Retaliatory tariff list finalized, industry aid announced

on the lengthy list of u.s. good Canada has targeted for tariffs u.s. made kitchen appliances Big Ticket items about to get hit with a 10% Levy in our industry attitude when parents kick in customers may consider products made in Mexico or Europe instead so this shop is already feeling the effect of a cooling relationship between Canada and the US first thing this morning one of the men Baxter’s representative came into the store and removed all the made-in-america signs from their product is protectionism already up pressing issue for some Shoppers that we’re looking at different brands European Brands higher price point but I’m just really a little anti-American and what I’m purchasing now did they try to play down any anti-American sentiment as she announced the new Terrace anchor that said Freeland calls us tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum observed and hurtful Oracle dollar-for-dollar response Canada’s Terrace will affect more than 16 billion dollars worth of us Goods 25% of American Steel and 10% on aluminum is also pledging to billion dollar the prop up Canada steel and aluminum sector trying to limit the impact of a trade war on jobs and the economy as a very powerful message and that’s something we’ve been advocating from day one don’t back off you have to take this on head on Canada’s terrorist take effect Sunday Donald Trump meanwhile is already threatening further action against the auto sector leaving us trade Partners bracing for more uncertainty Tom Perry CBC News Ottawa see a price increase at the grocery store not an easy question to answer but experts say it won’t be immediate any businesses that said they’ll absorb the increased cost while they wait to see if the terrorists are long-term it also depends on how much supplies and so right now and say you’re looking at your grocery bill the US jar pickles cost of a 349 in a few months it could potentially go up to almost $4 that is a significant percentage increase for those already worried about the cost of food you might be Canadian or european alternatives to beat the new price tag but increased demand may drive up prices for those products as well
Canada’s list of retaliatory tariffs on U.S. goods has been finalized, and on the same day, the federal government announced $2 billion in aid for the steel and aluminum sector.

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