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drilling down now on how Justice Anthony Kennedy is retirement will have an impact on the Supreme Court for generations to come social issues that are already settled by the court for now here’s were Trump and vice president Pence stand on some of those issues abortion punishment that we can that we were once again in our time restore the sanctity life to the center of American law should some form of abortion well to me I have exceptions rape incest if the mother is going to die Donald J Trump is calling for a total complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States when Mexico sends his people they’re not sending their best they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems they’re bringing drugs they’re bringing crime they’re rapists and you had some very bad people in that group but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides add a few years ago that you were evolving on that issue I’m traditional marriage it is changing rapidly so even if you were appointed judge that it’s done until you have these cases have gone to the Supreme Court they’ve been settled and I’m fine with that New York is running for State Attorney General Derek Johnson is the president of the NAACP and Raul Reyes is an attorney and columns and evangelicals or not and that Evangelical Community is Trump’s base they have stuck with him through thick and thin held their nose why because of all those federal judges appointed did the president steam rolled into happening are you worried about the future of marriage equality and my marriage for the first time was recognized under federal law to this is a personal issue if you talking about you’re talking about the most important issue in my life I’ve been with my husband for 26 years but we’ve only been married for for what that is so so I think we all had to get off the couch on this one and it doesn’t matter what Donald Trump says we have know that by now it matters a lot to text and that person is going to come after the four key gate civil rights decisions that were author and Roe v Wade and a bunch of other stuff and it is go time for progressives who care about the future of our country they don’t like Mitch McConnell he’s not a good guy he’s a hypocrite his tactical beast and he’s gotten one now two supreme court justices in that seat so taking the high road and being the nice guy where is that a lot of people finishing last I got rolled on on on the 60 vote threshold on the Gorsuch thing so as as clear as day we should have seen this coming and now there is very little we can do about it except scream at the top of our lungs and organize and fight back like in the Attorney General’s office in New York and every other way we can but you’re right these guys have been playing for keeps and we have been getting screwed and it is and it is I clear result of having sat around and let him get away with America Garland thing and that is on Barack Obama’s head and it is on the Senators what happened a couple years back and now we are limited in our options and some of us who are in the crosshairs of this thing aren’t going to forget that what you mean when you say it’s go time so I think that’s the question Kennedy wrote the 4-3 majority opinion upholding the University of Texas’s program but he didn’t seem all that enthusiastic about it one of the things to know about Anthony Kennedy is a bunch of people describe him as originally a conservative almost more of a libertarian turn of action sometimes scratches in the wrong way but what do you see happening with a more traditionally conservative Justice if cases like this come up again and they are likely to could decide for the ATP we see this as a state of emergency if the court is stack of the rollback of civil rights advances that we celebrated over the last 50 years quote dr. King but they don’t want to live the reality of which he spoke in this President this said it is a real problem for the advancement of this country and unfortunately the Supreme Court weather. This President can commit I love or treating don’t forget we still under investigation the mother investigation is not concluded and I hope they don’t end up in the Supreme Court that stacked by his appointments when it comes to voting rights the Atlantic says this could be one of the changes we see this soon as we have already seen conservatives giving Victory to Republican gerrymandering in Texas City checking civil rights day over so they will likely very likely be more cases in this vein to again and again these protections and aside from the politics that that is involved I see another danger in this is that we will have segments the electric port for example African-American voters Latino voters minority groups come to view the court as not looking out for our interests and that is just whatever your views on the on these issues it’s not healthy for when you have a significant the electric that has lost faith in our institutions and couple that with a president with we know he has authoritarian tendency so if he nominate someone with very like-minded we’re thinking things that were taken for granted cause of the state of emergency Congressman Maloney you say it’s go time but Stephanie and I are really struggling with what that means Congressman what what does go time look like because there are marches and there are protests and that’s only making this decision they look a whole lot like they look 10 years ago 20 years ago 30 years ago 40 years ago FairPoint and we should have seen this coming when we got rolled on Merrick Garland and we should have taken for granted that Hillary Clinton was going to win and it was a short side in the state to end the 60 vote filibuster both for the circuit courts and now for the Supreme Court that we are going to reap the consequences of that but there is an election coming up including to the United States Senate and the most important thing the American public can do to get involved in these elections and descending people to Congress in both houses we can end this nonsense Democrats know what their party is and what their messages in just a few moments Ali and I are going to sit down with the young woman who beat Joe Crowley in New York and she’s a socialist show me jump in here. We need to get off our butts and start talking to people and find where the energy is in our own party sign me up and I don’t care if you don’t care as long as we start doing some things that matter in this country for families like mine they need it you’re talking about Roe v Wade now you’re talking about 30 years is on the line I don’t care who’s in Democratic Leadership to do more and I think the only way we’re going to do that together on this election and it’s plenty of reasons to do it from guns to the Supreme Court that everything else by the way with Justice Kennedy in the Muslim ban and they screwed organized this week so we shouldn’t need another reminder of the US citizen can reelection who depend on African American vote they better think twice if they cut a deal and not be instructions on this question this is a non-negotiable for the African Community so any member of the US Senate American Bolt this is not negotiable if you cut a deal you will not get our vote huh that’s because we’re going to be the president PVC got cases reaching the high court that deal with the family separation so these are all issues that again touch very much as they would like he was a little skeptical covered and participated in these when I was younger there is a value in this because number one is just participating in democracy but number two on a practical level you know every one of these marches you go there there’s always voter registration you meet other people who are like-minded you meet people maybe they’re not with your your specific issues but they’re part of the cause and then you realize we’re not separate groups of LGBT and Latinos and African-Americans and women’s rights we are potentially a force to be reckoned with are you up if you need anything! Cornucopia of ideas to me it look like it’s lost in the last two years with three word slogans credible activism and motivation among Democrats and progressives on the ground so I feel that we will we will see that in maybe some pushback to that click on any of the videos here to watch the latest interviews and highlights you can get more MSNBC for free every day with our newsletter just visit newsletters to sign up now
The future of the United States is at stake in this Supreme Court vacancy. While the replacement is President Trump’s decision, hard-line conservatives will have a say. Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle explain what could happen to gay rights, voter rights, and immigration in the next era of the Supreme Court. Weighing in: Democratic Congressman Sean Maloney, the President and CEO of the NAACP, Derrick Johnson, and immigration attorney Raul Reyes.
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President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court And Your Rights | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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