Protesters fight immigration policy outside White House

are going faster and faster now jumping no good reason why I couldn’t come by and let it happen gear I couldn’t follow orders choose a job more people join you know you’re right Apartments I failed to convey the urgency up in situation picking up my family they took care of my family and I don’t have to do more with my only moral choice call have chases to me navigation lawyer politician social worker consequences may only be filling out paperwork but you’re work you may only be arguing in the courtroom but your motions keep is terrible system of human suffering working you can choose to stop this borders you don’t have to call order my brothers and sisters from Faith traditions we are here we are here to stay together that this Society is in a state of Morrow emergency Psalm 146 which says to the oppressed this will pass because there’s a power much greater a much greater power than you as long as I do not trust in the nobility the wealthy the powerful the despotic man he will not be any help is the one whose hope is in the creek of Heaven and Earth the ocean all everyone of us together forever hungry the all powerful free I don’t know the right thing The Immigrant and said the Widow who pray on the week every one of us together with all of creation understanding that we are all connected Christianity is a religion of Love here now or painting from the Christian scripture the gospel of Matthew for I was hungry and you gave me food I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink I was a stranger and you welcomed to me I was naked and you gave me clothing was sick and you took care of me I was in prison and you visited me and then the righteous will answer him Lord when was it that we saw you hungry and gave you food or Thursday and did you something to drink and when was it that we saw you was Stranger in welcome to you or naked and gave you closing and when was it that we saw you sick prison and visited you and the King will answer truly I tell you just as you did it to the least of these I family you did it to me it takes a family I’ll be reading from the Holy Quran chapter 4 which is entitled the women with the mother’s whole mankind and have respect for your lord who created BB Gospel of the almighty to who you petition for your legal rights and be regarding and have a high respect for the Family Ties always observing and serve and to the Wayfair almighty God loves not those who are arrogant and boastful good morning it’s hot out here but it’s not Church of Christ Independence 30000 children American Jewish rapper in the name does not make it home I need you to hear me is wrong on this one Empire human story an alibi Space 3 history that I wrote on this is for those parents and we’re not going to stop until they can save it to the kids again domestic life was never quite my style when you smart you will come a Young Nation will bleed and we’ll make it right for you if we lay a strong enough foundation will pass it talk to you when you smile I am pride is not the word I’m looking for so much more inside the sun sun when you smile will bleed and we’ll make it right foundation I will pass it on to you song song Don’t Stop good afternoon are you ready for work before us my name is Alicia Keys thank you sound issue thank you 7 year old son is here with me today his name is Egypt not being able to find him can even imagine being separated from this is all of our fight because my child and your child and all of our children to read the words of another mother was held in Immigration detention my name is Margarita I am the mother of Carlos who is currently being held by the office of refugee resettlement Portland Oregon the first time I realized Carlos had arrived in the United States was when I received a voicemail from him and when she told me he was being held in Kansas City the case manager explained to me that he was going to send me some food and he asked me how many documents check the investigator is showing me that in a week they would have results that for the new year they would surely give me my Christmas present for my son I have them I still have them and it’s still wrapped in the Christmas wrapping paper and they give me deep sorrow every I see them first a ten-minute few weeks you will have your child and then I promise everything they asked me I want them to at least allow me to see him one day if only for a while but mother would not want to have her son and her arms if only for one moment so please hold this mother in your heart and never forget her family struggle my name is America Ferrera and I’m here not only as a brand-new mother proud child of Hunter an immigrant I’m not only as an American who sees it as her duty to be here defending Justice as a human being wake up beating heart who can’t feel pain who understands compassion imagine what it must feel like right now it is easy to imagine that I would hope it was my family being torn apart it was my brother being arbitrarily criminalized it was my sister being banned stand up for me and my family what color people race of people one gender imagine we have it from my grandfather who is fighting to be reunited who is fighting to be reunited with his I want you to imagine your child that you are this grandfather these are his words grandfather of Vanessa who is currently detained at Shiloh Residential Treatment Center I’m currently living in a duplex apartment in Oakland California I work every day as a food vendor I want to be her answer because she is my granddaughter and I am her grandfather her mother ever since I think I would be a good sponsor because I want to take care of her and I’m able to do so in February 2018 she asked me a lot of questions and had me fill out paperwork to be able to support I don’t make a lot of money but I make enough to care for everything I will give to her I have not heard anything since then