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discussion now Democratic congressman Adam Schiff of California he is the ranking member of the House intelligence committee and cars when shift the House Representatives did almost exactly the same thing today they just kind of didn’t want to talk about it out loud and we show that video of the way the house for work since you’re so familiar with it seems like the house members of were willing to allow this kind of resolution to go through they just didn’t want to get up and say very much about it goes to Steve Cohen for introducing the resolution but this was in terms of the floor procedure the closest thing to a legislative whisper now this was the majority deciding okay we’re going to pass this but nobody tell the White House that we did this legislative equivalent of what we saw today and in about the presents if it be detected any of the Republican senators of that were at anyway afraid of voting for what was essentially a rebuke of the president it seems like as we see in the style of it they house members didn’t want to attract attention to it but if some of wanted to be on record as not supporting it they could have had a roll call vote and voted against it could have I don’t think they were prepared to go that far a lot of them want to try to have their cake and eat it too they want to be able to say hey I support a resolute favorite NATO but they don’t want to say it too loudly less the president here’s how you know this is unfortunately be in the history of the last year-and-a-half which is almost complete capitulation by the GOP certainly in the house and by most Buy in the Senate as well and this comes I think is one of the most painful realization this of the Trump Administration and that is not what a terrible president Donald Trump would turn out to be which was all too predictable but how complicit the GOP would be how I infrequently they would speak out on what I sent to bleed had been their core principles or really on any principles or when they conflicted with the president and I think that is put our democracy at real risk because in the face repeated assaults on a democratic institutions the Republican reaction has been largely to either run away or remain mute on a NATO member Germany saying that they basically were completely dominated and under the control of Russia where Hillary Clinton said you know Vladimir Putin and Trump’s reaction was you’re the puppet I know you are but what am I kind of grade school response Circle and Germany for basically battling before Russia when if there’s any liter around the globe it is bad before Putin it’s Donald Trump but this is very much the kind of trump in strategy which is never is accused of you you level at accusation against others about the president’s participation, tomato is his pushing the idea of not a 2% to contribution of it’s pending but doubling it to 4% basically signalling to our NATO allies that he is not going to be satisfied with anything they do in fact he doesn’t want to be satisfied he wants a fight with NATO that’s just where he’s coming from and it’s singly destructive to our collective security for all the reasons that Jack read the pointed out and spend so much time studying the Trump campaign relationship and interactions with Russia and Russians we see present on his way in effect now to a meeting with Vladimir Putin a summit with him and we are told there will be a one-on-one meeting word will simply be Putin Trump and the translators do you have concerns about that truly do and I think there’s clearly a reason why the present wants to meet alone with Putin and that is he wants to be able to leave that meeting and be able to make any claim a no matter how at odds with the facts about what took place on knowing that Putin will not the challenge him on it knowing that he can represent whatever is in his interest I even though he isn’t going to be willing to confront Putin on our elections he’s not going to be willing to confront Putin on Russia’s invasion of its neighbor ordis Lord of War criminal and Syria but the trunk and claim whatever he wants that is certainly a dangerous I think to our interests we don’t know what representations he will make the Putin what understanding they may arrive at that they keep secret but it is very much and run is interest and I can only say and as much as I appreciate the kind of lukewarm gesture that we saw out of the House and Senate on NATO Republicans need to speak out I’m reminded of the title Churchill’s book while England slept the GOP is sleeping right now as we see authoritarianism rise around the world and they need to wake up because both parties America need to confront this challenge that you might have if any about your colleague Republican Congressman Jim Jordan’s reaction to the reports of wrestlers that he used to be the coach of what they are saying about what transpired on that team and what they’re saying about your colleague well I clearly don’t know anything about the fax there so I don’t want to wait into it obviously it’s a serious allegation but in terms of whether this marriage to the allegation I’m really not in a position to say gunship thank you very much for joining really appreciate thanks Lawrence thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Congressman Adam Schiff says that Trump wants to meet with Vladimir Putin alone because he doesn’t want to reveal what he and Putin actually discuss. Schiff says that Trump wants to come across as strong, even if, in reality, he doesn’t.
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Rep. Schiff: Donald Trump Wants To Meet Putin Alone To Control Narrative | The Last Word | MSNBC

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