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the president is open to visiting Moscow that was what the White House said today in response to Russian President Vladimir Putin who invited president fashion capital for yet another meeting between the two world leaders not only did this invitation come on the 2-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s invitation to Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails met with his National Security Council for their very first meeting on Election Security Administration call actions from any nation state or other malicious actors have concluded and believe Russia meddled in the 16 election and that Russia will try to meddle in our elections again in fact just this week we learned about the first identified Target of Russian meddling in the 2018 elections the daily base first reported that the Russian intelligence agency behind the 2016 election cyberattacks targeted Senator Claire mccaskill and she began her 2018 reelection campaign in Earnest and a statement the Democratic senator whose election campaign said why this attack was not successful it is outrageous that they think they can get away with this I will not be intimidated I said it before and I will say it again Putin is a thug and a bully joining us now former CIA operative Informer Independent presidential candidate also back with us Ruth Marcus couple days ago Donald Trump tweeted something that open a lot of eyes I’m very concerned that Russia will be very hard to have an impact on the upcoming election okay people probably happy about that base on the fact that no president has been pushing very hard for the Democrat I don’t want Trump Vladimir Putin said last week that he wanted some Trunks and win everyone else or his opponent of that same I’m rubber you’re glue whatever you say bounces off me and sticks that it’s a good thing it’s not a good thing at all happens if you don’t I talk to Americans across the country and they’re busy they’re getting their kids to school they’re working hard to make ends meet and what they hear that get bits and pieces of this back-and-forth where somebody says the president is doing this thing wrong or he’s and the president uses those same words against them and people just throw up their hands and say look I can’t tell what’s going on I can’t tell what’s true what’s right what’s wrong and they give up and they turn off and that’s one of the most alarming things but it’s it it’s a bit too seemingly tactic but it does have an impact unfortunately last week I was filling in for this show and I told people with my favorite analogy for for Trump is which is he has a white shirt he gets a stain on his shirt instead of changing his shirt because if there’s an obvious staying there just stating his shirt with whatever he has on hand catch and mustard hot sauce whatever supposed to be is National Security advisor John Bolton who before this I guess was a very strong Russia talk but now he’s saying the president believes the next bilateral meeting with President Putin it’ll be after the first of the year strong Bolton doing Ruth John Bolton many years ago during the Reagan Administration when he was an official at the Department of Justice who’s investigation now thrashing and that’s just really shameful I think that comment was one of those audience of one comments we see from Administration officials so often that’s just a comment that’s sucking up to the resident using the kind of language the president likes but I want to say something I think everything Evan said was right but I think he’s actually being a little bit too kind to president Trump I know that’s not your usual and 11 which is in this it’s not just that it’s I’m rubber you’re glue the president is laying the potential predicate when he talks about the Russians intervening now on to half of Democrats to do something that he like to do in the 2016 campaign which is to complain that wig so it’s the Democrats win is it convenes going to be because the election was rigged as it can be because the Russians rig the election for them this is a very very dangerous argument for him to be making ends just appalling it’s because I think this is one of the things that when we talked about the 2016 election this is one of those things that people don’t remember very well conspiracy run by the media Elites that was trying to keep him out of office and keep the everyday man Donald Trump supporter The Working Man Down they’re trying to do this cuz they’re trying to protect their special interest sorts of things at the end of The Campaign and when I read that tweets about the definitely want the Democrats I read it in the same way which is that this is him laying the groundwork for a rigged election because he thinks the Democrats have a good chance of winning in the same way Perryton 2016 he was going to lose and Hillary Clinton was going to win when he wins it’s the biggest most amazing most historic Victory and you know no matter what the popular vote was but if he loses he is I’m going to do everything he can to dismiss the legitimacy of it and that is actually really what the Russians want they want Americans not to be able to trust in their democracy or trust in their elections and he is getting into bedding that when he does that so this sort of thing is not going to help here’s some new reporting from Ken dilanian current and former officials tell NBC news that 19 months into his presidency there is no coherent Trump Administration strategies to combat foreign interference and no single person or agency in charge in the state by the White House took issue with that sing a strategy was put a motion with Donald Trump took office no such strategy has been made public or even mentioned before Evan they don’t have to stay don’t let me know they don’t seem to have a strategy in place there’s not a strategy of government strategy individual agencies and leaders within agencies are certainly taking the action that they can take but the president has threatened authorities to bring these agencies together authorities to coordinate their efforts authorities to deconflict their efforts to make sure they are efficient and effective without the president’s leadership we can’t respond the way we need to response doesn’t fall for the spear phishing scam that fancy bear tried to to use to get into her emails the way they gotten so John podesta’s emails is that just luck that she didn’t fall click on an email that set steam the email was made to look like it was coming from the Microsoft server Microsoft Exchange saying you need to change your password go to use that to get into the sure somebody didn’t by chance click on it this time especially in campaigns about needing to protect information but I would say that I would try if I were her if I were the senator and I’m sure she gets his very well from conclusively stating that she hasn’t been affected effectively hacked she won’t know that until it’s too late that’s the reality so you know I’m very concerned and I think we’re going to see Microsoft has already acknowledged that other 2018 candidates have been hacked I think over time we’re going to learn that I have reason to believe that we will that that other candidates in a difficult races Democrats in the Senate are being attacked in the reason for that is there they are vulnerable and the result of their elections will will an impact the president and his you know his longevity potential if he’s impeached in the house so what happens in the Senate really matters and it will likely hinge on just a couple of races Microsoft has said at least two other candidates I was able to get ahold of for the 2016 election that that haven’t really made an appearance quite yet so we’ll see what happens with that Evan McMullin Ruth Marcus thank you very much from the last word of the rest of MSNBC
This after it was recently discovered that Sen. McCaskill was the target of Russian hackers. Former CIA operative Evan McMullin says he has reason to believe other democratic senators in tough races will also be attacked. Ruth Marcus also joins the discussion.
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President Donald Trump ‘Open To Visiting Moscow’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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