Rachel Maddow On SCOTUS: Will Democrats Fight Back Like Republicans? | Deadline | MSNBC

starting us off this hour are calling my friend Rachel Maddow Rachel ur44 me like millions of Americans my air traffic controller how do we land This Plane well if I’m the air traffic controller I think we should close the air space I don’t know I mean a lot of the development for marginal development the things that happened on a day-to-day basis in the Trump Administration things in perspective is this something that is a normal Conservative Republican moments or is this something that is a trumpy and moment which is a complete departure from Politics As We Know It I’m glad you said that clip of President Trump saying was curated by Republican interest groups and conservative interest groups and that’s why everybody I’m going to pick what’s the different cast on it I mean Anthony Kennedy is in the Roper case that they can only reason we got at the Voting Rights Act he’s the reason we have unlimited secret corporate money in politics from citizens united he’s the reason we have the today will be focus on the fact that Anthony Kennedy is very probably the reason that we have abortion rights in this country and I think within the you know I think within a year abortion will be illegal in half of the United States and the Republican politics issue but that’s what this means to do in this moment where they don’t have control of either chamber they don’t really have any back-channel to influence the president’s thinking and I would bet just about anything that Donald Trump’s ignorance of American History extends to the list of decisions you just ticked off where they can’t just as Kennedy was the deciding yeah I mean I think that Democrats right now we are facing a test because Democrats have a limiter on their behavior there like you know you’re driving in 20 miles an hour or something but then president Nation play fair and they should make radical departures from the way things have been done in this country for Generations if not centuries President Obama to make it Supreme Court nomination from being there for me and nomination in a confirmation before there’s a new Senate potentially Chosen and a new Senate majority potentially chosen in November Garland isn’t it because Republicans acted so radically whence when when Anthony Scalia. What infant Scalia died in the spring of 2016 I think a lot of the democratic case right now it’s going to expect them to all but lay their bodies on the line to stop the Senate rather than allow any nominee to go forward president Trump’s the asymmetry with which he engages in every battle the asymmetry of his battle against the other 16 Republicans were the other candidates were putting up as that tried to Hugh close to the truth and he just sit up there and lied his you-know-what off I need faced Hillary Clinton and she tried to engage in presidential debates and in the campaign within the sort of guardrails if you will have normal political conduct can you just elaborate what is available to Democrats if they’re willing to to be more symmetrical to play a more trumpian game if you will at this moment Republicans and I mean I think that Democrats obviously Are For Fighting from a position of weakness in the other things that McConnell has done for the Supreme Court nomination that that that resulted in in Neil Gorsuch exhaust and push to the Limit every tactic that they’ve got to keep to keep their from being adhering to to keep their from being a boat to push it as long as they can to delay it as long as they can in the expectation that the same sort of public argument that Republicans made apply to what they’re doing here too I mean I think it’s when do we get back to normal up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos

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