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ladies and gentleman the president of the United States this is an NBC News special report hears Chuck Todd University of the president’s tax cut that’s not why we’re cutting in we’ve been told by the Winans at the president will actually have something to say about this country’s latest mass shooting at the top of this event course this mass shooting took place yesterday in Annapolis Maryland killing 5 people in the news of that City’s newspaper the Capital Gazette the gunman Jared Ramos with a long-standing grudge against the paper with charge earlier today with five counts of first-degree murder when the president speaks on there I will go to him shortly obviously a bit awkward to be here in the Applause have to go to this we have had a couple of press conferences this morning having to do with more information can about what actually happened this gunman very much plot of this out barricaded the back of the building making it harder for people to escape and it turned out we’ve also learned that 4 years ago the newspaper decided not to press charges against the German preparing of escalating let’s go to the president 6 months ago we unleashed by signing the biggest tax cut and reforms I have to add the word reform very important work but the tax cuts is what got us there and that’s what’s really doing at the biggest tax cuts in American history now it’s my great honor to welcome you back to the White House to celebrate 6 months of new jobs bigger paychecks alright we will be monitoring the president and waiting to hear if he does have anything to say again it is the White House that told us the present was going to do something at the top but of course was President Trump you never know so let’s go to Katie back my colleague in Annapolis she’s outside the Capital Gazette building where the shooting took place in Katy I know you’ve you’ve downloaded all of these press conferences today my apologies were going to go back to the president in Annapolis Maryland this attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief journalist like all Americans should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job to the families of the victims there are no words to express our sorrow for your loss horrible horrible event horrible thing and your suffering we pledge our Eternal support the suffering is so great I’ve seen some of the people so great my governor I will not rest until we have done everything in our power to reduce violent crime and to protect innocent life we will not ever leave your side so our warmest best wishes and regrets horrific horrible thing thank you for today’s event we’re honored to be joined by a great vice president Mike Pence president with some slang words for the family of the victims and what happened yesterday too those for journalists and one other one of their employee of the of the Capital Gazette let’s go back to Katy back there’s start for the little awkward introduction president Trump does sort of call audibles every now and then so Katie again as we were talking four-wheeler and a lot more about the incident itself and about interactions between this newspaper and Jared Ramos what have you learned being completely uncooperative not offering any insight into a possible motive or any information about what happened yesterday inside that Newsroom what we’ve also learn from police is that that 12 gauge shotgun that he purchased for this crime before that it was about a year ago and was legally purchase they say there are still a lot of unanswered questions as far as Ramos appear before a judge today he was asked if he would like a court-appointed attorney and he simply said I’m not cooperating still many questions yet to be answered certainly not getting any help from the suspect in this case in the meantime this small community of Annapolis is deep in grief and shocked this is a small town that depends on this local newspaper for information one of the oldest birds in the country and if you’re not related to or connected to one of these victims you know their work you read the paper you read up on what happened at the local city council meeting or what the score was in the high school football game the night before so this is a community that is Steve Reef in shock today as they received those words from the president so difficult for you personally as well but it’s been it’s an amazing community and they do rally around them let me go to Pete Williams here Pete your been following this investigation quite a bit the incidence between Jared Ramos and this Annapolis Gazette go back now 7 years 11 article about his conviction for harassing a woman online and the following year he sued the newspaper for libel he carry that legal battle on for 3 years unsuccessfully because the Court ruled as it had to that when the newspaper Acura play reports what’s in public court documents that’s not legally actionable so he lost his defamation lawsuit repeatedly but he carried on continued threats against the newspaper he would he would make them public on a website newspaper of people have connected with the newspaper told me this morning that they were so worried about this that they call the police who actually went and talked to him and here we get a slight Divergence the police had this morning the newspaper didn’t want to pursue charges the people I talked to said that the police decided they’re just wasn’t enough evidence in any event the newspaper thought about trying to get a restraining order but decided it wouldn’t be that effective restraining order doesn’t stop someone from doing something and be might just make him even matter but they said he sign these threats he made them public and they’ve been quite worried about him and people who’ve known him in the past say that he was a person who had difficulty expressing himself but also extreme issues with anger attract a shotgun legally have 7 years of evidence of him being a threat to the public it just goes to with the Gabbie what is it what piece of information isn’t put into a background check system will then nothing in the law that says you can’t buy a gun if you threaten people there has to be a conviction now the conviction that he had was a misdemeanor for harassment and is a as we understand it under Maryland law certainly under federal law that is not a disqualifying Factor if you’re convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence conviction or attack that disqualifying but other misdemeanors don’t disqualify you and of course any felony conviction would have but he wasn’t convicted of a felony and and without convictions or somebody referring him and him being adjudged of a metal problem there be nothing legally quote a disqualifying him from buying that shotgun in another state capitals will pick up on that thanks very much so we got our White House correspondent Hallie Jackson she standing by fours on the North Lawn we know the president continuing there was a I didn’t know quite what to say listen this time by our count that President Trump has come out made public comments on camera address the American people about a high-profile shooting in this country since he was sworn in early 2017 January 20th I said this is somebody who has incredibly unfortunately because of these shootings had to talk to Americans before you’ve heard him say this he repeated it at this was horrific he added this line journalist like all Americans he says should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while doing their job the president echo in with his press secretary Sarah Sanders had to stay overnight in one of her tweets commenting at this Nikon innocent journalist she says is an attack on all of us Chucky talked about the possibility that some state legislator may try to bring something up as it relates to potential gun legislation on this we know here in Washington and you know this because this isn’t the first time you and I have had to stop there is just not the appetite particularly in this kind of a midterm year for that to happen it was a nice reprieve from usual way he talks about members of our profession hopefully maybe that’ll be something he carries forward going as he as he continues on the trail Hallie Jackson thanks very much we will continue to follow developments in the story full detail tonight in the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt for all of my colleagues Pete Williams Katie beckenhauer Jackson on Chuck Todd NBC News Washington
President Donald Trump hosts a previously scheduled event to mark the 6th month anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
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