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well as America approaches its annual day of celebrating our independence it is worth emphasizing that this is not Donald Trump’s America the president sometimes try to behave like a king he tries to behave like he owns the place but we are celebrating tomorrow is independence from my king and there is no figurative or poetic sense in which this is Donald Trump’s America the picture that new polling presents is largely a country poses president Trump tonight shows that 55% of Americans disapprove of the job Donald Trump is doing as president and some of that disapproval is now coming from Republican Senators final which we will get to in the moment but there’s another unique entry in this new Trump poll it is an achievement that belongs to Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone in the history of Quinnipiac polls history of all presidential poll the highest number of people in the history of presidential polling who say the president of the United States is a racist in the new Quinnipiac poll 49% of Voters say the president is a racist 47% say they don’t think he is in the history of presidential polling things to Donald Trump on the racist question in fact as far as we’ve been able to find in our research about pulling today there’s no one in second place because the question has never been asked in Paw calling about any other present the racism of Donald Trump as perceived by half of the country is not what is bothering Republican Senators about Donald Trump some of them are making comments about the present I’m like anything they have ever said consider the chairman of the Senate finance committee Orrin Hatch and remember that Orrin Hatch is the senator who said this about Donald Trump we’re going to keep fighting we’re going to make this the greatest present say that we’ve seen not only in generations of maybe ever so the only member of Congress and possibly the only American not named Trump who has said that dumb could be the best president ever is now saying something that doesn’t sound like Orrin Hatch at all actually don’t recognize the current Trump supporting version of Orrin Hatch the Orrin Hatch who I knew and sore virtually every day when I was working on the Senate finance committee in 1990 what was one of the reasonable and sometimes cooperative and compromising Republicans on the committee who helped get the committee’s work done especially on matters of Internet trade and Orrin Hatch has always been the quintessential representative of mild-mannered Utah politeness in the United States Senate so imagine my shock when I read Orrin Hatch thing I’d like to kill him in political Orrin Hatch would like to kill the Trump carats that his tariffs defensive could damage the American economy in so there is a rebellion Brewing among Republican Senators on the from terrorist and this could be the thing that pushes Donald Trump’s disapproval rating even higher Des Moines Register Iowa soybean Farmers could lose up to 624 million dollars in export Revenue because of retaliatory tariffs on soybeans I was Junior Senator Republicans Terrence told Politico we want to support the present my constituents want to support the president as well but they can only keep that stiff upper lip before things collapse we’re not quite at that point but it’s approaching so the new definition of representing your state as a republican in the United States Senate seems to be stick with Donald Trump until your state collapses before the collapse of Iowa she seems to be saying she will have to see the complete collapse of the farm economy in Iowa for her to abandon the present came in second in the Iowa caucuses at the beginning of the presidential campaign if he keeps up his trade war with the world Donald Trump just might find a way to come in second in the Iowa caucuses again in twenty20 at the center for budget and policy priorities director during the 2008 presidential campaign and John Harwood editor-at-large for the CNBC that there is no drop in the stock market dramatic enough there’s no way any other changes in the suffering they were seeing could possibly affect the president’s commitment to his terrorist but we must stipulate that he is only the Secretary of Commerce which means he like the rest of us has no idea what Donald Trump going to do tomorrow on Terrace grasp of policy issues of the implications of his policies he backs on gut instinct and impulse and he has had anti-free trade impulses for quite a long time but but this is deeply irrational from the standpoint of somebody who’s leading a country who wants to have a strong economy who wants to protect his constituency wants to get reelected because of the damage in the Midwest with the National Security link Auto tariffs he’s talking about the agricultural Midwest Iowa and other places if he sticks with this tariff War and I and it’s also counterproductive politically nevertheless the presidents doing it and it makes you wonder is he actually acting rationally while doing this we don’t know presidents of statements on trade were not very specific during the campaign it was all about just ripping up NAFTA and getting rid of the trans-pacific partnership just getting rid of these agreements that are a kind of large and complex agreements but he he never really said what he would do what is place he never went around the country campaigning saying I am going to impose through tariffs what are NFL massive sales taxes on American consumers who buy anything made outside of United States cars and lots of Manufacturers and the reality of what we’re dealing with Donald Trump with Donald Trump is for some reason that’s really hard to Fathom he’s decided to go to and it have a trade war with our closest Canada Europe he’s essentially and at the same time hurting Americans and I have to just stay this his health care bill when after rural white voters in does Lake Iowa in the midwest throughout the South now his trade policies are targeting Farmers lots of Manufacturers throughout the country nail producers are going out of business it’s as if he’s taking a ray to the live in fortunes of the people who actually just voted for him and really testing essentially how much of a lemming they’re going to be in supportive in as much as he hurts them Jefferson it seems the president has discovered that he has a power that he can use without consulting anyone he discovered that in the pardon power to his Delight which seems to be what he likes most about pardons as well as possibly signal future criminal defendants who are friends of his that they might be getting pardoned but he found a loophole in American Trade law in section 232 that allows the president to impose tariffs only only as a matter of National Security and none of the Tariff that the president has imposed or announced his intention to impose actually involved National Security and so that a certain point Republicans in the Senate who have always objected to this kind of thing are finally beginning to find their voices but their voices at this point seems to be whispering I agree with you Canada is not a security threat European union and in fact if anything the president seems to embrace leaders who are threats and go after ones who aren’t look the Senate has long folded