Republicans On Board With President Trump In Odd Deference To Russian Goals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

at the same moment the US Senate was releasing this report today for firming and doubling down on the intelligence community’s conclusions about Russia interfering in our last election in an unprecedented way Summoners War in Russia talking to the Russian government about how excited they are to let bygones be bygones we can all start working together again since we’re all such good friends and we’re all pulling in the same direction anyway no they’re just going to be a big meeting government today that he hopes the meeting between Trump and Putin is going to be very big we have is going to be very we know there’s going to be a big meeting we hope it’s going to be very big between our president and yours and Helsinki and few we hope it’s going to be very big what do you mean by big are you hoping for bigness what does that even mean you’re meeting with the Russian government did you plan in advance what you were going to say we’re it’s going to be a very big meeting I think it was going to be those two guys what you mean big but here minister we will have to wait until we recognize we don’t necessarily need to be serviced as a meeting went on today between all these Republican Senators and officials from the Russian government The Washington Post had a reporter there who says that Senator Shelby I told the speaker of the dumest the speaker of the Russian Parliament Senator Shelby told him quote of this or that or so forth saying we should all strive for a better relationship Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas Senator John hoeven of North Dakota Senator John thune of South Dakota Senator Steve daines of Montana and Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana was also a member of the delegate he’ll notice that those are all Republicans on this trip more on that in a little bit United States during the Russian attack on our election he’s the guy who played such a key role in that intelligence operation does active measures he’s now back in Moscow received those Awards as soon as he got back I hang out with him if you’re visiting American Readiness to start a dialogue to be clear he presumably means the kind of dialog for what you don’t need a secret back-channel phone lock secure phone line at the Russian Embassy to talk to Jared Kushner right the head of this inexplicable Republican only Congressional Delegation to Russia Bloomberg News reported in this sort of adorable headline that the Republicans traveling to Russia quote hope to tell Putin election meddling has to stop and that’s before they went they hoped to tell Putin that once they arrive in Russia the Russian government told them no sorry puta nothing going to have time to meet with them that was nice but apparently the whole issue of election meddling didn’t come up another member told the US I hope to do before they got to rush out once they arrived it didn’t quite go that way quote do a member of Fox’s Beacon off said that he had met with many American lawmakers in years past but this meeting was one of the easiest one in my life member of the Russian Parliament told the Washington Post that the question of Russia interfering in US elections was resolved quickly because quotes the question was raised in a general form he said one should not interfere in directions well we did not interfere so the election meddling conversation was with an easy one one should not interfere well we don’t another Russian lawmaker brag to an NPR correspondent Republicans not only didn’t pressure the Russian government about them monkeywrenching our election they also didn’t really push them but anything else either tells me US lawmakers did not bring up Crimea during the Moscow quote I did not hear the word Crimea once in two hours like maybe it might be a landmark after Russia hit our election 2016 to Big what that means in terms of our current president the prospects now the expectation that Russia might keep doing it Russian will cheap monkey wrench in our elections from here on out. Keep monkey wrench in our elections and our politics to benefit us as a country what is the saying about Trump is he compromised by Russia why were they interfering to help him and does he now owe them in somewhere do they have something over him that led to that campaign of active measures right but also concerns about whether Russia would keep doing this and future elections concern a and concern beer coming together because rerun of the 2016 Russian attack but this time on the midterms the president himself is not only not warning the Russians if they should back off and not mess with this election he’s now publicly quoting their denials that they ever interfere in the first place in 2016 he apparently play some Nao Trump in the lead up to the 2018 elections he’s embarked on this this remarkable and seemingly rushed run of giving Russia stuff it wants we had this long string of stuff that he has done all in a row announcing that Russia should be allowed to rejoin the G7 which it was kicked out of after it invaded Crimea is now saying that maybe the US would formally recognized that Crimean now belongs to Russia since they the president unilaterally offering to cancel joint military exercises between the u.s. and South Korea not necessarily something that sounds like it directly applies to Russia and but it is something which bladimir Putin suggested to president and I want on one phone call last year he asked him to do it we now know that President Trump didn’t consult with the US military on that policy change or I’m making the announcement about it he just did it after Trump was at by Putin to do so since that we’ve learned that President Trump is also offered France Financial incentives if they too would leave the European Union just like the UK did so be like a frexit on top of a brexit do that we learned today that the president sent letters to every member of NATO criticizing all of them implicitly threatening that the US might leave NATO the sound you just turn the distance was Vladimir Putin some in his photographer is ripping his shirt off and pounding his chest into light on top of on top of all that David Ignatius not report to the Washington Post at the big giveaway Trump appears to be planning for his one-on-one meeting with Putin in less than 2 weeks is to let Russia have Syria Russia’s big a line in the Middle East is Assad the dictator of Syria Syria 7 years into a civil war Russia’s been fighting on the side of a sod there a lie the Syrian dictator the US before now has been supporting the rebels have been fighting against the side but apparently we’re about to switch sides if David Ignatius is reporting is correct he says it the post quote the catastrophic war in Syria is nearing what could be a diplomatic and game that will vote preserve power for Syrian president Bashar Al quote Trump appears ready to embrace the policy that will validate aside an authoritarian leader who is gassed his own people if he was ready to abandon a Syrian opposition that was partly trained and supplied by the United States quote Trump’s willingness to assist two Russian power in Syria and to give up hard one US gains troubles many Pentagon officials but they seem to be losing the argument we don’t know exactly why add of this year’s midterm elections president Trump has hastily-arranged this one-on-one Summit that he is about to have with Vladimir Putin we don’t know why ahead of that Summit he is rushing to tick off all of America’s Western allies and Russia check off every foreign policy box you could conceivably imagine Russia might have in terms of a wish list from the US government but that’s what he’s doing and before now I think you could reasonably say that there was at least a little distance between the Republican party and other elected Republican officials and president Trump on his unnerving and unswerving desire to do what Russia wants all the time all through this weird interlude in American history where the presidents ties to a foreign adversary or as-yet-unknown in the subject of a very serious investigation right all through this time president Trump’s inexplicable Mr Russia has really been a president Trump problem and not a republican problem more broadly best Congressional Republicans were critical of the president for his stance toward Russia at times they were opposing him in terms of his friendliness towards Russia at worst they were awkwardly ignoring his friendliness to Russia and just pretending it wasn’t happening but now look what happened today I’m going to Congressional Delegation itself it’s not a bad thing Congressional Delegation to happen all over the world two countries we get along with and countries we don’t two countries we are allies with and countries we have a beef with Richard Shelby in all these other run-of-the-mill Republican Senators not only visiting Russia right now in a partisan visit no Democrats allowed really getting on board with Trump they’re saying you know we don’t need to be adversaries he literally said that we don’t need to be adversaries so she’ll be told the head of the Russian Parliament today I’m not here today to accuse Russia of this or that or so forth we’re serious driving for a better relationship that used to be something that only Trump would say but now that is apparently also been stuffed into the mouth of the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and everybody else on this trip with him that’s going on here hey thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Rachel Maddow reports on a Republican congressional delegation to Moscow behaving awkwardly deferential in a way that dovetails with Donald Trump acceding to Russia’s wish list despite the conclusions of American intelligence that Russia is actively attacking the foundation of the US system of government.
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Republicans On Board With President Trump In Odd Deference To Russian Goals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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