President Trump vs. late night comedians

all the late night talk show hosts for the first time have banded together to roast president Trump offer more on what they’re doing and why would run by Fox News contributor and the others and I was thoroughly not interested but apparently everybody else he’s been hey used for this because all of us I mean honestly this is Johnny Carson but I’m going to take a slightly different. I don’t think the President should have elevated by attacking them director of attack on the president watch last night well that’s not right that’s Conan is president there’s no and it’s something else really sad here we need is American a place that we can unify and laughter comedy was that played Jimmy Fallon was the last holdout in late night that kept Politics on a low Samurai silly goofy that’s going up I have a friend whose watch them every night since you Premier to just told me I took him off of my DVR and what’s so crushing about this he was that last Bastion for people and only a year ago last year he said this Geist this is not what I do I think it be weird for me to start doing it now I don’t really even care that much about politics so you got to be honest I love Pop Culture more than I love politics I’m just not the brain Cheshire to talk about Donald Trump or to go political you hear that noise why cut your audience and I’ll tell you why he’s doing it now and doing his maricopa’s Colbert was beating him in the ratings 3.8 million people tuning it so I went and I dug up the man we heard about earlier Johnny Carson the Barbara Walters about politics and why he stayed away from it initial watch I think one of the dangers if you are a comedian which basically I am if you start to take yourself too seriously instructed comment on social issues your sense of humor or somewhere to make them laugh most watched talk show of all time from more than 40 on one will ever touch Carson because that era is over could they go a week without Trump I don’t she also kept politics out of her show the Nixon sketches never did she was doing business to Wiggins and Mama’s Family which 40 and 50 years later people to still buying the DVD our favorite away from my love midi I love all Madea movies everybody can laugh together around that we need unifying comedy speaking about this week about the Roseanne reboot so what what Seinfeld the saying no they shouldn’t have done that they should have recast the role of Roseanne Conner’s with another actress and then he added this controversial I don’t see why it was necessary to fire her why would you murder someone committing suicide but I never saw somebody in their entire career with one button push that was fresh I think what he was saying there it was a little have decided what to do with Roseanne give her another chance I don’t know Seinfeld is always been on the outside of Comedy he hates the PC culture and he’s he doesn’t speak on college campuses person was saying about went how you circumscribe unifying humor by getting really political watch I hear that all the time but I hear a lot of people tell me don’t go in there colleges there so PC that they just want to use these words that’s racist that’s prejudiced I don’t even know what they’re talking about he’s old school in that and what I love Jerry Seinfeld is doing a new season of his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Jerry Lewis in one of his last interviews is in the car with Seinfeld cannot wait to I promise you it will not be PC and it probably won’t be able to smash Obama pretty hard in your interview they’re not funny when all it is is Trump Trump trump it’s boring they become a political activist and nobody wants to see if they want to laugh

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