acts to force disclosure and help Congress he’s effectively obstructing justice now I think that’s nuts I don’t see a legal obstruction hat but I think that’s where they’re at he was asked what about the warrant and he wouldn’t answer the question about whether he read it and this but he wouldn’t answer the question about did you actually read this fisa warrant and he’s become saying we basically don’t understand and I don’t I don’t supervise employees so he wasn’t over-the-shoulder of Peter strzok at every every moment but he said he wants to rule out any corruption answer if you have a warrant he would have said I read the warrant he obviously didn’t read the warrant or maybe glanced over it so long ago we can’t remember the specifics which is why he’s not commenting this whole process is moving so incredibly slow at this point doj has to stop at the glacial performance and recognizes the American people want to know what’s going on speed it up already let’s get the answers out there and Trey Gowdy went crazy on decided ask a question but to take his time to make sure that he got quoted most evening newscast and cable and all over media mediatake get this thing wrapped up what is taking so long give us the documents and have Saul’s reaction tell Peter strzok not answer our questions yesterday when I asked when I asked Peter struck if he’d ever communicated with Glenn Simpson he gave us the answer you gave us doesn’t the X on the advice of FBI Council I can’t answer that question why couldn’t answer that question it’s your concerns but I didn’t get Peter struck any instructions how do I no sir not me not you and I didn’t so I can’t answer doesn’t sign came off well today at all I thought he came off is very defensive very flip but he played the victim card your personally attacking me you’re mean to me in the media like this was this is the biggest case the Russian case but the Hillary email case these two things well you keep in mind you’re I I I think it he did he did better than you think he did but keep in mind at Orly important things I’m glad you focused on this because roses Stein made two points number I’m not the one and nobody at doj as opposed to FBI which is in the doj but nobody in Rosenstein shot told Peter strzok what to say or not to say at all so we made it very clear he had nothing to do with the redactions including this latest outrageous redaction that they didn’t find out about until the inspector General’s report came out about the will stop him he didn’t have anything to do with that we found out and when he was told since he brought in this us attorney from Chicago but it brings up an interesting point there appears that for many years on and off there’s been a rogue element in FBI leadership that obstructs these kind of Investigations and obviously it’s outrage that text message was not sent to the Congress and the question is what what’s going to be done about it because I think. They should do something about that very basically I’ll take care of it meaning he’s going to be a problem Trump’s not going to be a problem and that doesn’t go to the Congress of course and you know this is the problem I think that Rosenstein has I think I wondered if you’d ever prepare to witness before because a lot of times it seems to me his answers were sensible but the smirk on his face was really off-putting but on this particular he says that he strongly supports the disciplining agent who committed misconduct he endorse IG horowitz’s report but you know you got to put your money where your mouth is and it’s impossible to be credible and say at the same time we’re giving you all cooperation and when we find somebody who withhold stuff we don’t do anything to disappoint him meet Amanda press and their personal attacks it’s this happened these people into the system who hated Trump they wanted to make sure that Hillary didn’t get it didn’t get prosecuted and they were make sure by hell or highwater that Trump is going to have problems why isn’t this guy Rosenstein angry I don’t know I’m the boss I’m responsible for it and you better believe I would have been angry after the fact when I confronted whoever did what escorted out of the office yet human resource
Reaction and analysis on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ from Fox News contributor and former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, former Whitewater deputy independent counsel Sol Wisenberg and former FBI national spokesperson John Ianarelli.

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