Police update on Maryland shooting at newspaper office

agencies in the state of Maryland across the country investigative process is very difficult we must be thorough that’s why you will not get the information from social media from us and left it’s been confirmed we have allowed our investigators to do their job they are there now and we are going to continue to provide you with information sheet he mentioned before about the improvised explosive device that is not an IED it was actually canisters of smoke grenades that he used inside of the when he entered the statue so this person was prepared today to come in this person was prepared to shoot people intent was to cause harm and as I stated before the investigative part of this is going to be thorough and it’s going to take some time as you can see behind us we opened up Bestgate Road we thought that we may need to secure that road way for a long period of time and as we get further into the investigation we realized that we don’t need that roadway but the building 880 will be secured for some time I do not have a time frame on that yet we’re going to be inside there for quite a bit and until this investigation is complete when I have more information I will share that confirmed information with you text before we confirm that I need an investigator to go and look into that and make sure that’s correct no I can’t share that with you the first time I’ve heard facial recognition he is at our criminal investigation division are detectors are down there with them I have not interrupt again to ask him if he’s being blocked did have a connection to the only connection I can tell you about right now is possible possibly through social media I have no other confirmation we’re still looking into that I cannot confirm whether or not our department has come in contact with him we will have that at a later time as well no he’s a resident of mail that’s going to be part of the investigation I can’t confirm for you whether or not he actually knew employees there or if he just targeted available or I don’t have that information I can’t confirm we have no verification on either we know that there were threats sent to there social media but I just recently 5/8 30% over social media we’re trying to confirm what account that was and we’re trying to confirm who actually sent them I’m sorry. as I mentioned to you guys once before we have a two-phase approach right once tactical ones investigative those broken windows on the fourth floor probably and I will confirm this but I’m almost positive they came from our tactical guys we have not in fact that’s a great question in fact we’re pulling all those as we speak we have property managers here we have everybody that’s associated with that building here’s the interesting part Governor Hogan and mr. schue are County Executive as mentioned this numerous times and if you see this the Red Cross we have had so much support from around the state not only law enforcement put both private and public sector and this gentleman from the Red Cross that had come and just asked what they can do and that’s it we have to take care of a lot of people to seem like this not only police officer but are victims are victims families and then we have to get everybody back to normal right that’s our job so that’s why we have these people here lizards that yet that’s part of the investigation were looking into that as well based on the threats not to my knowledge no if they if they have I am not aware of that personally but we are we will look into that because of those straps and won’t get back to you on that information fingerprints will be able to take his fingerprints that if that’ll be part of a whole booking process yes eventually his fingerprints will because I’m sorry clear about this guys we have no information about facial recognition or anything about his fingerprints if I had that information I would give it to you but we don’t we don’t have that what I can share with you now as they were General threats towards the capital of capitals and media Outlet information available to you I will be more specific on the flash they indicated virus we do not have any ink we have no knowledge at all that he was Target anyone specific at the capital the point the Capital newspaper is our local newspaper we interact with the Capital newspaper daily Lieutenant Frazier is our public information officer we have friends at the Capital newspaper we speak with these men and women on a daily basis to get stories out that are important to the citizens of this County so we’re here where invested we’re going to get this investigation right and we’re going to come back and give you credible confirmed information to answer all your questions Walmart last one we have we do not know that yet having any further information until tomorrow morning with releasing the suspect’s name as you know there’s a lot of Investigation that’s going on right now so we don’t want to jeopardize any I think sometimes in these major events that gets lost so you know our thoughts and prayers go out to these victims to the victim’s family or friends so these are people that we knew you know personally in the police department again I just want to reiterate that there are no an official police spokesman for the in Arundel County Police Department all of the information that you guys will get will come from me most of you hear no me know that it’s going to come out as soon we get it as soon as I have information it will come out to everyone either social media or through one of these briefings so we don’t anticipate having any more information until tomorrow morning so I will put out tonight on social media but we can make a decision with when a good time to have the next briefing to give the information out that you guys want and that you guys need and I will make that decision and I’ll put that information out as soon as possible able to be evacuated out of that building many of them are witnesses so we have detectors that are interviewing essentially over a hundred people as well as the suspect so there’s a lot of moving Parts here and you know are detectives are doing what they do best so they get to the bottom of it and find out exactly there’s been a lot of lot of witnesses that have been helpful with the investigation so yesterday people were evacuated earlier you said a hundred seventeen quite apparent that this individual had some type of a vendetta against the Capital newspaper and they were specifically targeted I have not been he’s going to be closed indefinitely until we do what we got to do so it’s going to take a lot of moving parts are prime job right now is to make sure that we process you don’t get enough evidence to make sure we can prosecute this case so that something forgotten about situation so we have people here that have met with them but on mobile crisis unit to see if they need any resources resources are being provided so it’s very important that they’re taken care of too prayers go out to the families Friends of the victims anyone that’s associated with the building over there I’ll put out on social media when our next break and will be in our next briefing. We anticipate having the suspects information and more information for you I don’t feel that this is probably the best location have press conferences I think you can all agree with that so yes I’ll make sure it goes out on all of our media platform all the emails that I sent out to communicate with you guys on a daily basis I’ll make sure you have it it’s important to us you get the information you guys quickly the right information to you guys as quick as we can I’m so sad that our officers from the surrounding jurisdictions city of Annapolis the in Arundel County Sheriff’s Department we really appreciate their help but certainly getting there quickly getting in that building quickly addressing the threat quickly certainly save lots of these officers did an amazing job from what we can tell so far you know the quicker that you can get into it your situation like this and stop the threat the morlocks you safe so
Police provide an update after multiple people were killed following a shooting at a newspaper office in Annapolis, Maryland.

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