when I reached out to the social Charlotte Treatment Center she told me that the office of refugee resettlement throughout my application going to transfer the last time that we talked she told me that she was starting to feel desperate I told her not to lose hope and that we are just waiting to see what the please remember these words and please do not lose hope we all feel and we all believe in that is humanity is at stake we are out here to save the nation we need we demand to end the zero Humanity policy we need to save this because when we vote we win I want you to join us to say good afternoon my name is rabbinic Pastor dr. Levy Harbor and I am an immigrant my family came to the United States to get away from the trauma my family came to the United States because they knew that the opportunity to afford their daughter’s here in America the land of opportunity is rolled into New York Harbor we passed the Statue of Liberty Liberty and since everyone everyone’s life matters everyone’s life matters must be given the opportunity to be raised in a warm and safe environment that will float them for the rest of their life I am 75 years old and a half years ago has the most excruciating pain any parent could face by being forcibly and traumatically separated from her eight-month-old daughter and she my mother or whether she would ever see me again we were too almost 2 years and finally brought together again after the war I did not know who this stranger who came to collect me was and I didn’t want any part of her years of bonding the lost and had to be started again and I was afraid and this stayed with me to today the Holocaust Survivor one of the few still alive today child in a hole in the woods in a bunker with my mouth 2 years of parent-child bonding crucial years in a child’s early development lost the years with the love of a parent and a physical closeness between child and parent the years when a child what’s the world around and that the world is a safe place or could be I never learned his lesson obese children today separated from their parents have lost the opportunity to learn trust or ever feel safe in their life Shane is what I want to share with you a little of what it feels like to be traumatic separation he’s a really scary place always the world is fragmented with pieces of memory floating up from the subconscious mind like a jagged edge of a broken mirror and all I see images can you imagine putting a child in a cage alone without her mother with what nightmares what distorted to do you think that child will have for the rest of her life this is what traumatic separation produces ladies and gentleman made it for yourself at any moment in a black hole for a cage surrounded by boots uniforms and guns 2DS children and how David when I was asked to speak today my first inclination went to I’m not political to me politics often creates a feeling of chaos they can create chaos and I will do anything to avoid chaos but then I see the faces of the children separated from their parents that a pain I see the fear and the confusion I see the little screw not understanding the cast around them in re we all of us must of missed children and their parents I too am an immigrant I too was forcibly separated and traumatic be separated from my parents and I to my speak now never again never again thank you hi my name is John tateishi I’m here to talk about the experience of Japanese-Americans and how it what is happening today reflex what happened to us during World War II 1942 as my family prepared to board the buses that would take us to one of the ten concentration camp in this country I was literally taken for my mother’s arms and separated from my family the circumstances of that incident was World War I which allowed the Army to remove and in car the entire Japanese American population from the Westside and despite any lack of evidence of any wrongdoing by any person of Japanese lamps the government stated that we were a threat to the security of the United States and that we were a danger to every American trying to understand how I as a two-and-a-half-year-old boy was a threat such a threat to the security of this nation the circumstances were different then that moment in history through 70 years we here today the same Phantom of racism of bigotry and the palm gation of lies to justify a racist policy there is no difference between zero tolerance and our situation so two years ago both policies are based on nothing more than racism and then phone cases neither judges the individual but condemns the group that morning the memory of the two-and-a-half 3 weeks that I was alone I really big to me because I was so young but over the years I’ve come to understand the impact that time those three weeks on my life I always wondered what it did to my mother because today you read about the mothers and their children being separated I know that it took my mother over 40 years to be able to talk to me about that warning about what happened and talking with my older brother I know that for the time that I was separated from the family all day long my mother would cry he said you would wake up to hear her whimpering and our Cobb I can’t imagine how painful that had to have been for her I was blessed because I was young and I don’t remember about it remember every single moment of those 3 weeks without me not knowing where I was or what was going to happen to me what’s happening today not knowing where the children were what kind of nation does this do to mothers and children threshold is their punishment for trying to come across the border without papers that justifies taking children from their mothers again condemnation what kind of nation put children in cages the families to be reunited it’s important it’s important in this moment is National shame that we maintain a determination to and it is madness and reassure Insurance future in which we will make America