Representative Eric Swalwell On SCOTUS: Democrats Are Ready To Fight | Deadline | MSNBC

joining us now Democratic Congressman Eric swalwell almost word-for-word the same analysis from former Republican Steve Schmidt from former democratic congresswoman Donna at from our own Rachel Maddow that it is time for you guys to get mean and fight are you ready is Donald Trump and as far as what I can do is a congressman electing a democratic majority that can push that big red button to stop the wrecking ball that’s what we have to do but what the Senate should do I believe Mitch McConnell should believe in his own rules set under Merit Garland and as long as he is the leader of the Senate I don’t think they should they should work under any other rules and then I guess bested Hillary Clinton is he doesn’t play by the old rules is Rachel Maddow articulated he’s not restrained by the truth he’s not restrained by the norms who makes emotional arguments I mean are you guys ready to maybe rip up some of the rules that have is Rachel says limited Democrats Albion Indiana Kansas and Colorado coming up we have 60 candidates are under the age of 40 and what they’re talking to to the voters that they have to appeal to is that why don’t we put on Donald Trump’s desk all the things he has said he would do that I’ve been unwilling to do infrastructure background checks prescription drug taking money out of politics he has benefited from making imaginary decisions every day just blame it on the Democrats because he knows Republicans won’t put it on if he’s ready to be serious and if not I think he will pave the way if you put those items on his desk for a Democratic president who will sign those bills in 20 20 for all of the dramatic high points and low points of the Trump presidency I’d argue there been more low points and high points on his poll numbers are pretty steady no matter what he does whether it’s separating infants from their mothers and fathers at the border his numbers don’t go much higher than they then they usually are between about 38 and 40 lower than that how do you plant a breakthrough if none of those none of those will be considered sins what would be considered disqualifying things why do you break through on the idea that that Roe v Wade is now pretentiously in Jeopardy if you haven’t been able to break through when the president’s essentially been shooting himself in his own foot I don’t think you have to reach all the way down the rabbit hole Nicole I think you need to voters who voted for Barack Obama and either stayed home in 2016 or voted for Donald Trump if you can appeal to them and talk to making sure that they have jobs they can count on paychecks that grow and it WellCare guarantee I think we’re going to get them back because that’s what they’ve always believe the Democratic party has stood for and by the way you have to go to those places you have to go to Wisconsin you have to go to the Rust Belt you have to go to the Southwest look him in the eye tell him what you believe in going to fight for it again you have to understand that they rejected Politics as Usual by letting Donald Trump they want us to collaborate and they also want the dirty money in the dirty Maps out Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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