Rosenstein pushes back at Gowdy’s call to end Russia probe

we got a lot of movement live traffic right now because the hearing after 6 hours I has just wrapped up and if we’re lucky we may see the deputy attorney general and the FBI director are heading down that way where we got a bank of cameras one thing that really dumb did the hearing today for these outstanding records that show the FBI’s intelligence activities prior to July 31st 2016 that is when the Russia collusion case officially opened those records were free under subpoena in April and the subject of a very testy exchange earlier today to make sure that we respond you’re concerned we have sir mr. who is managing that production am I understanding is actually going very well sir so I appreciate your concern and I think the House of Representatives consistently from Democrats on the house Judiciary Committee today is that they were really expensive they were doing what they could to reaffirm the decision-making of the Fe my director and the deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein here’s one exchange one of those 13 angry Democrats to my Republican colleagues keep referring to Council investigation which of the head of the FBI are you are you are you a Democrat Democratic party presidents have and pick you up because he wanted to have Democrats in his Congressman I’m trying to do this job a politically but I did not consider myself I do not consider myself an angry Democrat are you democrat I’m not a Democrat and I’m not angry agents truck number of times during his a closed-door by interview yesterday refused to I answer questions and what we learn today is that one of those questions had to do with his contact for the co-founder of the opposition research Fusion GPS that was the firm behind the dossier and we also learned that special counsel Robert Mueller has taken specific steps to see if agents truck made any directions or special counsel investigation in a direction that really was a reflection of the political bias that is seen in the text messages show in the middle of all of this is my understanding the house Republican non binding resolution it calls on the deputy attorney-general to provide the remaining records that are sought by these three committees has Judiciary house intelligence and has oversight that was a vote 226 Republicans a 2-1 83 Democrats one of the three testing moments injuring came with a congressman Darrell Isis and he asked the deputy attorney-general look if we go forward on contempt Washington will you throw up any roadblocks and here that is believed that you have the ability to be above the law something the American people do not yes or no is fine and that you don’t believe you’re above the law because they’re going to be heading into the Congressional recess but again I just want to emphasize if a non-binding resolution but the idea is to really sent a political message and set the table for some Republicans who believe the contempt or even impeachment is is necessary or even Justified in a situation show on Capitol Hill thank you Catherine
Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy urges Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to finish the long-running Russia collusion probe during a contentious House Judiciary Committee hearing; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reports from Capitol Hill.

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