truly great again not in the vision of a cruel Administration that sits there but in the vision of our founding fathers so it’s important that were here because this is the true America all of you out there Skyward here to say and this man is reuniting the family in Zero Tolerance thank you everybody in the house just so you know cooling stations don’t stand out here if your tie is not easy Walmart, Washington DC moral obligation to be today my name is a nice and before you today with a broken heart by the refugee camp alien from American Idol don’t each and every day to find a new creative ministration and I will not bother. American muscle woman in my stomach and wondering what new and Justice the day will bring the attacks are coming out this past week’s been on the Supreme Court made it legal to discriminate text me against my family only because we believe and how we pray Boomerang and complete shutdown for me this policy doesn’t literally born and raised in Boulder Colorado I haven’t been able to see any of them in Syria seven years ago and now David should have been really happy in my life feeling like part of my heart ceremonies life milestones for my family have to mix will they be here the day I have my first child separating family members from each other over me and my family instead of love and truth that’s what this is words to piece of paper human lives on the line too many of our elected officials try to justify and rationalize his administration discriminatory order it’s cool family separation policy beautiful Broderick looking out over this beautiful huge I never imagined I be speaking for those of you keeping up tonight I want to ask you what would you sacrifice to be with them imagine being torn entire world security tired your identity I need you to come in on Saturday come to protest 24 hours a day we need you now more than ever rocket counting on your complacency we need you engaged so we will see Holly Hollow Mexican news Mama’s Sunday we’re going to ask for the energy of the Mayan calendar that be with us here today this is the month of wisdom and you and the organizers. Very well to do an event like this a big event with lots of hearts to show solidarity in the face of the tragedy that we’re seeing right now with the children at the border but it’s not about only that it’s also about someone named Claudia who would have killed murdered at the bar Patrol North Face Centro into America have gotten together and one heart North Central and South America but I stopped going to say that’s annoying we the first people have a history we have life and we have a dignity to be here with you and for that we don’t need to ask permission because Mother Earth belongs to all of us nuestro San Pedros I’m available to motivate is in Camilla anos Continental I’m in Pueblo thousand years on this continent and as of descendants as a Mayan descendants I’m here representing my people who have also been massacred and drag the mud by the government what is Kwame Santa Monica Romano’s place who is show solidarity. Arkansas to have come here but I’ll so many people from all over the world let’s go for the kid do you have to thank Mother Earth and we have to show solidarity with our whole heart and we have to stop this tragedy that is happening with the children at the border at this is not a history that has just begun but this isn’t his that has gone on for a long time we’re going to ask for the heart of the eagle and the and the Condor to guide us on the right path that our grandparents have left for us annoying thing it says lugares para el derecho de Bebe and we’re going to ask you to recognize us than our name to not ignore us but to give us a place because we have the right to live with you on this hello the heart of the sky the heart of Mother Earth and heart of the water essence of our lives here as people on Mother Earth can I just always FedEx company all that different thank you to all of you from coming from so many different places to show solidarity and to ask for justice and end to impunity Carolina North Lamar Colorado the courage to continue that resistance to continue to fight and to move forward with this site and I ask you again to not ignore the first peoples of this continent and always be together Amelia are children who are in jail right now as you were isolated not speak Spanish league speaker original tongue we need to ask the authorities the lawyers the judges to find interpreters so we can resolve the issue that we’re seeing at the border internal into the government of our country we have to ask them to put their heart and their conscience and not only focused on their graphs and exploitation of Mother Earth because it is also their responsibility to watch over her thank you for the holiday and we will always be together I told him again very much other governments amazing song 100 I love you more my mom is beautiful and break away while she’s at work I don’t understand why just a ministration will support mothers who just want a better life for their children I don’t think I want to be an example to all I want to talk to you and all over the country I won’t give up fighting for the right to stay with my mom more than 1.2 million women in Tangled in the United States criminal legal system 200,000 currently in prison and why million on parole or probation if you have ever heard the cries of an incarcerated Mother at 3 in the morning desperate to see and hold her children and something you will forget they have created policies of Separation punishment and incarceration as an answer to the struggles of poor people and derives from the policies of slavery incarcerated women in search of food and shelter and chew often to escape violence and abuse no matter what side of the portal they are on Spokane to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women throughout the United States and we have traveled to Mexico and Brazil and