President Donald Trump Practices ‘Diplomatic Malpractice’ At NATO Breakfast | Morning Joe | MSNBC

and wow what a start to the trip to the trip and good morning massive amounts of money is a the United States has paid and stepped up like nobody this by the way this is the good news is that the tents Lost Hills the biggest thing to use to filter from John Law in generation thank you it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where you’re supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year too so we’re protecting Germany were protecting friends were protecting all of these countries and then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia where they’re paying billions of dollars into the coppers of Russia so we’re supposed to protect you against Russia but they’re paying billions of dollars to write that and I think that’s very inappropriate and the former chancellor of Germany is the head of the pipeline company that supplying the gas almost 70% of their country controlled by Russia with natural gas so you tell me is that appropriate I’ve been complaining about this from the time I got it it should have never been allowed to have happened but Germany is totally controlled by Russia I think it’s something that Nao has to look at I think it’s very inappropriate you and I agree that it’s inappropriate energy from it the person you want protection against or from the group if you want to text energy is a whole different story I think energy is a much different story than normal could and you have a country like bowling that won’t accept the gas you take a look at some of the countries as far as I’m concerned this supposed to be just a photo-op other present wanted to make sure that he sent the message to Vladimir Putin wall appearing to question energy shipments to Russia that he was actually doing everything he the disrupt the NATO Summit from the start and also undermine America’s alliance with NATO you can see and make a pointed that out Mike Pompeo looking down there’s a present continue to Badger and attack is hosts there and I there so there’s so many so many places to start Ronald Reagan during Ronald Reagan during a decade where he did more to bring down the Soviet Union than anybody would have ever expected continued to trade with the Soviet Union Donald Trump is just once again ignorant straight ignorant of diplomacy an ignorant of the very things that have gotten us through position where we have a 19 trillion-dollar economy and by far the most powerful military and economic engine in the world on the David Ignatius if you listen to Donald Trump ramble on and on about what a bad partner NATO was and what a bad partner the EU was thought you would might be fooled in Middle America if you had pictures of Donald Trump on your wall you might be fooled into believing that Europe does absolutely nothing when it comes to defense after us not wanting Germany to rearm for quite sometime we now have a situation where the European Union spends more money on military defense than does Russia they are an extraordinary really important strategic Ally of the United States of America against Vladimir Putin and his Ambitions after he’s invaded two countries and one you would have no idea watching the president who rang the NATO secretary-general that today at this very minute there are NATO forces fighting with the United States in Afghanistan and a fight that we requested there helping that they remain part of the Coalition that seeking to defeat Isis are terrorists Ally you would have no idea but that her and was directed at the people on whom we most depend for Military Support that footage that you showed at the beginning of the show are they put in a time capsule because if people ask someday how is it that the NATO alliance which was centerpiece of American defense strategy for 70 years begin to unravel you just look at American president who arrives in the first thing he does is pick a fight with the very proud American sector sector General Ian soberg with as you said you know is American support team suggested Pompeo and our ambassador to Nato Kay Bailey Hutchinson looking on with what seemed to me horror yeah that’s what was what was happening what an extraordinary way to begin a summit with your friends and allies well and imagine hard to imagine it it would be Churchill and FDR got together Jon Meacham during the World War and FDR was badgering Churchill for not spending the exact amount of money on outlays in 1944 and 1945 as United States of fact is that along with Russia Great Britain was our closest Ally and here again we Europe again for those in my family and my friends who support those who have ears to hear hear Europe spends more money on National Defense on the defense of the EU then does Russia Europe spends as much money the Defence of that continent as does China they are a strong bulwark against Russian aggression and with Donald Trump going in and hit medically attacking them Germany for for trading with Russia when all he has done for the past two years is talk about the need to build close relationships with Russia is is is just so such a trans parent and I’m sure he thinks he’s being clever but it’s a transparent way to carry out Vladimir Putin’s deepest which which is to undermine or alliance with NATO undercut a military Alliance that is like a dagger in the heart of Putin’s expansion the streams diabolical in that it almost manages to create as much chaos as possible not really creative chaos but create chaos because if you listen to that basically we have a president who sounds like the guy at the end of the bar who has a bee in his bonnet Norma’s present kind of norm zodiac so they’re going to love that he was telling them what all and yet when you pull back and see what we was talking about the entire point of the modern era that David was saying as opposed to really the the twenties which led to the 30s was being gay and you engage by with a free flow of people and ideas and goods as much possible and what does Administration done is because pretty much gets against the free flow of people it’s against the free flow of ideas unless they have them and is against the free flow of more like Newman Nick Burns Ambassador Burns former ambassador to Nato sitting there watching this extraordinary clip that we just witness the public humiliation of the NATO secretary-general by the president of the United it occurs to I think all of us here in this set and I’m wondering how it occurs to you that this was a president of the United States speaking on the global stage intent only on talking about himself and what he say Rose in the common goals that NATO is held for 70 years to watch this happen you cannot imagine any American president all the way back 70 have years deciding to become the critic and chief of NATO and it’s orwellian he’s making our friends out to be our enemies and he’s treating our enemies like Putin as our friends and he’s misrepresenting the facts there been four straight years a budget increases by every NATO Ally the great majority of them will be at this magical 2% of gross domestic product level by 2024 all of our ability to project power in the world in the Middle East and Afghanistan the air bases Ramstein interlock Aviano the Naval bases in Italy and Spain that the Europeans pay for they pay a 2.5 billion dollars a year to keep our forces there he would cost us more money to bring the then you keep them in Europe so what is the point of this it’s all about politics and the president’s base it’s not about the power of the United States this incredible Alliance and rebuilt every president from Truman it’s infuriating this happen is diplomatic malpractice thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day’s biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more from Morning Joe and MSNBC
President Trump targeted Germany on Wednesday in reiterating his demand that NATO countries step up their defense spending so that they shoulder a greater share of the burden in protecting Europe from Russia.
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President Donald Trump Practices ‘Diplomatic Malpractice’ At NATO Breakfast | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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