Protests at Portland ICE facility draw federal agents in riot gear

We are continuing to monitor the monitor rather the growing protests in Portland Oregon the Department of Homeland Security officers have begun to remove protesters who are camped out outside and Ice facility there the officers have formed a line to the demonstrators and begin to take the tents down so we’re going to bring in severalty the reporter for CBS affiliate coin and he’s at the scene now of these protests so Trevor these tens have been amassing for what like 10 days now yeah I’m about a week and a half Anne-Marie and the line here and what these federal agents are dealing with his it some of these tents are on Portland city property and some of it is on federal property want to show you behind me this is the line of DHS federal agents worth have drawn now this building over here what you’re seeing is the ice facility this is been shut down since his occupation took place because they’ve been blocking the entrance that you see these agents all the way down and then noticed that Greengrass there that’s the line we’re Federal property because city property they have not encroach down that at all and then if we paid a little bit further to the left you can still see this encampment and many tents that are still up here this morning now I’ve seen a few different protesters that were put in the zip ties and placed to some kind of detention placed into these detention Vans here and there were this morning and Marie a number of different tents that were blocking the entrance to the ice facility that sends cleared out all of that debris and they played in the U-Haul truck and took it away and it point now it’s sort of a stand-up to see what will happen next because the federal government said their entire goals they wanted to reopen the ice facility now that it’s been cleared out once these agents leave it is a possibility that these protesters will just fill back in yet again that is what we’re waiting to see what will happen next the Occupy Movement where people just set up you serve makeshift tent how many people are there and what do they want staying here and they said that they won’t leave until that happens now they were obviously relatively successful for we can have him getting this I spilled you shut down at that they even had the support of many elected Portland officials mayor Ted wheeler said that he would not be helping the federal government and clearing out this area the number of City commissioners have made their way through this in Canton as well to voice their support of this morning I haven’t seen any of them here again this is relatively similar to the Occupy Movement from years ago where they were protesting it is certainly similar to that what will to see is whether or not this support that we had from City officials will continue and once these federal agents clear out of the way will this occupation just spread out once again in front of guys facility here in southwest Portland the videotaping the police there I see some people with masks and their face covered they are trying to determine what to do right now in Murray they’re experiencing this they’re going through it in different ways I’ve seen some people make they’re way down the line kind of individually some of them yelling at the age and some of them calling them not see some of them trying to appeal to their Humanity holding up signs of children that have been detained at the border asking how they could do this I’ve seen minority members of the protesters African-American Pro search up healing to African-American Agency on the front lines asking how they could participate in what they feel is the oppression of another American minority here and a lot of these protesters again are dealing with it in different ways in different levels of volatility I have seen three people taking it into zip ties here and the processes that I’ve talked to Anne-Marie say that right now they don’t have a definitive plan all they know is that they’re not leaving and then at the end of the day you’ll have a meeting as they do at the end of every day and then they will determine what to do next for now they’re waiting it out to see whether or not the federal agents will come on to maybe city property and to see whether any elected officials will come out to support them as well
Department of Homeland Security agents formed a barricade around an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Portland, Oregon, after protesters blocked access to the facility. Protesters have been gathering outside the facility for over a week. Trevor Ault of CBS affiliate KOIN-TV joins CBSN with more from the site.

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