the Caribbean and spoken to incarcerated formerly to rated women there as well in Chicago as women in the state and towns how many stories I’ve lifetime struggle as a result of being cash poor woman’s navigating through persistent and Housing State tell the same stories over criminalization in a drug law that for decades tournament that communities and continues children today stories of being Witnesses and victims of violence where trauma goes unacknowledged and untreated the common stories of sexual violence starting during childhood we also know the pain of being separated for my children and incarcerated in jails and prisons across this country that lead to further incarceration women in this United States I know this to be true as I live in a federal prison has an incarcerated woman during which time I was separated from my 6 month old baby boy and our daughters millions of children separated from their mothers and 85% primary caretakers of their children prior to their incarceration what kind of country takes the most vulnerable and the pain and Trauma which prison and up-tempo tracted sentences increasing the pain suffering and economic disparity that deepens the poverty for their children families and communities we must recognize it’s from their children under any circumstances Society of Criminal Justice skateboards with the highest rate of incarceration hair right here in Washington DC State Prison or any of them in the federal system these women need to be reunited with their children as well as we work for immigration reform and make the demand keep families together let’s not leave out the fight for freedom incarcerated women and girls in the mass incarceration of women and girls McDonald’s an address or an author I am here today as a woman who has a young child was separated from her family I am here today to be painfully honest I am here to stand before you I can bathe years later when I first come to answer I am here at the boys for thousands of children without one for those who will wake up everyday they have to continue to convince you are worthy of love how much we taken away from on all of us it was so irreversible and so are we responsible for our government considered my brother my brother and so much more than what you have been given I love you Sears later I have days where I want to change the world even find the strength to begin I should have my struggle to help open up my eyes to the agony that every one of these kids will face forever my situation 17 years ago for different I cannot imagine living in a cage away from my parents away anyone I know or anywhere that I’ve lived I certainly cannot imagine being with my parents as a new policy dictate only because I did not exist government a good thing or a bad thing I still don’t know but I would have had a much different story to tell if I have been imprisoned pictures of Ice Age I was looking up to be with my parents until I was 14 special I do know that kind of luck is one in a million I also know I wouldn’t have been so lucky if I had you should have children children’s Humanity dangerous place what’s my family was taken I became fully aware that my community matters list to some people human life and times it takes her to visible documented to be what kind of country do we want to be by the ways to write some children what do we want to be in America that value Children and Families the children one who I have to believe this is a chance for us to come together as a nation and Rise Above Division and fear can we stop the separation of families play children in cages so far our families and children let us March and make our voices heard remember in November and November remember in November at the end of Judy school policies and I miss you everyday thank you good afternoon my name is Jeremiah Jones I grew up in the country we moved around a lot as a child to find a house we can afford surprised face of an RV when I was a kid I didn’t see the big picture on the economy was just a big con hamburger support people it’s like me and putting us against each other is not the solution is my best friend many years ago I was separated from Johnny while stopping at 3 months since the reason I found out that he knew to have surgery she was only four years old and they would not let me go be there for her I could not be at her bedside not hold her hand these are horrible and racist Health Care everything go Vision in open-mindedness is all the same she will too hello my name is from Maryland and I’m here with my daughter for being very brave this week in Brownsville and just down the street women’s over the Rotonda order children to be released today parents and the president 14 days 3 nights children under 5 and 30 days 3 night all the children with their parents we demand we demand a detention and president members of Congress will be home for the day we want every issue if you’re ready to do this pick up your phone you got them out 6366 this Christmas shows that are elected leaders and institutions are failing on make it work this means we can make sure that everyone go to this is so much more is at stake right now if you’re ready to fight for families and stand up for democracy text family 6366 are power companies on notice if you put your profits over the safety and the well-being of Children and Families will use the power of our pocket book printing companies like Wells Fargo attention and carrying out these hard this is one of those moments in history it will be in the history books in our children will have guns you can find out more about those actions on Family Salon together. Org because one thing is for sure we stand silently will not give up on Children and Families I don’t know how hard they try we will not divided we are the people together thank you who’s the blue paint on it listen I miss you talking about Mazda company now
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