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two of the least heard from voices in the resistance movement against President Trump coming out of the woodwork last night to make their please former president Barack Obama speaking to a group of democratic saying quote you are right to Beacon goodbye I’m also warn the crab not to sit on their hand waiting for what he called a magical savior No cameras were allowed in the event but it was one of the few news agencies with a reporter inside and according to Politico Obama told the crowd quote wait for the perfect message don’t wait to feel a tingle in your spine because you’re expecting politicians to be so inspiring and poetic and moving it last election I heard that too much if we don’t vote in this democracy doesn’t work put it go also report the former president explain to Democrats that quote they would be foolish to believe that they’re in good shape to beat Trump just because they’ve been doing well in winning recently also last night for my late night host Jon Stewart took over The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to deliver a message that he hates that he aimed directly to Donald Trump and the country I think we’re finding the most difficult is that no matter what you do it always comes with an extra layer of gleeful cruelty and dickish missed it’s not just that you don’t want people taking a knee he can’t just be against the media enemies of the people you could have more stringent border policy that would have made your point about enforcement without a dickensian level of villainy baby’s foot Lincoln said in his Cooper Union speech what’s the point out the one thing Southern slaveholders really wanted for the free states this and only this slavery wrong and I’m calling it right it was on this point that Lincoln said the union could not Bend and where Donald Trump wants us to stop calling his cruelty and fear and divisiveness wrong but to join him and calling it right Miss we cannot do after the break is really into Maxwell Evan Siegfried Maria Teresa Teresa Kumar all discussed the latest in that resistance movement against the president everything or Noble intelligent role models and Canada’s a bunch of giant ass hard to get used to you redoing the post-war Alliance is only this time or with the Axis powers Street Maxwell senior director of progressive programming at Sirius XM radio in an MSNBC political analyst we got those quotes from Politico president of former president Obama talking to a group of Democrats last night waiting for that but a lot of people are waiting for that but I think Barack Obama is really once-in-a-lifetime not just as a historical figure but as someone who has both the policy chops and the charisma Democrats need to do is essentially focus on turn out because that is what’s going to win the election in 2018 and also in 2020 you saw in 2016 that was down among many of the most important groups in the Democratic base that was down I can’t turn out was down and so you have to insure that voters get to the polls and cast their ballot there is no other way to change this country Easton in in 2018 in the midterm the number it strikes me on the Republican side there was President Trump support from Republic Pepper’s not that great 2017-18 2:29 left party compared to 8% of democrat demographic crisis and that we can only really filled a an electorate to help sustain us for maybe 2-3 more Cycles unless the other group anymore there tumbleweeds running for office that do better than Republican candidates I think it was a nine-point drop it was attributed most directly to a two white male Millennials in the suggestion and Democrats routine is Rise of female candidates this year at historic levels is there a possibility there that you know they’re short of a a subsequent defection of of mail used and Jennifer did an amazing survey in January which found that 66% of millennial third-party they look at voting in government and you have to actually accomplish things as a government and that means in a bipartisan I’m curious when you look at that that we played you know Jon Stewart there that that Soliloquy on Colbert show last night and obviously that speaks wonder that level of activation does that trigger a backlash among Republican voters at all that cause it didn’t find them to Trump and response work and maybe we don’t like Trump on this baby we don’t like him on that but he’s under attack we better stick with we don’t want to be with the other side she doesn’t improve or advance in a political agenda it doesn’t heal wounds it doesn’t allow people to come forward and say you know what Young Generation Z voters voting for the first time we’re expecting Solutions when you look at what happened in Virginia it was down into issues that people cared about bread-and-butter issues how to fix Community had to talk to each other how to be civil but providing Solutions and that is at the end of the day what American people want to talk about if anything they want to tone it down they want to get back to basics and they want to be able to know that tomorrow they’re going to be a new America I’m about there I thought this week we got an example of that New York Joe Crowley one of the top Democrats in DC he toppled by 28 year old Latina if you take a pole right now to the extent these things mean anything Democratic side or Joe Biden where they will be 78 at the end of 2020 Bernie Sanders well in his seventies Elizabeth Warren generational shift going to be in trouble for I think it will be a problem if they can appeal to that young demographic of Voters I think that we definitely do have a structural problem in terms of the pipeline of candidates that can rise and become presidential contenders and the Democratic party does Absol that’s why you don’t have the age of Bursa T in terms of the 2020 Prospect but I do think that there are number of candidates that are that you mention I think Elizabeth Warren absolutely can appeal to that Millennial demographic that Evan was speaking to because they are Progressive then the baby boomer generation they are for marriage equality airport for choice and so with those issues becoming I think front-and-center as we go into the midterm elections with a supreme court vacancy now going to be at the center of the fight I do think that’s going to encourage the Republican base to turn out but if it’s the flip side of that is that there a lot of Millennials who have no capacity to imagine a world where there is no access to birth control weather is no access to legal and safe portion they had that not happened in my lifetime that’s not happened in the Millennials by Simon so I think that this is going to be an election that is really for the fight of the soul of the country and the moral Center but that that is all about this millennial generation play more Progressive than our mothers and grandmothers touching I need somebody who’s too far and outside-the-mainstream and more behold into the Bernie base then to the more moderate than the independent voters you’re not going to win decency to Maxwell Maria Teresa Kumar Evan Siegfried thank you for that subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
Republicans have worked overtime to normalize Donald Trump’s countless breaks in presidential tradition and his divisive rhetoric but Pres. Obama and Jon Stewart separately and in their own ways remind Americans not to normalize this behavior and to vote. Republican Strategist Evan Siegfried, Zerlina Maxwell and Maria Teresa Kumar join the conversation.
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President Barack Obama And Jon Stewart; Different Method, Same Message | The Last Word | MSNBC

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