Rep. Matt Gaetz on grilling Peter Strzok

the New York Times reporting tonight that a quote shaken Deputy attorney-general Rod Rosenstein fell used by the White House for his role in the firing of the former FBI director James Comey that allegation comes as House Republicans continue to battle with a j does Department of her documents related to what the president has dub Spygate more of that interaction between Rod Rosenstein and Congressman Jordan we’ll talk about it after I get listening accurate television and it’s not all done by me everyday the working overtime with teams of FBI employees to accommodate requests and produce relevant information to this committee other house committees and several Senate committees yesterday about whether or not this is getting personal these were personal attacks on the how do you respond to those who say that you guys are showboating up they’re giving him a hard time there are very valid reason there are responses to the request we may do the justice department that were improperly redacted not for national security reasons but just because the information was embarrassing to the justice department of the FBI pacifically the text message Peter struck set where he said no no about the Trump presidency it was only 9 days before that that he opened up on Papadopoulos and only 6 days after they was talking about an insurance policy against the Trump presidency so we seen time and again a Department of Justice and FBI that Hillary Clinton before even interviewing her and yet at the same time convicting Donald Trump before even investigating him with sincerely and so are we want to see the documents that predate July 31st we think that there may have been intelligence collected against Trump campaign the we haven’t been briefed about and Shannon at the end of the day it’s either elected people that get to conduct oversight or unelected people run the show and I prefer to live in a world where the elected representative representative Congress can conduct many full of you guys are cool equal branches but beyond that point let’s hear from one of your colleagues across the island and give you a chance to respond to this Michael Cohen sitting there trying to fix this investigation of the president’s favorite considerably better than Michael Cohen and so I reject the characterization look he didn’t believe there was any constitutional basis for oversight I mean my goodness it’s our job to appropriate funds and then make sure those funds are used correctly and here you got an investigation of the sitting president United States where in response to my questioning the deputy Attorney General wouldn’t even say whether he read the document he signed allowing intelligence to be collected against someone associated with Donald Trump and so you know I’m deeply concerned when you have people that aren’t telling the truth to Congress that are hiding documents that aren’t natural security related there just embarrassing and then at the same time they continue to make these are allowed this investigation to persist against the president that is built on a rotten Foundation from biased agents who demonstrated their biased and text messages to one another I think it’s time to wrap this in this Nation up and move on to the important issues that are facing the country if you guys have had a number of deadlines that have come and gone what does this do differently than what’s happened in the past investigation for the first time we got the entire house of representatives to take an overwhelming vote in favor of our ability to conduct oversight and demand transparency and so when the body speaks as a whole this would set up a potential or even an impeachment Cincy of course will be monitoring a deadline next week and the meantime keep us updated and have a great weekend
Anti-Trump FBI agent faced House lawmakers in a closed-door hearing on Capitol Hill.

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