conservative in the face of trump even when it comes to matters of the well-being of their own constituent you know we’ve seen Washington follow the money will follow the soybeans right now because a lot of farmers income is at stake and you know but he doesn’t like all those German cars on the street that’s what motivated his potential Auto tariffs well do you know where the biggest BMW Factory is in the world it’s in Spartanburg South Carolina and by the way American Auto producers Ford Chrysler GM uniformly opposed Auto Terrace why you think it would help their competitive because every single car on the road now including the ones that American Producers build Imports Lawrence been in this situation cares more about trying to exert his personal dominance over another leader then he does about the Fate Pizza on constituents and their economic well-being he he loves to engage on a personal basis he he makes decisions based on how he feels about someone personally and we’ve seen with Justin Trudeau that he is tried to but it affects that bigger than UA done the same thing with Angela Merkel Theresa may he may be trying to use this power that he possesses uniquely with a justification even if it’s bogus to try to a shirt that he can donate them what’s crazy about the situation is Donald Trump himself is basically hurting so I being manufacturer soybean farmers manufacturers throughout this country lots of people lots of Americans were struggling to get by well at the same time basically doing ads for China ZTE which it’s just I’ve never heard or anything like it we’re an American president is hurting American companies and workers and basically helping a Chinese company is that we actually have a pretty good looking macroeconomy right now find pretty hard to do so security concerns with that most of China trade involves absolutely no security concerns whatsoever and so the Trump tariffs are illegal by our own definition of because they do not meet the national security standard they do violate the World Trade Organization Zone definitions of of you of correct use of terraced what they’ve there has been astonishing support for this seizure this presidential seizure of congressional power support from Democrats Chuck Schumer actually said in regards the China terrorist president Trump is Right On Target that was Chuck Schumer’s reaction to it and last week when some Republicans were trying to in an amendment going on the agriculture Bill to restrict the president’s power to increase tariffs through through this loophole blocked that amendment that was intended to limit Donald Trump’s illegal use of Presidential Power and that illegal use of Presidential Power was supported on the senate floor by democrats why do people want to get tough with China in China is the legitimate bad actor in international trade that we have big grievances in theft of intellectual property the restrictions they place on American Jasmine in China and that’s what makes the ZTE case that you mentioned so striking it’s a real national security case he’s gone the other way and because of the other extraordinary feature of Trumps presidency that is he continues to make money fast incident with his businesses although he’s not managing them overseas and so the Chinese government’s lending 500 million dollars to a truck project in Indonesia dozens of trademarks have been granted to Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump business initiatives in China is that why he is supporting a ZTE it it’s difficult to figure that out and nobody really knows the answer but it’s certainly something that goes diametrically against thought the National Security interest of the United States when he is erroneously signing them in other areas also Chuck Schumer supporting the president in what is clearly an illegal use of the National Security loophole in trade law and supporting president Trump in a seizure of what is supposed to be and congressional power supports Donald Trump’s illegal use of the rules of the things he’s doing to basically affirm his agenda at the expense of real Knack security threats leg ZTE itself democrats should not do that and I appreciate it a lot of parts of the country trade is a heart issue and John Howard is absolutely raped trade with China is a much are legitimate issues in a phony trade war with Canada or Europe and when the president has a funny trade war and has phoniness security reasons for a trade war with our closest allies democrats should have stand up to that it’s also really important is that we have to ensure that we add some point get some investigatory power because at this point we have a president who has a trade policy that hurts Americans and helps her pocketbook that we have at least reasons to ask questions about that and because the Republicans won’t do any investigation Americans don’t really know at the end of the day weather disease edl or other things Trump is doing is actually helping himself at the expensive voters in the world trade disputes it wins almost all of them and it’s always Prosecuting these trade disputes against countries that are violating the rules now the United States of America is violating the rules and a grander more open way than we have ever seen any other country do there have been other countries try to violate the rules they try to do it secretly here is the president United States doing it publicly what does that do to America’s position in the World Trade Organization going forward well I think it makes it obviously extremely difficult for us to argue for a rules-based system if I’ve international trading and it’s that very system that trumps chaos is throwing a wrench into and buy the there are definitely Americans who have been hurt by the fact that we’ve run large trade that for many years and Donald Trump connected with those people during the campaign WTO however looking tough disobeying this missing the WTO for Donald Trump is a feature not a bug he news the WTOL is it relevance in in his kind of make it up as you go along trade a regime and and so I think what the problem ends up being at the end of the day is that initially everybody thought he was just bloviating partners then they started to talk about retaliation now they’re moving into a mode of really fighting back tough and so I think the problem of retaliation to these measures is enough to really shave some significant about the US economy if we keep going down the same path we’re going on we really haven’t seen that yet but if Donald Trump gets his way with a trade War of the magnitude that I fear he’s speaking we’re all going to feel it in our pocket books that’ll have to be the end of the first round Jared Bernstein nearest ten and John Harwood thank you for joining us at the beginning here tonight really appreciate it thanks for clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Politico reports that Republican senators are getting frustrated with Trump’s tariffs, arguing that Trump doesn’t understand how his tariffs are hurting the U.S. economy. Lawrence discusses the fallout with Jared Bernstein, Neera Tanden, and John Harwood.
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Report: GOP May Turn On President Donald Trump Over Tariffs | The Last Word | MSNBC

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