Quarterfinal matches filled with teams looking to make history

2018 FIFA World Cup so far has been about goals and drama but more than anything with the quarterfinals getting ready to get on the way it’s going to be about history you have 8 teams left all of them at historical reasons disappointment and so welcome the ultimate Glory of lifting the World Cup against Uruguay could win the European championships to lose in the finals squeeze great World Cup teams won the first day of atonement in 1931 and again in 1959 Winston Desperately Seeking a Triumph it and believes that it has the same to do so Brazil against Belgium is a tremendous matchup still have more history than anyone on 60k Jim never has but again feel that they have a golden generation of talent this coming to go with it then and this might be the best chances they’ve ever had of getting over the line if you want to talk about history it’s a painful history frame them they lost 5 straight penalty shootouts before finally getting over the line on spoke against Colombia England sport is nothing standing in their way to Sweden standing in that way they’ve been tremendous so far in the torment I had a heartbreaking defeat Germany in the group stage absolutely sensational date will be yet another team that’s looking forward to walk up Lori for the first time in its history never coming in as a position of such an underdog she was the lowest-ranked team at number 70 heading into the tournament but they might go in on even pushing against Croatia which again has never won the World Cup the bright side of the bracket the place to be at the week aside and personal feel that they have the opportunity to go all the way
SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ Martin Rogers breaks down the most intriguing storylines entering the quarterfinal matches.

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