Recommendations to reduce gang violence in Surrey, B.C.

it’s all hands on deck when it comes to making SRI safer that’s the plan from the mayor’s task force on gang violence every time I hear of another life senselessly by this horrific acts of violence my heart sinks prevention is a major pillar of the plant and Jordan bhuna is part of it he join the gang at 17 and now works to keep kids out of them criminal gangs have changed their tactics and a recruiting it earlier and earlier ages we must respond and do the same neither were known to police over there deaths motivated thousands to protest at City Hall the rally called wake up Siri with a push for Action the measures announced today include more support and in searching for preteens and teenagers creating and inadmissible Patron program to keep gang members out of local businesses and bars and doubling the Surrey rcmp’s gang enforcement unit the first task force to deal with vinyl sensory former mayor Diane Watts lunch went five years ago when the murder rate spikes in a recent survey more than half of respondents hearing stories about their city was less safe than any other Metro Vancouver community and it not enough was being done to deal with it I’m happy if they do something but did not do it then not going to do anything to our has three sons to have been involved in crime he’s concerned about the lack of action and help for parents over the years any like a firecracker police car went at the night time passing our house or close by to the house with the side and we can’t sleep we always thinking they bring us in here hour and maybe they’re there today will single that’s your dead body parents not just in the Lower Mainland Renee filippone CBC News Siri so they are statistics early intervention services gang members are on average 23 years old and the trouble starts young most were 13 the first time they were suspended from school and 16 when they committed their very first crime
Recommendations have been made to reduce gang violence in Surrey, B.C. A task force was formed by Surrey’s mayor in October 2017 to review programs that tackle gang-related violence and formulate new recommendations for enhancing or expanding existing programs and implementing new initiatives.

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