Report: climate change a growing target of false news stories

a new report says climate change is a growing Target for false news and misinformation according to axios climate change is the easiest news to fake and that’s partly because climate changes intangible and some times a controversial topic any harder wrote that report you than energy and climate change reporter for axios and she’s doing this now from Washington you write that climate change is easily targeted Fox news report because it’s somewhat difficult to explain George Mason University release the study saying that only 15% of people understand that human activity has been the main cause of global warming but 90% of find disagree on this so why is climate change it so difficult for the average person to understand is increasing Earth’s temperature but it is a very complicated science with lots of numbers and charts and so it’s very easy to conflate things in to confuse people who aren’t expert for example you know we’ve heard about President Trump his record I’m inauguration crowd size and it’s easy to just prove that with a photo that you can’t do that with climate change is much more complicated and so it’s difficult to get that across my kids ask me they say why would anyone not want to believe it what’s the motivating factor behind not believing that climate change is happening, changes become so much more political over the last decade misinformation and inaccurate stories about climate change are not new I’m nor is fake news generally speaking but president Trump has it created even more attention and this misinformation really comes to politics if you don’t like the idea of regulating and reducing carbon emissions at come from fossil fuels there going to be more likely to distract information that you see and also one big thing that I’ve read is that about the leader is it whether can Congress or in the media to report accurate information now I do and other reporters do the best we can but it’s a very wide world that there was lots of different interest are the stances on climate change where do we stand that when we break it down very very much and it’s becoming more polarized as we go on Democrats increasingly something should be done about it over the last day or so according to the latest Gallup polling they’re actually decreasing they’re concerned about climate change and the leadership in Washington started with a particular agenda in mine are you noticing that’s a growing problem in terms of covering climate change or is it mostly just that the topic itself is so complex changing energy I don’t report on the science but it’s hard to separate out the science from the political agenda now I think it’s important as reporters who do cover the science to acknowledge that there is a lot of uncertainty with climate change going to get uncertainties okay but that doesn’t mean the uncertainty is an excuse not to acknowledge the scientific consensus that exists so what do you think needs to be done to ship the Public’s View and end what is at stake here now you know there’s so many things that are changing under the leadership of President Trump he’s rolling back a lot of regulations and pulling out of the Paris climate deal of course has little to do with the science I think what is the long public consensus on this issue there’s two ways that that this trend can be changed into a moment ago about the leaders on this issue it’s important that republicans in Congress for example because then they’ll reflect that to their constituents and another one is just trying to be back the information there’s this website run by scientists called climate feedback and they rate and review articles for their accuracy article essay on climate change how can one spot whether it’s accurate or has been distorted or is entirely false I can tell when something’s not right but I don’t have the signs to back it up right so I seek out experts who I trust to be like what is wrong with this and so I think you could do that as an average reader as well email the reporter and ask them where they got their information climate feedback website there’s an email that you can reach out to and so it requires a level of Engagement that unfortunately just isn’t there on climate change for most people all rights will a me harder thank you so much for talking to us today yea thank you
A report from Axios says climate change is a growing target for false news stories. Amy Harder, an energy and climate change reporter, joins CBSN to discuss what’s behind the rise.

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